Clinical Trial Management System

Clinical Trial Management System Overview

What is a Clinical Trial Management System?

A Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) supports research institutes and pharmaceutical to run clinical studies with human subjects. They are commonly used by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities, and private research firms.

Therefore they store subject information and support research operations with planning, benchmarking, and reporting features, and also should integrate with a business intelligence or analytics platform, if it does not contain such features intrinsically.

Features & Capabilities

  • Cloud-based software, to enable remote investigation (although on-premise offerings are still very common)
  • Tailored solutions based on use case and industry (e.g., healthcare, life sciences, government, etc.)
  • Electronic data capture system capabilities
  • Management levels at various scopes (e.g., trial, study, portfolio, etc.)
  • Compliant with applicable regulations by geography
  • Investigator management
  • Site management
  • Subject management
  • Financial analysis including additional business intelligence functions

Clinical Trial Management Systems Comparison

One of the key decision-makers for choosing a CTMS is whether you'd like to have a cloud or on-premise-hosted solution. Depending on your jurisdiction, regulations on subject rights and privacy may make this decision for you. Also consider, consider whether you'd like a CTMS specifically designed for your industry, they typically have standardized features that speak to your specific applications that can help with training and onboarding investigators and clinical trial managers. As you're reviewing the regulatory requirements for a CTMS when deciding your deployment style, make sure to verify with vendors that it will be in compliance.

To see how your shortlist of Clinical Trial Management Systems stacks up against one another, start a CTMS comparison

CTMS Pricing

Typically CTMS vendors offer free trials, but take note of costs associated with choosing a solution that's right for you: setup and implementation fees, integration fees, compliance fees, support fees, and the addition of added modules and considerations. On the lower-end, you can find CTMS software for around $20k/yr. On the higher-end, specially-tailored CTMS software can run to upwards of $500k/yr.

Clinical Trial Management Products

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IBM Clinical Development (ICD)
4 ratings
8 reviews
IBM Clinical Development (formerly eClinicalOS) is a cloud-based electronic data capture (EDC) system.
MasterControl Clinical Excellence
4 ratings
2 reviews
MasterControl Clinical Excellence is offered by the vendor as a combined comprehensive clinical trial management system and quality management; essentially it provides data and document management with compliance and auditing protection.
ClinPlus CTMS
0 ratings
1 review
ClinPlus Clinical Trial Management System is a cloud-based or on-premise solution from DZS Software in New Jersey supports document and finance management for clinical trials.
BioClinica ICL
1 rating
1 review
BioClinica ICL is that company's imagine core lab service, which supports clinical trials with imaging services.
eCaselink EDC
eCaselink EDC is an electronic data capture platform for clinical trials, from DSG.
Nextrials Prism
Prism is the flagship product from Nextrials, a data management platform with intrinsic business intelligence features and CTMS capabilities (e.g. event tracking, subject screening, etc.).
Dacima Clinical Suite
Dacima Software in Montreal offers the Dacima Clinical Suite, software for the capture, collection, management, and reporting of clinical study data.
nThrive Analytics
nThrive (formerly precyseCode) offers their Analytics platform to support clinical trial management, with both revenue lifecycle management and data analytics and management.
DataFax is clinical data management software from DF/NET Research in Seattle.
Octalsoft CTMS
Octalsoft in Herndon, Virginia offers their clinical trial management system to support large, global research organizations manage multiple sites and have real-time data.
Velos eResearch
Velos in Fremont, California offers what they describe as a comprehensive and adaptive clinical trial management system (CTMS), their flagship software Velos eResearch.
Mosio in San Francisco offers a text messaging service specifically for clinical trials; that means it includes data capture features from SMS surveys used to to track study relevant data while study participants are off-site.
Ambra Clinical Trial Management
Ambra's Clinical Trial Management solution includes an easy image uploader and cloud sharing, customizable fields and image routing logic, automatic de-identification (removing patient identifying information from exam image data before images are transferred), and self-service access for sponsors t…
RealTime-CTMS Software Solutions offers clinical trial management systems supporting calendaring, accounting and budgeting, trial document management, patient data and recruitment, and reporting.
Clear Clinica
Clear Clinica is a small Israeli company that offers a cloud-based clinical trial data monitoring system.
Clinical Conductor
Clinical Conductor is a CTMS which is offered by the vendor, Bio-Optronics in Rochester, New York; it is touted as configurable, deployed by both enterprises and single-site trials, and wholly sufficient on both levels.
YPrime offers their clinical trial management system, supporting data and document management with IRT privacy compliance.
Fusion eClinical Suite
Fusion eClinical Suite is supports small to medium sized companies conducting clinical trials. It's offered by Axiom Real-Time Metrics, headquartered in Toronto.
Wellspring Worldwide headquartered in Chicago offers software supporting innovation and intellectual property management.
LifeSphere CTMS
LifeSphere CTMS (formerly agClinical) is touted as a flexible clinical trial management systems needs for document management, interdepartmental collaboration, and other features associated to LifeSphere's multiple module additions. The software is owned and supported by ArisGlobal, headquartered in…
Cloudbyz CTMS
Cloudbyz offers a clinical trial management system on the Salesforce 1 cloud platform.
DATATRAK in Ohio offers their CTMS for managing clinical trial data, touting what the vendor calls a highly adaptable workflow, as well as document and financial management.
ePharmaONE is a clinical trial management system providing a range of features (e.g. LMS, document management and exchange, site application), from ePharmaSolutions.
Accenture acquired LabAnswer in June 2017 to bolster its clinical trial management and support capabilities. LabAnswer supports many tasks and general operations with automation, and provides clinical data capture and data security features.
ClinOps Insights
Comprehend Systems, headquartered in Redwood City, offers clinical operations support software; ClinOps Insights provides centralized clinical data monitoring , a compliance module, site productivity tracking, and other applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinical trial management system?

Clinical trial management systems (CTMS) are platforms designed to help clinical trial managers conduct research. CTMS software provides a centralized suite of tools for planning and managing clinical trial portfolios.

What does a clinical trial manager do?

Simply put, clinical trial managers direct clinical trials, tasked with ensuring they are successfully executed. They are the project manager or director so to speak. Many clinical trial managers work for medical science or private research companies, universities, or hospitals.

How do I pick a clinical trial management system (CTMS)?

Look for a clinical trial management system (CTMS) that is comprehensive and scalable, then focus on ensuring its interface is easy-to-use and adaptable. To ensure comprehensiveness, look for a CTMS with features that supports management and planning for finances, researchers/investigators, projects and programs, individual trials, sites, supplies, and reporting.