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Perfecto Mobile

Same test case scripts can be executed on different mobiles irrespective of operating systems and language it supports. This covers a wide range of devices (Android, iOS, Blackberry etc) on which automated testing can be performed in very less time. The test scripts are written written using keyword-based Script Once Technology. The creation of scripts are easy. It saves time and effort. Repetitive testing on each iteration would be now be less tedious. This would also allow QA to focus on quality. It would expand test case coverage in the application and finally release reliable/robust application. In all, improving the app quality.
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  • Test developers can easily install third Party applications or APK files on the remote devices using their Install widget.
  • Perfecto Mobile Cloud provides a Hybrid objects approach, which consists of both Visual (OCR) based objects and native objects for iOS/Android applications.
  • Provide 3 different cloud based deployment options as part of their offering.
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  • Slow response. The perfecto environment is considerably slow and the mobile device response time is slow.
  • If a particular device is checked out by a user, the next user needs to wait for a specific amount of time before they could use it. Lot of valuable testing minutes are wasted.
  • Software updating is painfully slow by Perfecto organization. Needs to be done quickly in a timely manner.
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Alternatives Considered

Perfecto has a wide array of mobile devices we can chose from. Automation is easier using OCR technology. The test script generated detailed report of the executed test script at the end with vast variety of information such as actual results, screen captures in digital format, continuous video recording of the entire script and graphs showing statistics about the execution
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Return on Investment

  • Improve effectiveness of QA testing process.
  • Camera is accessible to the users but the view behind the camera is grayed out. In this aspect, some camera based functionality such as taking snapshot of the vicinity or barcode scanning through camera would not be working.
  • Non functional testing is hard to administer especially through cloud.
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Perfecto Mobile

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