Acumatica Cloud ERP offers best-in-class functionality for small and mid-sized businesses to thrive in the digital economy. Built on a modular, adaptable platform with open APIs for rapid integrations with other critical software, Acumatica is designed for how modern businesses operate—today and into the future. Its flexible architecture allows for low-code or no-code customization, and its built-in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning put the power of flexible automation and data-driven decision-making in your hands.

Propel your business forward with accurate data collection, robust financial analyses, and precise forecasting capabilities. Acumatica Cloud ERP serves as a centralized data repository, gathering information from every department under a single pane of glass. So, all business processes and authorized employees have access to the same, real-time data—anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled device.

Acumatica’s licensing model, data policies, and support mechanisms are unrivaled in the industry and have been designed with the needs of customers—not shareholders—in mind.

Pay-as-you-go, consumption-based licensing charges for resources used, not per user, so it grows or shrinks with each business’s fluctuating, or even seasonal, needs.

Unlike other vendors, who lock you into their data centers, Acumatica lets you decide where to host your data. These flexible deployment options mean that each customer can choose to operate Acumatica as a SaaS instance hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), as a private instance hosted on the customer’s own cloud, or as a hybrid of both options. With Acumatica, your data is always secure and always in your hands. You can do a full relational database export at any time—even if you want to take it somewhere else.

Acumatica has the best network of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) in the industry, and it supports these channel partners in delivering the best service to customers. For each ERP implementation, the customer is matched with a local VAR partner—an expert on the customer’s industry and unique business needs. The customer, then, has access to support from the VAR partner. And both customers and partners have access to dedicated Acumatica support. If issues or challenges arise, Acumatica’s support team will always take your call, treat your pain as their pain, and stay with you until the problem is fixed.

Acumatica Cloud ERP is equipped with enterprise-grade security features, such as server-side logic, detailed access controls, and robust authentication. And bi-annual updates to the Acumatica system ensure that every customer is always in compliance with required regulations, such as GDPR, SOC Types 1 and 2, PCI DSS, and more.

Acumatica is the only business management solution designed for the unique and evolving needs of growing midmarket companies, enabling its customers to put their customers’ success at the heart of all operations. Its future-proof platform drives value and provides the flexibility, efficiency, and remote collaboration capabilities modern businesses need.

Enjoy automation without complexity, compliance without rigidity, and continuous improvement without unpredictability. Connected Business. Delivered.