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23 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend


Doodle is especially helpful for scheduling group meetings, planning weekend retreats, or creating work schedules. If you need to coordinate people around a similar time, Doodle will allow you to see it through the visual poll results and ensure everyone understands the schedule request in the same way. I love using Doodle to schedule staff meetings and office hours. Doodle is less appropriate when scheduling within a network that already has shared calendars where you can see a colleague's availability. In this case, it simply repeats an available function.
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  • Doodle approaches this problem different than most other scheduling platforms I've looked at (and I've looked at most of them). Doodle allows the person who is making their calendar available for scheduling to make the final decision on the meeting in contrast to other platforms that typically do it the other way around. Both can be beneficial depending on preference
  • I love that Doodle allows for proposing multiple times, which is a feature I've yet to find on other scheduling platforms (and I've looked at/tried a lot of them)
  • Doodle makes the scheduling process very simple even for someone who's never used it before
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  • Doodle's user interface could use an update. The Dashboard is just bullet points right now and could be a little more aesthetically pleasing.
  • If you have a lot of date/time options for people to go through, it can be fairly time-consuming/tedious for people to fill out the form. It's not always the best way to schedule events if there is a lot of availability that you want to show.
  • The ads on the free version can get a little overbearing, just because of their location.
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Doodle 8.0
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Never had a problem with Doodle, I asked about some pieces of advice (to use Doodle in the most efficient way in our company) twice and I got it almost immediately, so I cannot really say any bad words about the customer service Doodle provides. Keep up the good work, Doodle guys!
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Alternatives Considered


I use Sign-Up Genius to list my open appointments and let students sign up for individual spots; I use the anonymous option so that only I can see the name and to others it simply appears as "already filled". Doodle is simpler in some ways that Sign-Up Genius, but Doodle's biggest advantage is the ability for individuals to indicate multiple options.
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Return on Investment


  • A lot of time saved. The time I would have spent emailing people to coordinate meetings is now free time I can use for other activities.
  • Reminders make sure I don't miss out on important tasks.
  • Being able to survey multiple people for optimal availability means your team members are a lot less likely to miss out on meetings.
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