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Likelihood to Recommend


CircleCI is perfect for a CI/CD pipeline for an app using a standard build process. It'll take more work for a complex build process, but should still be up to the task unless you need a lot of integrations with other tools. If you have a big team and can spare someone to focus full time on just the CI/CD tools, maybe something like Jenkins is better, but if you're just looking to get your app built, tested, and delivered without a huge amount of effort, CircleCI is probably your preferred tool.
John Grosjean | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • Multiple builds can be run at the same time in parallel.
  • The CircleCI web interface (UI/UX) is very easy to understand and use.
  • Easy Configuration to learn and use. Just a single configuration YAML file.
  • Many integrations. We use the GItHub, Slack, and DataDog integrations.
Gabriel Samaroo | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • The "phases" their config file uses to separate out options seem very arbitrary and are not very helpful for organizing your config file
  • No way that I know of to configure which version of MongoDB you use. You have to write your own shell script to download and start MongoDB if you want a specific version.
  • Hard to access build artifacts in the UI
Valeri Karpov | TrustRadius Reviewer



CircleCI 10.0
Based on 1 answer
CircleCI interface is awesome in that it is relatively modern and makes it clear exactly which parts of the engineering lifecycle you are in
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer



CircleCI 8.2
Based on 3 answers
It's pretty snappy, even with using workflows with multiple steps and different docker images. I've seen builds take a long time if it's really involved, but from what I can tell, it's still at least on par if not faster than other build tools.
John Grosjean | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating


CircleCI 7.3
Based on 7 answers
CircleCI support is very strong. The strong community and culture around the product have created a lot of technical documentation around specific situations that make debugging issues very easy. Also, the new Orbs processes allows for open sourcing of simple, small application containers and makes supporting that code for other very easy.
Stephen Groat | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered


Circle was the first CI with simple setup, great documentation, and tight integration with GitHub. Using Jenkins was too much maintenance and overhead, TeamCity was limited in how we could customize it and run concurrent builds, TravisCI was not available for private repos when we switched.
Paul Hepworth | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment


  • It has eased the burden of standardizing our testing and deployment, making onboarding new developers much faster, and having to fix deployment mistakes much less often.
  • It allows us to focus our process around the GitHub workflow, ignoring the details of whatever environment the thing we're working on is actually hosted in. This saves us time.
Ben McClure | TrustRadius Reviewer

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