Corporate Wellness Platforms

Corporate Wellness Platforms Overview

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness programs support employees in maintaining fitness, staying well, and keeping up healthy habits. Corporate wellness platforms are software tools and eLearning content that encourage this. Health and wellness software allows an administrator to build out a wellness program including components like a fitness tracker, learning modules and assessments, diet guidance, and incentives for participation.

Corporate Wellness Products

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Virgin Pulse
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3 reviews
Virgin Pulse is an online platform that encourages employees to cultivate productive daily habits and a healthy company culture. It aims to improve employee productivity and corporate performance by supporting employee wellness. The three core pieces of the platform are: a tracking system for person…
Welltok Keas (Discontinued)
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1 reviews
Keas was a benefits administration software solution built specifically as a health management platform for self-insured employers. It was acquired by Welltok, Inc. in 2016, and is no longer available for purchase. Key capabilities from Keas were incorporated into Welltok's CafeWell health optimizat…
Limeade ONE
Limeade in Bellevue offers Limeade ONE, a technology platform that brings together employee well-being, engagement, inclusion and communications solutions in a mobile-first experience. Available as an integrated platform or individual solutions, Limeade ONE is designed to support a healthy corporate…
Welltok CaféWell
Welltok CaféWell is a SaaS health optimization platform that companies can use for employee healthcare benefits administration, including wellness programs and incentives. CaféWell is focused on analytics and engagement, with the goal of improving employee health and reduce healthcare benefits costs…
O.C. Tanner Culture Cloud
O.C. Tanner headquartered in Salt Lake City offers their employee engagement platform Culture Cloud, which supports employee recognition, awards ceremonies, employee communication, and reward redemption, and corporate wellness.
Hello Heart
Hello Heart headquartered in Redwood City offers their employee wellness app, a clinically-based smartphone solution designed to encourage guide employees to improving heart health.
MoveSpring headquartered in Chicago offers challenge based corporate wellness software.
Training Amigo
Training Amigo headquartered in New York offers corporate wellness software, providing personal health challenges, wellness adventures and health videos, peer recognition, and a rewards program.
Snowfly headquartered in West Jordan provides their gamification software to encourage corporate wellness, provide rewards for employees and their peers, and encourage employees to celebrate their achievements.
Terryberry Wellness
Terryberry Company headquartered in Grand Rapids offers Terryberry Wellness, a a cloud based employee wellness program from Terryberry and partner WellRight, featuring health assessments, fitness challenges, biometrics, and reporting.
Sprout Wellness Solutions headquartered in Toronto offers their health engagement platform that inspires employees to get fit and empowers employers to manage and quantify their corporate wellness.
CoreHealth Technologies in British Columbia offers the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform.
Cerner Wellness
Cerner provides a corporate wellness platform via Cerner Wellness, a single, integrated platform with flexible infrastructure that supports full customization and utilization of a company's brand, resources, health initiatives, and clinical expertise.
Grokker headquartered in San Jose offers employee health engagement software tool based on providing wellbeing content, scoring and delivering a personalized experience, as well as gamification.
Amino, headquartered in San Francisco, provides a digital healthcare financial wellness platform that integrates with existing healthcare benefits to help employees find, book, and pay for high value care.
Bravely, headquartered in New York offers a corporate wellness solution, supporting workplace health by connecting employees with professional coaches for confidential conversations in the moments they need them most.
fuseAwareDigital technology for Healthier, Happier, Safer Workplaces. fuseAware is designed to improve the health, well-being, safety, and efficiency of employees, and is delivered through mobile apps and an online dashboard. Understanding employees have had mixed degrees of engagement to workplac…
Kensington Workplace Ergonomics & Wellness
In support of corporate health and wellness, Kensington offers a wide range of workplace ergonomic devices, seat cushions, mouse pads and wrist rests, laptop risers, and other tools to support a healthful work situation.
Gamban helps thousands of individuals and organisations around the world by blocking access to online gambling sites and applications. It is the most effective gambling-blocking software according to an independent evaluation commissioned by GambleAware. Available on Mac OS X, Android, Windows and i…
Vantage Circle
Vantage Circle is a cloud-hosted employee engagement & benefits platform built to help corporations engage and empower their employees by incentivizing exemplary performance through best privileges, rewards, and engagement programs. The vendor states that understanding and managing human resour…
Vantage Fit
Vantage Fit is a corporate wellness app designed from the ground up for enterprises. It focuses on preventive health & fitness by promoting healthier lifestyles and habits. With a built-in framework for corporate challenges, the app is designed to provide an edge over other fitness apps for ente… is based on technology acquired by Salesforce with Rypple at the end of 2011. It was presented by the company s a performance management solution for sales teams, and is associated to the Salesforce Sales Cloud suite of products and capabilities. Historically it included features around sal…
Virtuagym aims to help gyms with member engagement, coaching and management. The Club Management software is designed to reduce hassle and save time. According to the vendor, the system includes a complete ecosystem with solutions for exercise and nutrition guidance, progress tracking, online coach…