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Postman, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their flagship API development and management free to small teams and independent developers. Higher tiers (Postman Pro and Postman Enterprise) support API management, as well as team collaboration, extended support and other advanced…

Apache JMeter

JMeter, from Apache, is a load and performance testing tool.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud
Customer Verified
Top Rated

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) for Azure, on-premises, and multicloud (Amazon AWS and Google GCP) resources.

Qualys Cloud Platform

The Qualys Cloud Platform (formerly Qualysguard), from San Francisco-based Qualys, is network security and vulnerability management software featuring app scanning and security, network device mapping and detection, vulnerability prioritization schedule and remediation, and other…

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is provided by the vendor as a free and robust automation solution for API, Web and Mobile testing. It is designed to eliminate the complexities of building an automation framework by integrating all necessary test components with built-in keywords and project templates.…

Salt Security API Protection Platform

For API-driven organizations, Salt Security is an API security platform that protects internal, external, and third-party APIs. The Salt C-3A Context-based API Analysis Architecture combines coverage and AI-powered big data to discover APIs and exposed sensitive data - continuous…

SoapUI Open Source, supported by SmartBear

SoapUI is an open source API testing tool supported by SmartBear's community, supporting functional and performance testing of APIs.

Apigee Sense

Apigee Sense from Google (acquired in late 2016) protects APIs from unwanted request traffic, including attacks from malicious clients. Apigee Sense analyzes API request traffic, identifying patterns that might represent unwanted requests.

F5 Distributed Cloud API Security

F5's Distributed Cloud API Security provides discovery and deep insights from use of AI/ML. It can be used to block API attacks in real time and eliminate vulnerabilities at their source. The SaaS-based portal enables users to manage and go deep for threat analytics, forensics, and…

Fastly Next-Gen WAF (powered by Signal Sciences)

Fastly Secure (based on Signal Sciences, acquired December 2020), offers a WAF and RASP solution that protects over 34,000 applications and over a trillion production requests per month. Signal Sciences’ architecture is designed to provide organizations working in a modern development…

Akamai App & API Protector

Akamai Akamai App & API Protector offers protection for websites, web applications and APIs. An evolution of Kona Site Defender, a web application security platform designed to protect web and mobile assets from targeted web application attacks and DDoS attacks while improving…


Neosec is offers application security and API protection against business abuse and data theft. Built for organizations that expose APIs to partners, suppliers, and users, Neosec discovers all of the user's APIs, analyzes their behavior, audits risk, and stops threats lurking inside.…


NowSecure is a mobile app security software company headquartered in Chicago. The NowSecure Platform aims to deliver fully automated mobile app security testing with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency necessary for Agile and DevSecOps environments. Through static, dynamic, behavioral…

Bright Security

Bright Security is an application & API security testing platform from the company of the same name in San Rafael, California. Bright Security integrates into the user's CI/CD pipeline and enable users to run DAST scans with every build, as well as identify known (7,000+ payloads)…


UP9 is an API observability and test automation platform for developers, an autonomous microservice testing platform. UP9 aims to reduce developer testing workload with up-to-date service test-coverage using ML-generated and maintained API test code.


open-appsec (openappsec.io) is an open-source initiative that builds on machine learning to provide pre-emptive web app & API threat protection against OWASP-Top-10 and zero-day attacks. It can be deployed as an add-on to Kubernetes Ingress, NGINX, Envoy and API Gateways. The…

F5 NGINX Management Suite

NGINX Management Suite provides holistic visibility and control of NGINX instances, application delivery services, API management workflows, and security solutions. It is used to streamline four key areas: Scale – Intelligently scale NGINX instances and services with global policy…

Haltdos Web Application Firewall

Haltdos Web Application Firewall blocks application layer DDoS and other attack vectors directed at web-facing applications, while providing protection against data loss. It also has strong authentication and access control capabilities for restricting access to sensitive applications…


StackHawk is a solution designed to make it simple for developers to find, triage, and fix application security bugs, from the company of the same name headquartered in Denver. Scan an application for AppSec bugs in the code, triage and fix with provided documentation, and automate…

Cequence Security

Cequence Security is a cybersecurity software company founded in 2015 and based in Sunnyvale, CA. Its mission is to transform application security by consolidating multiple security functions into an open, AI-powered software platform that protects customers’ APIs and web-based…

Imperva API Security

Imperva API Security, based on technology acquired with CloudVector in May 2021, provides continuous protection of all APIs using deep discovery and classification of sensitive data to detect all public, private and shadow APIs to empower security teams to implement a positive security…


Protect any API. In any environment. Against any threats. OWASP Top-10, OWASP Top-10 API, and 0-days threats. Wallarm is a platform used by Dev, Sec, and Ops teams to build cloud-native applications securely, monitor them for modern threats, and get alerted when threats arise.…

webMethods API Management

Software AG's webMethods suite of API products include the webMethods API IPaaS product, along with the Developer Portal for a consumer-centric UI for APIs, the API Gateway runway security and data protection tool, the Microgateway microservice gateway tool, and the AppMesh service…


Soveren helps identify and protect crown jewels in Kubernetes-based environments. It automatically discovers sensitive data and assets, mapping the flows between them and immediately alerting the user before risks become full-blown incidents.


A cloud application security solution from Cisco, it allows teams to secure APIs, serverless, container, and Kubernetes environments.

Learn More About API Security Tools

What is API Security?

Application programming interface (API) security is the process of protecting APIs and the information that they contain. Many organizations utilize APIs because they greatly simplify the development process for both web and mobile environments. APIs are also commonly used to integrate software services and functionality into other applications, systems, and computers. As the adoption of APIs has increased over the years, so have malicious cyberattacks involving APIs. As a result, API security tools have become more prevalent.

It is crucial to have an API secured from one connection endpoint to the next. API security tools scan APIs across your network to identify potential vulnerabilities for developers to fix. APIs are used to transfer data between infrastructure components within a network. It’s important to secure this data because a potential leak or breach of this data could lead to a cyberattack on the organization, or data loss.

API security occurs on both ends of an API connection. There are some tools that focus more on helping users develop secure APIs from the initial creation of the APIs. Then there are tools that focus more on the end user and helping them protect their network from APIs provided by outside sources. Additionally, some tools offer services similar to penetration testing, vulnerability management, and zero trust network solutions. These tools allow a user to test for areas of vulnerability within their network and add additional layers of security to those areas.

API Security Platform Features & Capabilities

Most products in the API Security have the following features:

  • Data logging, reporting, and debugging
  • Integration with various environments
  • OWASP standard testing protocols
  • Monitoring systems
  • Integration with SIEM or SOAR systems
  • API identification
  • API endpoint securing

API Security Platform Comparison

There are several factors to consider when looking for an API security tool. These factors include:

Scalability: In some cases, paid products can be scalable to enterprise level operations. Whereas open source products may not be quite as scalable. However, the trade off is that open source products will likely be the less expensive solution. Users should consider how many APIs they need to work with and how much they use those APIs when looking for an API security tool.

Depth of Security: As mentioned before, there are different kinds of protections offered and they vary from product to product. Some products offer additional functionality such as extra layers of security to your APIs while others simply scan APIs for vulnerabilities. It’s important to consider whether you want additional security protections or just a tool to scan for areas of improvement.

The Area of Security: The area of security really matters here, as some tools focus more towards API developer security while other tools focus on the API consumer security. If your organization is consuming APIs, a tool that monitors your API connections would better suit your needs. If your organization is developing and deploying APIs, a tool that scans your APIs for potential vulnerabilities before they deploy would better serve you. This comparison comes down to specific use cases of APIs, and should be considered when researching API security tools.


Pricing information varies from product to product, and is largely affected by the features offered and whether or not the product is open sourced. This means that pricing for API security tools can range from free to hundreds of thousands of dollars for enterprise level packages.

Most paid products offer a demonstration of their services, but do not offer a free trial. It is also not uncommon for the vendors to request that a user reach out to them for pricing information, which creates opportunities for custom quotes based on user usage and need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do API Security tools do?

API Security tools ensure that data transferred between two devices or software is protected from malicious cyberattacks. It outline vulnerabilities in an API connection and add additional layers of security to protect a network against API abuse.

What are the benefits of using API Security tools?

API security tools save on time and money as they help to prevent malicious attacks on an organization's network. Furthermore, API security tools point to areas of improvement for both API developers and API consumers, which can better secure data being transferred across an API connection.

How much do API Security tools cost?

Pricing information varies from product to product, and is largely affected by the features offered and whether or not the product is open sourced. This means that pricing for API security tools can range from free to hundreds of thousands of dollars for enterprise level packages.