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Imperva SecureSphere

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Imperva SecureSphere

Imperva is great to monitor when new users access a database and will monitor when there are unauthorized users or activity is occurring. Imperva is not well suited to interpret whether an activity is unauthorized or not. The administrator has to be familiar with what the organization determines as good or bad traffic.


  • Alerts when suspicious activity is detected
  • Records all database transactions for analysis
  • Determines activities in stored procedures


  • Alerts require a lot of tuning to get actionable intelligence
  • Certain common encryption ciphers are incompatible with Imperva and have to be disabled at the server level
  • Technical support is sometimes a little hard to work with

Return on Investment

  • Allowed us to meet important compliance requirements.
  • When protecting critical data, we can see exactly how it's being used and by whom.
  • Licensing costs are very reasonable.
  • It takes a fair amount of administration to use properly.

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Imperva SecureSphere

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