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2016 Top Rated Business Intelligence Software BadgeDundas BI is a new full-stack Business Intelligence offering from Dundas Data Visualization. The product was released in 2014 and represents a major shift away from the dashboard platform and charting components which were the company's main offering before that. The product set provides a unified front-end to a company's data with ad-hoc reporting, visual data discovery, dashboarding, paged reporting, and data preparation (ETL) and blending capabilities. Along with direct data connectivity, it also includes an in-memory database for faster analytics. The product is built on the .NET platform and integrates with the entire suite of Microsoft products, including the Microsoft BI components. The product has connectors to over 25 data sources, including MPP databases like Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, in addition to SQL databases and business applications.

Dundas BI is a Top Rated product in all three company size segments.

Company Status: Private
Customers: N/A
Employees: 60+
Location: Toronto, Canada
Founded: 1992
Most compared to: QlikView
Best fit for: This is a relatively new product, and Dundas provides a lot of support for the embedded use case. Its broad range of functionality, and focus on a dedicated business user's experience make it a contender for companies looking for excellent visualization coupled with strong connectivity to multiple data sources and ETL.

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Ease of use
  • Very flexible, easy-to-use tool with a well-designed UI. Product is also very easy to deploy.
Product maturity
  • This is a relatively new product, and still has some missing functionality and rough edges.
  • A large number of users comment on the ease of connecting to a very large number of heterogeneous data sources either through pre-built connectors, or by building integrations with the API. The powerful API includes .NET, JavaScript, and REST.
Documentation and tutorials
  • Several customers say more documentation and tutorials are needed both for business users and especially for developers. In particular, the API needs to be more fully documented. Also, there is no user community.
  • Very good, flexible and customizable visualization capabilities, although some users would like to see more chart types like radar charts.
Learning curve
  • Although the product is well designed and relatively easy to use, it can be intimidating to new users as there is a learning curve to get comfortable on the product.
  • The product is HTML5 compliant which makes it possible to create re-sizeable dashboards that can be displayed in a variety of form factors.

  • Dundas provides excellent quality support with hands-on WebEx sessions to take control of user's screen when needed. It's clear that this is a high priority for the company.

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Dundas BI Response to Reviewer Feedback

Dundas BI is a modern full stack BI and Analytics platform designed to enable the creation of custom analytical applications. The ability to quickly design your own analytical application that works exactly the way you need it, coupled with Dundas BI's built in adaptive interface that automatically adjusts the experience for each user, is what makes for higher adoption rates and greater reach. With Dundas BI you can make sure more people (not just senior management and analysts) are getting the data they need the way they need it, leading to better data driven actions by everyone. Dundas BI combines the best of both “IT led” and “business self-service” worlds allowing the business and IT to move faster together.

In order to be able to build any analytical application that may work for your business, Dundas BI provides unrivaled flexibility and is committed to support and enable you to reach your goals faster. Dundas is constantly adding new samples and tutorials for both business users and developers. Training videos have been made public and are available under: http://www.dundas.com/support/videos/. API documentation is updated as well and new samples are added on an ongoing basis. Dundas encourages you to work with our team to achieve better outcomes with your projects.

Dundas BI is rapidly evolving with 2 major releases per year. It provides more functionality than data discovery tools specifically for large-scale solutions, including security and access management, scheduling, alerting, collaboration and data preparation.