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Score 9 out of 10
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Canva is a great, easy to use tool that can enable non-graphic designers to quickly create graphics and infographics for both digital or offline marketing. Using their free templates you have a wide range of resources to get you started and can begin uploading/storing and creating branded graphics very quickly and easily. Whenever I need a new image to accompany a social media post or need to create a new infographic, I always head straight to Canva.
  • Very easily create social media graphics to help your posts stand out amongst all of the other posts in a feed
  • Easy to customise with corporate branding
  • Easy upload and download of completed created graphics
  • Great range of templates, even the ones that are not free only cost a pound or so.
  • Easy to create infographics
  • More free templates and resources?
  • More availability on the free version to upload more corporate branding
  • There isn’t really anything else I would ask of them, though I would not be adversed for paying for the paid version.
Anytime where you would like a visual representation of your subject, whether that be online marketing or internal presentations. Canva is a great tool to use.
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January 22, 2018

Must Have Design Tool!

Score 9 out of 10
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Canva is being used by my organization occasionally by my account team and creative team. I have used it for personal projects as well. It allows us to use a software that is user-friendly and easy to use. It is generally used for one-off projects by half of my small company.
  • User-friendly
  • Project Inspiration
  • Creating digital marketing materials
  • Font limitations
  • Image edits limitations
  • Amount of templates could feel overwhelming
Canva is well suited for someone who is not very comfortable with Photoshop or InDesign. It is suited for specific design projects (for example a photo collage or slightly edited social post). It does take some time to learn, but it is user-friendly, making learning time much faster than other programs. It is less well suited for experienced designers. It is also nice that it has free features!
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Sue Braiden profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Canva across our organization. While we have both corporate and individual licenses for high-end suites like Adobe, Canva allows us to collaborate quickly and easily, including with clients, some who have very little or no graphics experience. Similarly, while my own graphics background is extensive those in our organization who do not have a lot of experience with editing tools are able to jump in and start using Canva and collaborate both within and across teams with very little help. It's incredibly intuitive and has a huge range of resources, making it the go-to tool to quickly spin up everything from blog headers and social media assets to complex marketing brochures and presentations with incredibly professional results. The ability to share templates and resources so easily makes Canva invaluable. I've spent a great deal of money on graphics apps over the years, but Canva (at a fraction of the cost) has become my "go-to." The same can be said within our organization.
  • Canva allows you to spin up incredibly professional looking images quickly. The massive library of templates allows you to select a base look and feel that already applies solid design principles, making it easy to change text, swap out images and customize the look and feel on the fly. It closes the gap between novices and intermediate user output very quickly.
  • It's a really affordable app. While you can drop thousands on pro suites like Adobe Photoshop, the learning curve is daunting. The free version of Canva gives you plenty to work with without ever spending a dime. Choosing to step up to the "Canva for Business" plan was a simple choice because of the low-cost threshold and high ROI. It also allows you to go month-to-month if you're trying to determine if it's a good fit (which doesn't take long).
  • Canva makes collaborating simple. Both our Customer Experience and Marketing Teams share designs back and forth with ease. Our Customer Experience team is able to do the same with clients. The permission levels make it easy to share either a single asset or an entire folder with others. It's an essential part of our project management toolkit.
  • One of the biggest points of frustration is Canva's flat folder structure. Because we use the app so heavily you quickly become bogged down trying to find an asset in the stack. Nested folders would make organizing elements and production pieces a lot easier. At the moment, this is the single biggest time sink, and easily fixed.
  • Being able to move assets between my "personal" Canva account and my "business" account would be handy. Sometimes I end up creating a resource on the fly only to realize I've done it on the wrong account, with no apparent way to move it from one to the other.
  • While Canva has a really low price point, it can add up as we bring more and more users in to collaborate. It would be helpful for Canva to offer discounts based on higher numbers of users. This isn't a problem with Adobe because so few people have the ability to use their apps. However, Canva's simplicity and utility make it useful to many more people within and organization, and while the ROI is significant, the cost can be too when scaling it up.
  • The number of truly usable images in their free library is scant, and the ones offered at a cost tend to be of very poor quality. While the paid "Canva for Work" account gives you more options at no cost, there are limitations, with the biggest again being the lack of quality options. I work around this by using public domain and creative commons resournces like Unsplash and Pexels, but this can be time-consuming (having to go from one outside resource to the next, and then uploading them). It really cuts into the ROI. If Canva wants a place to improve, boosting their internal library is low-hanging fruit.
Canva is an invaluable resource for small businesses who are resource constrained. Small budgets and a lack of design experience are not a barrier here. Canva really is the Swiss Army Knife of graphics apps. It's simple to learn, easy to use and really affordable. Even small business heroes can look like a pro.
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Stephanie MacMillan profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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I use Canva every day to create content for social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I also use it for email blasts, marketing flyers, email banners and more. It is a fantastic and versatile tool that has aided in many creatively driven projects. We primarily use it strictly within the sales and executive offices for various projects. It addresses the biggest problem of not having a marketing design team at our fingertips since we are a franchised brand.
  • It has so many templates to choose from both free and paid.
  • The have an amazing library of free and paid art (photos, cliparts, etc) to use.
  • You also have the option of uploading your own artwork.
  • Editing both on iPad and standard desktop. In certain areas it has limitations that prevent you from cropping a picture they way you want or positioning items.
  • Saving, it says it auto saves and most times it does. But there are times (even when I hit the save button) it does not and my work is lost. That is truly aggravating.
This is a great software for people looking to design just about anything creative. This is a great tool for beginners or advanced users tor hose who are trying to create a lot in a short time span. It is a great tool for a great many projects. I love using it to design eye-catching social media posts!
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Evan Ferguson profile photo
January 12, 2018

Canva's good.

Score 9 out of 10
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I'm using Canva to design ad mockups, graphs, infographics and various other forms of visual content. I pretty much use it any time I need a visual illustration for something. I personally use it and have recommended its use to others in my department but it is not used department-wide.
  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality and customizable templates that makes it easy to design something that looks good but is also unique.
  • A lot of very good iconography, fonts, and images that are fully customizable.
  • Free for the most part but has good payment options for one-off templates or a monthly subscription.
  • Glitchy - often doesn't save or does save but not right away.
  • The option to edit the size of your canvas is a paid feature - which is really stupid because you can just make a new canvas and then copy/paste everything. So essentially you're just paying to be able to use a very basic shortcut.
Canva is really good if you need to make a quick graphic to add visual appeal to your web/email content. It's great for quickly creating well-designed social media images as well. Making graphs and designing logos are super easy as well.
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Kayleigh Hannon profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
I use Canva for my own company as well my client's companies. Canva takes the place of Photoshop when wanting to make quick graphics or for my clients who don't want to pay the monthly fee for Photoshop. It's easy to use and the graphic templates help to make branding marketing material very easy. We mainly use it for marketing material, social media graphics, blog featured images and email images.
  • There's a ton of graphic templates and you can customize them any way you see fit. This helps to create graphics quickly and makes it easy to brand your graphics to create a cohesive look.
  • The free stock photos are a great feature and the search bar does a great job at finding relevant images. It takes out the need to go searching on different websites for stock photos.
  • The interface is extremely easy to use. There really isn't a learning curve and you can get started as soon as you sign up.
  • Every so often there's a glitch on the interface that doesn't allow you to download and save the image. The only option is to go back to the homepage and start over. It doesn't happen frequently but it is quite frustrating when it does happen. I'd say I've had it happen once every 2-3 months or so.
  • You can add pictures to folders if you'd like but all images remain in the normal dashboard view. I'd prefer if it looked like folders and images do on a computer where you can only see the folders and then any photos that are not in a folder would remain visible.
  • I'd love if transparency were an option in the free version but hey, they have to make money!
Canva is definitely for people with few design skills or people who want a super easy interface. With Canva, you can jump in and just start creating. If you're looking for basic design features, Canva is definitely the way to go. If you're a designer, Photoshop is best and will have much more features for you to use.
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Tiffany Rachann profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
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Canva is presently being used for 80% of our company's graphic communications. We use the software primarily to design Social Media posts and headers but also to design letters, interactive proposals, flyers and business cards. It is used by two members of our team where we collaborate on, and edit therein, designs for final approval.

Canva primarily addresses our time constraints. Because of the nature of our business, we sometimes have to create quick announcements for events and/or community engagement opportunities. Canva is fairly easy to use and has a template library that is modern, eliminating the need to search for a design that is feasible.
  • Canva is incredibly easy to use, there's almost no formal training required and users can dive in right away. A for-sure plus when assigning administrative tasks to team members that require graphic designs.
  • Canva regularly updates their template library with fresh designs that are relative and modern templates helping brands to assimilate quickly and professionally.
  • Canva offers a folder option and a branding kit for easy reference when designing graphics interoffice and off-site.
  • Canva's free option is valuable and offers a fair amount of design options ready to edit.
  • Canva's Resize and Magic Resize options regenerate graphics without having to design them again entirely.
  • While Canva has expanded their free library of images, the company could vastly benefit from diversifying those images and offering more "realistic" images of people of color.
  • Canva for iPad offers a limited amount of design options, this becomes problematic for paid users who need to design on the go.
  • There seems to be a pixelation issue with some of Canva's designs. When saving most of the designs as a PDF, the visibility is altered and the images are extremely blurry. While it's on a case by case basis, having to redesign or scrap the design altogether refutes it being an easy graphic design program.
Canva is well suited for an individual or team that is starting out with graphic design. It's also well suited for an administrative professional who has certain tasks that need/require quick and easy to create graphic references. It's less appropriate for a development team with specific graphics to create for web and app-based projects. There's no option to formulate and "paint" in Canva.
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Emily Penfold Dailey profile photo
September 19, 2017

Can't live without Canva!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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For inexperienced team members it makes design accessible and simple. It is easy to use and intuitive. I've been using Canva since it was in Beta and each new feature makes it simpler to work with. I train my teams on Canva and we use it for social media visuals, email templates, restaurant menus, event posters, check stuffers, postcards, award certificates, event posters, job listing flyers, and much much more.
  • Intuitive design tools.
  • Many free templates, visual elements, and photos.
  • Simple saving, printing, and collaboration.
  • Better "magic resize" tool.
  • Save multiple brand profiles.
  • More than 30 visuals per design.
Great for many general use digital and print design applications. Not effective for large scale print projects or very precise and particular editing. Does not replace Adobe creative suite, but does supplement it.
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Mike Petrasek profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We (the marketing team) are the primary users of Canva. It gets used on an almost daily basis for everything from creating social posts to customizing images for emails and our customer support hub. We also use Canva to design physical brochures and digital assets - like eBook and checklists. We've shared the site to other departments and some have adopted it for their use.

From a business standpoint, Canva allows us to create high quality designs without having to outsource the work. It's a great tool and one that I'd recommend to any lean marketing team looking to do more and cut down on cost.
  • Design work is incredibly easy with the layout templates that are available.
  • It's nice that they also offer stock photography - mixed in with free options - so that you don't have to search more than one site for your needs.
  • It's a really flexible tool that allows you to do any number of things. We use it for emails, presentations, brochures, and eBooks. It isn't a one-trick pony.
  • Sometimes the software gums up and won't allow you to move or save a project. Often, uploads will fail as well.
  • Multiple elements in one design can get ugly. Specifically if they start to overlap. It's just not the most precise tool in that instance.
  • The free version is very limited. Obviously, it's free, so you'd expect some limitations, but it might be a good way to hook in new users to at least offer a tease of some features. We have a paid subscription, so this isn't really relevant.
Our marketing team is very lean, so Canva is used on a daily basis for any type of design work. We create web banners, email banners, eBooks, brochures, icons, etc. You name it, and we've probably created it in Canva.

Canva will never replace Photoshop for creating custom images. Our product is software and we often need to add custom views to stock computer screens. Canva does not have the ability to manipulate ration or perspective, so we need to create images in Photoshop and then upload them to Canva.
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Danielle Smyth profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At the present time, Canva is being used for content creation in my small business. I use Canva to create high-quality graphics for my blog, website, and social media accounts. I also use Canva to create business documents like sell sheets and portfolios. I am the only person using Canva in my organization at this time, as I am a sole proprietorship right now.

Canva is easy to use and enables me to create great, professional graphics without a graphic design background. I love being able to present my best digital footprint by using Canva.
  • Canva offers a number of fantastic templates, which makes it easy when you know what you're looking for in general but not specific terms.
  • Canva updates its templates frequently to include new, fresh templates appropriate for upcoming holidays or seasons.
  • Canva is free to use, and unlike other programs, many of the free aspects are truly useful and worth using!
  • Canva uses PMS and CMYK color codes, which is great when consistency across programs is needed!
  • I would like to be able to move graphics around with greater ease. Depending on layers or frames within a design, it sometimes becomes quite difficult to move earlier-placed text.
  • Canva does have a lot of photographs and images that are only available for a fee. It would be nice to have additional free options.
  • It's difficult to organize files within Canva, as the free version only has two folders.
Canva is well-suited to small businesses or social media management companies. It would be less ideal for a large company that needs very specific branding or one that already has a distinct look. Canva is best when you have a general sense for what look you'd like, but are open to suggestions. Due to the sorts of file types Canva permits, it isn't as ideal for true graphic design projects that require vector images. Canva permits downloads such as .jpg, .png, or .pdf.
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Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Canvas is only being used by a select few people from my office. I can think of one other besides me. We use it because don’t have access to the company’s graphic design software. I occasionally have used it for flyer design, my colleague for social media graphic design.
  • Canvas is great for design ideas. The layouts tend to be fresh and contemporary.
  • The multiple levels of membership are great for trying the product and for people that only need it occasionally. To me, this builds confidence in the program.
  • The mobile app makes it easy to do work on the home, or if I have to be away from the computer.
  • A product is only as good as its user. I think this service can give a false set of graphic design skills. There are more times I look at something and think this was designed by Canva. It’s a good advertisement for Canva, but not the product that advertisement is trying to sell.
  • In my experience this product doesn’t play well with print media and other design software. You can export to PDF but the size isn’t always standard. Having to edit the design in another software to make it print friendly is cumbersome to a business.
Canva is great for a company that needs occasional designs. One that is looking for fresh modern design or where everyone is using Canva. It is not so great for a company that has an already established design aesthetic. If a few are using this program and others use other software you can easily end up with two different company looks.
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Great, easy to use design software. Best for simple projects, limited design features but usually the basics of what you need. If you buy the upgraded version you can keep brand docs, fonts and colors all in one place.
  • Templates - basics templates are already sized for you
  • Photos - you can upload your own photos or buy licensed photos inside the software
  • Online Cloud Based - login from any where
  • Design elements - very basic shapes but a lot to choose from, more would be better
  • Very limited photo editing
  • Cloud loses versioning sometimes
Social media images - great option!
Original design work - not so robust, use Adobe.
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October 11, 2017

Canva Design

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Our organization uses Canva as a graphic design software for flyers/invitations, across a couple of departments. It address the need of being able to design the document yourself with ease and not having to wait. The software has great tutorials and several templates which makes it easy to use.
  • The tutorials are easy to understand and provides live examples to apply what you have just learned.
  • There are several templates and colors to chose from.
  • These are strengths for those of us that do not have any design experience. It makes it easy and joyful to design and keep designing.
  • I do wish it had some more folder options on the free subscription to better organize created documents.
Canva is well suited for flyers, invitations, save the date, and documents. We have created several documents we provide for volunteers and staff use. The templates are well suited as they offer different sizes, colors, fonts, and clip art. It is also nice that you are able to add your own clip art and create business stationary. For my organization the info graphic templates are not suited for my organization but I can see where they would be suited for others.
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Score 10 out of 10
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It's used primarily to make presentations and infographics for our team. The reason I love the program so much is all the font options and icons it provides. It really can help you make a presentation or flyer/graphic that looks very professional. Infographics are a great way to get across a wealth of information in a small amount of space so being able to create these kinds of materials easily with Canva really improves the wealth of information shared across the organization.
  • Infographics
  • Professional Images
  • Clean Design
  • Great professional templates provided
  • Ease of use
  • Can be slow to load at times
  • Not the best for collaboration with others
  • I've had issues with saving syncing
  • Sometimes resizing fonts or images or deleting them can be a little frustrating to work with
I personally find it most appropriate for any corporate setting, especially since that's where I'm currently using it. If you ever need a template for a presentation, have to put together attractive marketing material, or need to put up a flyer or graphic in a common area in the office, this is the program to use. There's practically no learning curve, so it's great to have anyone use in the company regardless of what type of content they are trying to put together. I highly recommend it!
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Canva is a popular, simple online graphic design tool. Users can import images, use templates to design banners and logos, or pay to use Canva's premium stock images/paid templates (elements starting at $1).
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