Blade Servers

Blade Servers Overview

What are Blade Servers?

A blade server is a data center server module designed to fit a blade enclosure or chassis which performs ancillary functions. These include power supply and management, cooling, and some networking. The blades are designed to increase a data center’s overall power and cooling efficiency, and take up less physical space than alternatives.

Blade servers are scalable, and often hot-swappable. Blade systems include servers and chassis and are designed to support a wide variety of business objectives. These may include virtualization, web hosting, file storage and sharing, and other needs.

Blade Server Benefits & Capabilities

Blade server modules and blade server systems provide the following advantages:

  • Lean form factor & high space saving

  • Less need for cables

  • Less need for switches and network interface cards or adapters

  • Lower cost of power, cooling

  • Module hot swapping

  • Highly scalable architecture

  • Specialized modules (compute, storage, network)

  • Diskless or virtualization modules

  • Configurable via software management interface

  • Buy all needed components from a single vendor

  • White box servers may be available (low cost)

Pricing Information

Blade server modules and chassis are available on perpetual licenses. However, support is likely available on subscription (e.g. 3-year, or 5-year). Blade systems including modules and chassis may all be purchasable from a single vendor. Purchases are scalable with acquisition of additional blades. These modules may specialize in compute, storage, or networking as needed. White box servers may also be available, as a lower cost option. However, blade servers do come with a great risk of vendor lock-in. Modules are often designed to function with chassis from the same vendor. Switching vendors can be an expensive proposition requiring data center overhaul.

Blade Servers Products

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Cisco UCS Series

Cisco UCS Series

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The Cisco UCS Series is a modular, high-density, high-availability, dual-node storage- optimized server suited for service providers, enterprises, and industry-specific environments. It provides dense, cost-effective storage to address your ever-growing data needs. Designed for a…

HPE BladeSystem

HPE BladeSystem is a brand of blade server, from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. HPE blades include the ProLiant BL series and the ProLiant WS series.

Supermicro SuperBlade

SuperBlade, from San Jose based Supermicro, is a line of blade servers.

Lenovo Flex System Blade Servers (formerly IBM BladeCenter)

Lenovo now offers and supports the former BladeCenter blade servers and products, since acquiring the product line from IBM. The product line is now offered as the Lenovo Flex System series of blade servers.

NEC Sigmablade-M

NEC's Sigmablade-M is a blade server option.

Fujitsu Primergy BX Series

Fujitsu's Primergy BX series is a line of blade servers.

HPE SGI 8600 System

HPE SGI 8600 is based on the SGI ICE is a blade server. Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquired SGI and its properties in 2016.

Hitachi Compute Blade (BladeSymphony)

Hitachi Vantara offers Hitachi Compute Blade (BladeSymphony) is a line of blade servers.

HPE Integrity

HPE Integrity is a line of blade servers, from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

NEC Sigmablade-H

NEC's Sigmablade-H is a blade server option.

Supermicro MicroBlade

Supermicro offers the MicroBlade series of density optimized servers designed to fit a blade enclosure.

Oracle Sun Blade 6000

Oracle's Sun Blade 6000 is a blade server option.

Oracle Netra Modular System

Oracle Netra Modular System is touted as a converged, plug-and-play blade system supporting rapid scale and high interoperability.

HPE Integrity NonStop

HPE Integrity NonStop is a line of blade servers, from Hewlett-Packard Enteprise.

Bull Blade Servers

Bull Blade Servers are a product line of blade servers now from Atos, since the Bull acquisition in May, 2014.

Dell PowerEdge M

Dell's M-Series PowerEdge, presently including the M640 and M830 editions, are HPC modular blade servers boast enterprise performance with scalability via features meant to accommodate current needs and future growth needs, such as multiple available form factors, modular I/O switches,…

HPE Integrity Superdome X

HPE Integrity Superdome X is a high-end high-performance blade server option, from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.