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iPipeline Financial and Insurance Solutions

iPipeline offers a Financial and Insurance Solutions suite. Their applications support new policy acquisition via OMNIDIRECT, policy management via Agency Integrator, IGO field quoting, document management (DOCFAST) streamlined order entry management (the AFFIRM for Life or AFFIRM…

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Quotall's cloud-based, full-cycle, comparative e-trading software platform enables insurance distributors to e-trade through multiple channels anywhere in the world. The 'Out of the box'​ system delivers online quote, buy and self-service capabilities with a fully-functional insurance…

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Insurance broker management software designed by insurance brokers, built by software engineers. PolicyFlow is a configurable, ready-made, web-based solution utilising cloud technology.

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Claim Technology

Claim Technology presents 1-Click Insurtech™ - as part of an open innovation platform. They support insurance companies in accelerating digital transformation efforts. 1-Click Insurtech™ solutions can be deployed standalone in the cloud to meet specific use cases, or packaged back…

iLife Platform

Software designed to make selling and buying life insurance faster, easier, and more enjoyable for agents, brokers, and customers, from the company of the same name in San Francisco. General features include an insurance quoting tool, a marketing hub, a website builder, and a live…

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Socotra in San Francisco offers a comprehensive suite of applications for insurance, including policy administration and marketing automation, underwriting and claims management, and billing and payment management.

FintechOS Platform

FintechOS is a low-code platform for banking and insurance. The software enables banks to become customer-centric by allowing them to create hyper-personalized experiences, to build and bring these innovative products to market fast, and cut costs with end-to-end digital automation.…

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INSTANDA is a fully digital insurance management platform, which enables carriers and MGAs to design, build and launch simple to complex insurance products, including common products like auto and home to more elaborate offerings like flood, earthquake, or cyber.

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Hublio, from the company of the same name in Dublin, provides their eponymous digital insurance and finance assistant for policyholders, brokers/advisor and insurers. Hublio stores policies, financial information & subscriptions on one automated platform. The software finds out if…

Decision Research Corporation (DRC)

DRC offers software solutions to the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry for large carriers, small start-ups and MGAs alike in the United States and globally deploy DRC’s SaaS and onsite solutions to manage total written premium in excess of $7 billion. DRC’s cloud-based…

tigerlab INSURANCE

Malaysian company tigerlab offers the INSURANCE suite of applications, meant to provide an end-to-end solution for insurers featuring back office automation, self-service portal, marketing, and more.

ALIP Policy Administration

ALIP Policy Administration provides insurance agencies with prebuilt templates for products and rules, webpage creation tools, and analytics and predictive modeling. This software aims to help agencies work faster and more efficiently by automating many policy administration processes.…

Cooper Rose Digital

Cooper Rose Digital is an InsurTech platform providing full stack end-to-end, innovative insurance software solutions, across all lines of insurance.

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Layr enables power brokers and agents to provide small businesses with the insurance coverage.

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CoverStack is a B2B zero-code platform offering an Insurance Infrastructure-as-a-service as a digital solution backed by technology that enables its customers to set up their insurance business, distribute chosen insurance products and manage operations at their convenience. It is…

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CyberCube is an analytics platform that fuels cyber risk quantification with an ecosystem of data, signals and models. CyberCube has custom software and service solutions across the entire insurance market for brokers, carriers, reinsurance brokers, and reinsurers. We enable insurance…

Zywave Property and Casualty

Zywave provides a portfolio of cloud-based sales management, client delivery, content and analytics solutions.

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GO-INSUR is a policy admin InsurTech solution for MGAs, Brokers and Insurers looking to digitize their insurance operation. The solution helps users to: Adapt quicker to changing market trends.Rapidly launch new products (hours not days)Expand distribution more easily.Reduce operational…

EIS Core Insurance Suite

EIS Group offers their Core Insurance Suite as an end-to-end solution for personal and commercial (P&C) general insurers, which includes the vendor's application for policy, claims, and billing.

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Indio offers a solution for the insurance application and renewal process, including proprietary “smart” form technology that digitally enhances insurance forms and applications to make the application and renewal experience faster, and simpler.

Genasys Insurance Platform
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Genasys is a full-stack, cloud-based, modular insurance solution for insurers, MGAs and brokers, presented as a comprehensive front to back end insurance solution can help them scale and optimise their operations. The Genasys platform comes with features to ensure that the user's…

Accenture Life Insurance and Annuity Software

Accenture offers ALIP, or Accenture Life Insurance and Annuity Software, a comprehensive suite of modules covering case and policy management, automated underwriting and other features.

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InsurePay is an Insuretech SaaS platform that enables the accuracy of premiums, integrated payments, and reconciliations in real time for Agencies, Carriers, MGAs, and insurance technology providers. InsurePay enables carriers and their partners to allow policyholders to pay only…

Next Insurance

Next Insurance is insurtech for small retail businesses, helping companies find coverage more quickly (e.g. worker's compensation, commercial auto, general liability, etc.) and at a lower rate.

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Wynsure is an Insurance Suite from Wyde, an Mphasis company. Wynsure emphasis front and back office automation, but features policy administration, billing and document management, and other features.

Learn More About InsurTech Software

What is InsurTech Software?

InsurTech Software uses the latest technology to support end-to-end solutions for the insurance industry. Using cloud-based infrastructure, SaaS, APIs, AI, smartphone apps, and omnichannel device access, it modernizes the management, processing, and delivery of insurance products and services.

Insurance companies, agencies, and brokers use InsurTech Software to automate and streamline their operations and improve customer engagement and satisfaction. It is used by businesses such as airlines, banks, and luxury consumer goods to integrate insurance options with their product and service offerings.

e-Commerce embedded InsurTech seamlessly bundles insurance options for products and services at the point of sale as part of the checkout process, providing additional customer value with these personalized insurance options.

InsurTech ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are used to personalize policies, understand demand, fine-tune underwriting, power chatbots, manage risk, detect fraud, and automate claims processing. Chatbots are being increasingly adopted as the first line of contact for customers seeking information about policies and coverage, routing complex tasks to humans for intervention.

IoT (Internet of Things) telematics collects and transmits driving data that is used to analyze accidents, improve safety, and offer auto insurance discounts. Consumer wearables provide data that can be used to inform health insurance pricing and discounts. Drone technology is used by property and casualty insurance companies to inspect disaster areas and investigate auto accidents.

InsurTech software offers digital integration of highly customized solutions using hundreds of APIs, covering every aspect of the insurance lifecycle. Out-of-the-box solutions that require minimal customization are also available.

InsurTech Software is closely related to and overlaps with Insurance Suites Software. InsurTech supports the following insurance industry activities: policy administration, underwriting, rating, quotes, billing, payment processing, claims processing, customer communications and relationship management, risk management, document management, compliance, auditing, analytics, and reporting.

InsurTech Software Features

InsurTech Software will include many of the following features.

  • Cloud-based, SaaS
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Big data and business intelligence
  • APIs
  • Plug and play flexibility
  • Business rules
  • Rating engine
  • Automated workflows
  • Product configurator
  • Product personalization
  • Customer self-service portals
  • Smartphone apps
  • Mobile, multi-device support
  • eCommerce embedded insurance
  • Chatbots
  • IoT telematics
  • Consumer wearables
  • Security and permissions
  • Analytics and reporting

InsurTech Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing InsurTech Software.

Scope: Most InsurTech Software supports a variety of insurance products and services and is built using discrete modules and APIs, enabling the selection of those functions and features that meet your specific needs such as policy administration, claims management, or customer service portals.

Use Case: Some vendors offer additional specialties such as embedded eCommerce insurance or focus on specific insurance products such as property and casualty or life insurance.

Pricing Information

Functions, features, and the number of users drive InsurTech pricing. Custom vendor quotes are required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does InsurTech software do?

InsurTech software offers custom insurance solutions using the latest technologies such as cloud-based services, AI, customer apps, and mobile access. It supports the operations of insurance companies and brokers over the entire insurance life cycle and complements the product and service offerings of banks, airlines, and luxury goods providers.

What are the benefits of using InsurTech software?

InsurTech Software improves operational efficiency, lowers costs, reduces risk, detects fraud, facilitates personalized insurance solutions, offers a quicker time to market for new insurance products, boosts sales and revenues, and enhances the customer experience, increasing customer loyalty and engagement.

What does InsurTech software cost?

InsurTech pricing is determined by its functions, features, and number of users. Custom price quotes are required.