Social Media Management Software Buyers Guide

From Users. For Users.

  • Based upon in-depth user reviews of 36 different products by practitioners at large enterprises like Dell and Hertz to smaller organizations, agencies.
  • Discusses factors of most concern to users and provides the real scoop on products.
  • Covers seven primary use cases social media software users are trying to address.

Rave Reviews from Social Media Experts

“The Social Media Management Software buyers guide and infographic from TrustRadius really simplifies the complex landscape of Social Media Management tools available to an enterprise.”
Executive Director, Digital Marketing, Dell
“This is an excellent resource. Social Media Management software as a component of the enterprise has gotten larger and more sophisticated as far as functions and features -- to the point where keeping up with the different toolsets has become a job in itself.
The direct insights from end-users is a refreshing and sorely needed way to look at the Social Media Management landscape and understand what each software vendor can and cannot do across the seven use cases identified in the report. TrustRadius is the Consumer Reports of the business software market.”
Co-Author, Measuring the Networked Nonprofit
“TrustRadius is a great tool to help identify which social media management tools are best for your needs.”
Forbes 30 under 30's Brightest Minds in Marketing & Advertising, 2012

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