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Best Desktop Publishing Software include:

Venngage and Adobe InDesign.

Desktop Publishing Software Overview

What is Desktop Publishing Software?

Desktop publishing software allows the user to manage visual content, including page layout and design, in preparation for publication. Desktop publishing tools may be used to prepare and organize print magazines, newspapers and periodicals, and possibly also e-catalogues and online publications.

Desktop Publishing Products

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Adobe InDesign
165 ratings
79 reviews
Adobe InDesign supports creating digital and print documents such as flyers, stationary, posters, and other types of media, with rich graphics, images, and more. Adobe InDesign is available standalone or as part of the Adobe Creative Suite collection of media management and creation products.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
26 ratings
10 reviews
Corel Corporation, headquartered in Ottawa, offers the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, a graphic design studio and library of tools.
7 ratings
4 reviews
Venngage is an infographics creation platform. Users can create inforgraphics for their marketing team from scratch or from a template.
Microsoft Publisher
8 ratings
3 reviews
Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application available with an Office 365 subscription, or as a standalone download.
Affinity Publisher
2 ratings
2 reviews
Affinity Publisher replaces the former PagePlus desktop publishing application, from Serif Europe headquartered in Nottingham.
3 ratings
2 reviews
Infogram is an online tool for creating infographics, charts, dashboards, and interactive reports. Users can upload spreadsheets containing the data they want to visualize, or set up a live integration from another data source using the Infogram API. From a graphics and layout perspective, Infogram …
Quark Publishing Platform
The Quark Publishing Platform from Quark Software headquartered in Denver is a publishing tool and document generation workflow featuring collaborative tools, quick content reuse tools, and structured authoring aids.
Lucid Software headquartered in South Jordan offers Lucidpress, a design and publishing application.
Scribus is open source desktop publishing software.
PageStream (formerly Publishing Partner) is an open source desktop publishing application developed by GrasshopperLLC.
Xara Designer Pro
Xara, headquartered in Berlin, offers Designer Pro, a desktop publishing application.
Piktochart is a publication suite for infographics, presentations, and print (e.g. posters, flyers, etc), from the Malaysian company of the same name. is a template driven infographic presentation and publishing toolset, from the small company of the same name in Gig Harbor.
3DEXCITE (DELTAGEN Marketing Suite)
Dassault Systemes offers 3DEXCITE as a publishing and content creation tool for marketers, providing a means of creating enticing visuals and 3d displays and demonstrations. 3DEXCITE includes the DELTAGEN MARKETING SUITE. Comprised of the software: 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN HUB, 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN ROBOT and …
Shorthand enables the user to create interactive multimedia stories for any online audience — all with no code. The vendor boasts that Shorthand is used by hundreds of publishers, brands, non-profits, and more — including the BBC, Honda, Business Insider, and Doctors Without Borders.
Displayr is a survey data discovery and visualization tool, with free tools for publishing dashboards, reports and infographics (e.g. charts, and graphs) to the web or other repositories for sharing and demonstration, as well as support for analysis of large datasets (more than 1,000 rows and 100 co…
CorelDRAW Technical Suite
Corel Corporation headquartered in Ottawa offers the CorelDRAW Technical Suite, supplying applications for 2D and 3D visual design and technical documentation.
MadCap Software
MadCap Software, headquartered in La Jolla, offers MadCap Flare, a help authoring and technical writing tool featuring onboarding and support from MadCap, and a set of modules for designing advanced guides, aids, and web or application help aids.