Interactive Whiteboard Software

Best Interactive Whiteboard Software include:

MURAL (formerly, Lucidspark, Intuiface, and Google Jamboard.

Interactive Whiteboard Software Overview

What is Interactive Whiteboard Software?

Interactive Whiteboard Software (also known as Collaborative Whiteboard software) creates a digital version of traditional whiteboards that allows users from various locations to interact visually in real-time. These interactive whiteboards allow teams to brainstorm online. They are of particular utility to organizations with limited meeting room space, or with a large majority of remote employees. They have also become increasingly popular in the education space, as it allows educators to have more flexibility with where and how they teach.

Interactive Whiteboard Features & Capabilities

Interactive whiteboards are more than just white screens that can be shared with others in real-time. Not only do they provide a creative space for remote teams, but they also help users better facilitate brainstorming and collaboration with additional features that speak to the increasing complexity of projects, workflows, and concepts. When on the market for Interactive Whiteboard software, look for a product with these features:

  • Infinite canvas that can be zoomed in and out of
  • Shareable whiteboards, so that users can still collaborate before or after a live meeting
  • Exportable and downloadable boards
  • Designed for interaction with tablets and smartboards; supports multiple touches at a time
  • Integrations with video and web conferencing platforms
  • Built-in design features such as templates, color, shapes (like virtual sticky notes or arrows), digital writing tools, and text/font options
  • Support for multimedia (images, videos, etc.)
  • Support for importing data from other documents
  • Polling capabilities

  • Interactive Whiteboard Software Comparison

    To compare different interactive whiteboard products, consider these aspects of each software offering:

    Cost: Interactive Whiteboard Software is one category where there are competitive products that are used entirely for free. Premium plans typically provide additional tools that free tiers do not, such as allowing users to have an unlimited amount of boards and editors, advanced security features, and more capabilities to support product/software development workflows. Check out and experiment with free tools before making a purchase to make sure you're making the most affordable, yet productive purchase for yourself or your organization.

    Integrations: Are you really looking for a standalone interactive whiteboard, or would do you really just need something to keep track of brainstorms during online meetings? Some online meeting tools have built-in whiteboards, whereas some do not. Regardless, most interactive whiteboard tools allow users to integrate directly with an online meeting platform that doesn't have its own whiteboard tool. Having a standalone product for whiteboards will provide you with flexibility, especially for when not everyone can get together on the same call.


    As previously mentioned, Interactive Whiteboard Software is a relatively affordable product category. There are many available for free. However, if you're looking for an interactive whiteboard tool that can be implemented organization-wide, you will typically need to upgrade to a paid plan to support multiple board editors and enterprise-ready capabilities. You can find paid plans starting as low as $8/mo per editor. On the higher-end, pricing is approximately $20+/mo per editor.

    Interactive Whiteboard Products

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    94 ratings
    36 reviews
    Top Rated
    InVision is a collaborative design and prototyping platform with features such as freehand drafting mode and interactive mockups, collaboration, idea management, user testing, and integration with Slack and other collaboration tools. According to the vendor, 1 million designers are using the free ve…
    3 ratings
    5 reviews
    Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard where teams can bring their best ideas to light. Users can collaborate in real time, no matter where they are. Lucidspark helps people organize notes and scribbles and turn them into presentation-ready concepts. When it’s time for next steps, teams can develop work…
    9 ratings
    3 reviews
    Miro in San Francisco offers their eponymous visual collaboration tool, usable as a shareable whiteboard, mind mapping tool, or presentational aid, used for general idea sharing, UX research, and agile development.
    MURAL (formerly
    8 ratings
    1 reviews
    MURAL (formerly from Tactivos (DBA MURAL) in San Francisco is described by the vendor as a digital workspace and visual collaboration tool, designed for creative teams to make the process of design more efficient for distributed teams, working remotely.
    Doceri, by SP Controls
    SP Controls headquartered in South San Francisco offers Doceri, which they present as an interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and built-in remote desktop control with versions for iPad, and Windows devices.
    Explain Everything
    Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard platform from the company of the same name in New York, that enables teams to collaborate, share, and learn on an infinite canvas. Users can combine new and existing media, annotations, and text to create a visual story. Record and capture everything o…
    ShowMe, from Learnbat in New Albany, is built to turn a TouchScreen device into a personal interactive whiteboard allowing teachers to record voice-over lessons and share them with their private classroom or with community of teachers and students.
    Intuiface is software designed to enable anyone, of any skill set, to adopt the latest interactive technologies. According to the vendor, these are the product's key differentiators:No pre-built templates or pre-built apps. Intuiface unleashes creativity by offering total control over design/layout/…
    ViewSonic ViewBoard
    ViewSonic ViewBoard is an interactive flat panel display that supports content sharing and interactive touch. ViewBoard displays help to better facilitate presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making. ViewBoard comprises the IFP series of boards (IFP50, IFP60, and IFP70), and the myViewBoard s…
    Whiteboard Fox
    Whiteboard Fox, from Springbok Solutions in the UK, is presented as a simple online whiteboard that allows users to share a virtual whiteboard in real-time using any modern web browser.
    OpenBoard is a collaborative whiteboard released under the GPLv3 License and maintained by the community on GitHub. It enables users to engage K-12 Student with interactive courses or give better lectures at University.
    Gynzy is a web-based program that allows teachers to get the most out of their interactive whiteboards, designed in collaboration with teachers by the Dutch company of the same name.
    AWW App
    AWW is an online collaborative whiteboard designed for business and education purposes, presented as a cost-effective realtime alternative for smart boards that works on any device and browser and it doesn't require any additional hardware.
    Google Jamboard
    Google Jamboard is a collaborative whiteboard, available as an add-on to Google Workspaces.
    According to the vendor, companies can transform their meetings company-wide with Stormboard's innovative digital workspace. Users can set up meetings beforehand, capture, organize, and discuss ideas in real-time, and then assign tasks and monitor progress in a digital workspace that you can return…

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is collaborative whiteboard software?

    Collaborative whiteboard software (also known as interactive whiteboard software) facilitates the experience of having multiple collaborators work together on a blank whiteboard, but of course, online.

    Does Google have a real-time whiteboard for collaboration?

    Yes, Google's digital whiteboard tool is called Google Jamboard and is free to use.

    Is there a whiteboard in Google Meet?

    Yes and no. While there is not a built-in whiteboard for Google Meet, as a Google product, it integrates automatically with Google Jamboard. Google Meet users have the option of starting a Jamboard with certain participants on a call that will everyone to interact on screen. For more information, check out this how-to.