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Constant Contact vs MailChimp Comparison

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Constant Contact supports our goals and objectives.
February 13, 2014
We use Constant Contact to create attractive digital emails. Strong analytics help us understand who is reading emails. The tool helps us grow our audience. Image management could be improved and it would be great if the product could suggest ideal send timing.
Constant Contact fills my client's needs.
December 31, 2013
My client is a non-profit organization and Constant Contact is a "partner". They use CC to communicate with their members, promote events and share information with small - medium size business owners. They've been using CC for years and it serves their purpose.
Constant Contact Makes Life Easy!
December 16, 2014
Constant Contact is user friendly and provides a great variety of templates. It would be great to have spell check across the entire email. The contacts use and segmenting have room for improvement.
E-mail Management with Constant Contact... Easy, Breezy!
December 16, 2014
Constant Contact makes it easy to create professional looking emails. However, this product could be more flexible in order to better meet business needs.
Constant Contact - Solid performer
September 29, 2014
A reseller of Constant Contact says it provides the latest email capabilities and great customer support. While at one point it may have been dated, the product has improved especially in the area of social media.
Consider Constant Contact, but be aware of its limitations
December 13, 2013
While Constant Contact has room for improvement, it is a dependable tool for small businesses or non-profits. Areas for improvement include design process and design function glitches. The available templates, archiving of past campaigns, straight forward reporting functions, and improved design experience make it a solid platform.
Constantly Consistent, Constant Results.
December 13, 2013
Constant Contact is a great service to use for email and social campaigns at an affordable price with minimal time investment. The ease-of-use , complete strategy solution, and great customer service are great aspects of the service. However, Constant Constant doesn't support offline direct marketing which is vital for some industries.
For email marketing, Constant Contact is a trusted partner
December 5, 2013
Very easy to create a Newsletter - the product is very easy to learn. Easy layout of all tools needed to make a newsletter. The tool is also cost-effective which is important for a nonprofit.I would prefer that Chrome be selected as the primary browser for future development. It would also be nice to have video training for advanced features.
Constant Contact, Excellent Email Marketing
December 4, 2013
Simple intuitive interface and great analytics. It could perhaps be a little more sophisticated, but works very well for our purposes.
100% Constant Contact Supporter!
November 26, 2013
Although I have not used the product for over a year, the product is very effective for sending mass e-mails quickly and monitoring click-throughs. Some issues with print previews and advanced template customization, but overall this is a great product.
Constant user of ConstantContact
November 26, 2013
ConstantContact makes it easy to create templates and ensure a professional brand image. The support team is great. Image editing and storage are not intuitive and it would be nice to see better metrics on tracking.
ConstantContact - Technology Has Run Its Course
November 13, 2013
The ConstantContact API is useful for building email-centric applications. However, the email templates were very frustrating to use. It was very difficult to customize them to make newsletters etc. look the way I wanted.
Terrible UI.
February 20, 2013
ConstantContact is an adequate basic batch send email system for smaller organizations. For companies with more sophisticated requirements, it falls down in two major areas: reporting and deliverability.
CC for a small business/real estate firm
December 13, 2013
Easy to use email marketing tool with good reporting. Major concern is current lack of support for responsive design, i.e. rendering on mobile devices.
Great Product! Highly Recommend.
December 4, 2013
Constant Contact makes it easy to communicate with clients and is an intuitive, easy to use product. I would like to have more template options available.
User Review of Constant Contact
November 14, 2013
ConstantContact allows a novice to build email marketing campaigns and provides a database of leads. It's a great tool for novices, but for more sophisticated users, the template features will probably not suffice. It would be nice to have an API for website integration.
Email Marketing for SMBs
July 29, 2013
Chose this tool over VerticalResponse for reasons of budget and functionality. Great tool for SMBs that don't have budged for a marketing automation system but still want to do email marketing. If you want to do anything more targeted it's all manual.
We ❤ MailChimp
January 21, 2014
MailChimp enables us to send beautiful emails - you don't have to be adept at HTML/CSS. They are good at communicating with customers and provide excellent support. One issue is the inability to re-name a campaign once it has been sent. It would also be nice to be able to store images in an image library.
I'm a nonprofiteer - will Mailchimp work for me?
November 25, 2013
The wysiwyg feature is good. For a novice, someone who is not a coder, you can easily drop in text and images. It's also great to be able to upload, store and edit photos within the template without having to switch context. Their branding is fun and reassuring. The Help Center is sometimes hard to find, and the system sometimes timeouts unexpectedly.
Good Product
January 31, 2015
MailChimp is easy to use and the price is competitive. However, customer support has room for improvement. It would be great to have the ability to send the same campaign to different lists without having to replicate the campaign.
Mailchimp for SMB SaaS business
January 28, 2015
MailChimp provides a very simple newsletter workflow. However, as a marketing automation solution, it could be more robust.
Nonprofit use: Good for simple stuff
December 23, 2014
MailChimp provides a reasonable WYSIWYG editor. The RSS Campaigns is a great tool. However, both the Salesforce connector and segmentation features have room for improvement.
Great fun to monkey around with
December 19, 2014
MailChimp provides a great editor that includes drag and drop options for templated styles. It would be great to have an auto-resize option.
Mailchimp is easy to integrate with CRM
December 16, 2014
MailChimp provides great custom templates. It would be great to see the framework for templates expanded.
MailChimp is a no-brainer for SMB, consultants, and solo practioners
July 8, 2014
MailChimp provides great templates that are easy to customize and customer service is top notch. However, it does not offer a full suite of marketing tools.
A Great Product for HTML Dummies and Whizes
July 6, 2014
MailChimp has an easy to use interface that does not require knowledge of HTML or CSS. It also has great customizable templates. However, the autoresponders section is difficult to understand and has room for improvement.
Mailchimp Delivers!
May 16, 2014
MailChimp continues to improve their product and has an easy to use interface. It provides clear reporting that makes it easy to compare and understand how well each campaign did. While the templates are good, it would be great to continually build out that template base.
My take on Mail Chimp vs Constant Contact / Aweber
April 18, 2014
Although the learning curve was a bit more challenging than for other products, I found the online chat very helpful. For a business that needs diversity, flexibility with lists and able to data mine, MailChimp is an excellent choice. In particular, it has much easier to use templates than some other products.
One of the best product experience around - superb user experience
December 6, 2013
MailChimp offers excellent user experience. It's great for building newsletters and handling contacts and has a good HTML tool for building advanced layouts. It would be nice if it was integrated with Outlook.
a playful brand makes email marketing fun
November 22, 2013
MailChimp offers a good user experience with a sleek and simple UI. It's pretty easy to use for non-technical users. It would be nice if they offered phone support and sometimes support struggles to troubleshoot a campaign after it has launched.
Quick, Cheap, Easy
November 20, 2013
MailChimp has a clean and intuitive interface, and it's very easy to upload lists. Figuring out where to edit an HTML template is not that obvious. The product gives us insight into how our email campaigns are received. The platform also manages opt-uts very well.
Why MailChimp is the Leading Email Marketing Software
October 28, 2013
MailChimp is good for creating email capture forms and creating marketing lists. It's also very effective for drip campaigns and provides great templates for attractive, web/mobile compatible email creation. Additional marketing automation capabilities would be a great addition.
MailChimp proves perfect for smaller clients
July 30, 2013
Product is simple to use, and ideal for small clients with smaller databases and few integration needs. The reporting is not very comprehensive, but the product gets you started with email marketing very rapidly.
Great platform for hosted email marketing solution
July 11, 2013
Very reliable platform with strong integration and APIs. Although the under interface can be a little confusing, the product has provided great ROI.
MailChimp- Powerful Free Version
May 23, 2013
Creative Director at small agency implemented MailChimp for a client with excellent results. The product is a great, very easy-to-use package and the free version is ideal for smaller organizations. It has good analytics and great integration with social networks.
Best for Small Organizations
May 16, 2013
Small company chose MailChimp over VerticalResponse because it was being used elsewhere in company and was very easy to set up and launch campaigns. Although the WYSIWYG editor is great, there were some problems with whitelisting. Because the list being marketed to was somewhat old, with a high bounce rate, the campaign was shut down by MailChimp.
Acceptable for very small business.
February 20, 2013
Marketing manager at an apparel company feel that MailChimp is a step up from Constant Contact but still suffers from major email deliverability issues.