Data Center Outsourcing (Europe) Services

Data Center Outsourcing (Europe) Services Overview

What are Data Center Outsourcing Services (Europe)?

Data Center Outsourcing Services (e.g. Colocation Services) transfer responsibility for the operation of servers or host platforms and/or support for those platforms to an outside agent, primarily done to reduce costs and maintenance activities, and to leverage the expertise of data center specialists, freeing up in-house IT for other tasks.

Data Center Outsourcing (Europe) Products

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Dutch company Interxion offers data center outsourcing.
CenturyLink Public Cloud
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CenturyLink Cloud is a set of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS and cloud management tools from CenturyLink; the service is partially based on technology acquired from the tech company Tier 3 in 2013.
Fujitsu Data Center Outsourcing
Fujitsu offers data center outsourcing.
T-Systems Data Center Outsourcing
German company T-Systems offers data center outsourcing.
Siemens Data Center Outsourcing
Siemens offers data center outsourcing.
Colt Data Center Outsourcing
Colt Technology Services headquartered in London offers data center outsourcing.
Telefonica Data Center Outsourcing
Spanish company Telefonica, headquartered in Madrid, offers data center outsourcing.
Sopra Steria Data Center Outsourcing
Global company Sopra Steria, headquartered in France, offers data center outsourcing.
HP Data Center Outsourcing
HP offers data center outsourcing.
CenturyLink Data Center Outsourcing
CenturyLink offers data center outsourcing.
DXC Data Center Managed Services
DXC Technology provides an outsourced, managed data center solution.
Atos Data Center Outsourcing
Atos offers data center outsourcing.
Verizon Data Center Outsourcing
Verizon offers data center outsourcing.
Capgemini Data Center Outsourcing
French company Capgemini offers data center outsourcing.
BT Data Center Outsourcing
BT Global Services headquartered in London offers data center outsourcing.
Digital Realty
Digital Realty headquartered in San Francisco offers data center services throughout North America (US and Canada), Europe, and Asia Pacific.
CenturyLink Private Cloud
CenturyLink® Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation™ is a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution that brings VMware’s vSphere®, vSAN™ and NSX® into a natively integrated stack, delivering enterprise grade, globally available hyper-converged-infrastructure based on HPE® with CenturyLink autom…
Cyxtera CXD Platform
CXD, Cyxtera’s Extensible Data Center platform, provides on-demand colocation services, designed to provide the advantages of dedicated colocation infrastructure, as well as the OpEx advantages and agility of cloud. The vendor boasts Enterprises, XaaS providers and SIs have made CXD’s on-demand, mas…
Rackspace Colocation Services
Rackspace offers Colocation Services across the northern US and beyond.
NTT Data Center Outsourcing
NTT via NTT Communications Nexcenter (NTT Communications will be moved to the NTT inc brand in the near future) offers a range of data center outsourcing services worldwide across the US, Asia, and Europe. Their services have been bolstered with the acquisition of RagingWire and its data center serv…
ITGLOBAL.COM is a global managed service provider with more than 10 years of experience of delivering comprehensive managed infrastructure services in private installations, public clouds, and its own data centers. Using top-of-the-line solutions from international brands, ITGLOBAL.COM boasts reliab…
Scheer Datacenter Services
IDS Scheer offers datacenter services, providing managed cloud services, remote management of data centers, and implementation hosting.
IBM Data Center Outsourcing
IBM offers data center outsourcing.