Concur is a SaaS expense report management product, and handles corporate travel booking, expense report automation, reimbursement, audit, and business intelligence, and corporate card integration. The product is used by over 15,000 clients. Concur is now an SAP company. - Just Go For It!We currently use Concur Travel, Request and Expense for all US and Canadian businesses. We will be rolling out Concur Expense to EMEA next month. Prior to Concur most business units were processing expense reports manually - from creation to manager review/approval, Finance review/approval to final reimbursement could take weeks. Implementing Concur Travel and Expense has not only cut the processing time way down, but has streamlined the process from beginning to end. It has also opened Headquarter Finance to a whole new world of data they never had their hand on before. Having one system that allows every employee the same access to book travel (which automatically generates a Travel Request for approval) and process their expense reports from anywhere in the world is a major plus in this day and age. We are looking forward to rolling this out globally so we can streamline and standardize across the board. One company, one policy, one expense report product is our eventual goal and Concur helps in making that happen. Not only does Concur have a website, they've gone mobile. Combining the Concur mobile app with ExpenseIt and TripIt (as well as others) allows for a much better travel experience for our employees and that's added value.,With Concur, travel and expense has gone mobile. No more waiting in between trips to book additional travel or work on expense reports. Their open platform environment allows other business to partner with them easily. Once you learn who your Concur team is you can eventually accomplish just about anything you need to do in and with Concur in regards to booking travel and creating expense reports.,While Travel Request is a good idea and Concur mobile is fantastic, the two are not working together yet. If your company requires the use of Request, it cannot be generated when booking travel in the Concur app, therefore our employees have actually had to step backwards since we implemented Request. They can no longer book airfare from the app, only from the website as that's where a Request is generated from. Sales to Implementation has some major room of improvement. Unfortunately you often don't know what you truly need until you're into implementation and by then it's too late as you've already signed a contract. So be as specific as possible when asking questions, even if you think it's something may turn into something major that costs extra.,10,Increased efficiency with the overall expense reporting process. Faster workflow and processing of expenses from report submission to reimbursement. The only negative impact I can think of is all on the administrative side, so nothing that end users would notice.,400,4,Data Data Data Expense report processing Mobility,Provide an Expense Dashboard to upper management Automated reports to end users reminding them of unsubmitted expenses they need to address.,We will be rolling out Concur Expense first globally, then will follow that with Concur Travel,9,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,What you buy from the Sales department is not always what you get come implementation time. The contracts are too vague, so ask for specifics on absolutely everything. Participation in training sessions, or lack there of really. Travel and Expense have separate implementation teams, but we didn't learn this until after we started with implementation Each department at Concur is separate from the next. They are still working on cross-training: Expense, Travel, Request, Mobile, Invoice, Reporting Services, Audit Services.....they are all separate from each other,6,Yes,7,Yes,I had an immediate need earlier this year where I pulled in our Account Manager. She quickly found the right person at Concur who no longer works cases, but still dropped what he was doing to help us correct an issue. After our issue was resolved he gave me his contact information in case I ever needed him again. Service like that from some Concur employees is what I choose to focus on more often than the occasional dropped ball.,Booking travel is as easy as going onto any travel booing site. Concur mobile is super easy to use as it's what multiple generations use for every day life anyway. The ExpenseIt app for US/Canada is pretty slick. Our employees are liking this one. Just waiting for advances in other languages.,Having to wait for everything to pull into Concur so an employee can do an expense report - they wait on cc charges to import, they wait on e-receipts, they wait on other smart expense items. In this instant gratification world we live in these days, it's hard for the end user to wait so they end up submitting expense reports without all the pieces Reporting. If you want something other than the canned, standard reports, you pretty much have to pay extra for Concur Reporting services.,Yes,8,7Concur - It's a time and money saver for companies!This implementation was very useful for the company since before everything was very manual in regards to submitting expenses. It eliminates a lot of paperwork and time.,Capacity to link expenses with company credit cards Eliminates about 90% of paperwork Reduces time for submission Faxing documents back then, but now with smart phones it is much easier.,10,Better customer service to our employees Better way to assign expenses in our accountancy,none,100,3,Submit expenses Keep track of budget Reduce time frame for reimbursement,Eliminate paperwork Eliminate calls from users Save time,6,No,Price Product Usability,Nothing would be changed.,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,8,Self-taught,Yes, its pretty easy going, so its a very common sense program. =),7,No,I remember a time when I couldn't figure out how to link credit cards with the system, for some reason it kept failing and after contacting them I noted that I was just missing a simple step. =P,Faxing receipts,10Why no one can really compare with ConcurConcur was used for Expense management as well as Travel at both Omniture and Adobe. It was then integrated into SAP at both locations. It was used company wide by Omniture (ticker" OMTR) who was then bought by Adobe. Adobe like most other Fortune 500 companies was using Concur / SAP and that made transition all the better for both parties. Under the guidance of the CFO was asked to evaluate T/E software. I looked at the top five that were the most well known.,Integration in to Anything. Concur will integrate into almost any package in the world. Making manual journal entries from outside systems a thing of the past. There are a robust set of API's that will accommodate the quick books install and easily handle the SAP / Oracle install. Travel: Once your rules are in place for travel management Concur not only takes care of all the work, it will enforce the rules. If a flight is 500 dollars cheaper and it see that you still selected a flight with your preferred carrier, your superior is notified and you have to explain why. That's one feature that could pay for the install in most companies. Mobile: The mobile suite of products will impress anyone. The ease of use and simplistic yet elegant design of the mobile apps assure a high adoption rate by all. Workflow: Few competitors can rival Concur's rule based engine. These rules make things like SOX easy to evidence. Compliance: Audits can be cheaper and cost of concur used to offset them. How? Because concur can go directly to many of the vendors and provide evidence (Receipt) with out an end user being able to manipulate it, the sample sizes chosen in an audit will be smaller. That's a small item but there are many others that are too exhaustive for this review. Summed up though, the system is closed end to end from and audit POV and that means smaller samples can be taken and that results in a cheaper audit. All of the BIG FOUR firms are extremely familiar with Concur and that makes things easier as well. Our particular partner (ENY) already had scripts that could read from concur. Again, making it faster and cheaper for the audit. This is perhaps one of the areas that are most often overlooked.,Finding a weakness in Concur is hard. Concur implementation could be challenging for companies with NO IT department. How many very small companies don't have the expertise to integrate into their accounting package? The likely scenario is that they are so small they would not need it. Again, finding a weakness is difficult in Concur. If I could dig enough into the development, I may find a bug or two, but top to bottom the product is as strong as you will find.,10,Concur allowed the company to close a full day faster. So many times, companies are rushing through the month end close. Concur allowed the process to be done one full day sooner. This was a huge win that many thought was possible but were not willing to use as ROI until it was confirmed. EFFICIENCY: Previously many reports were done and were consistently late, and mis-categorized. Because Concur can book expenses almost 'on the fly' for users and the accounting department, it was able to almost completely eliminate reports that were chronically late by the same individuals....Translation: Concur was easy to use, Adoption was 100% and reports were instantly sent in. Adoption: Many times, companies use software and do not receive a high adoption rate. With concur, you will have 100% adoption. The excel sheets go away and executives can even do their own expense reports because to the ease and simplicity of creating a report.,,10,Vendor implemented,Yes,Change management was minimal,A couple of items came up for the 'pick up' of files that are sent to Concur. These are normal firewall issues. There were a couple of items that I consider user error. These were users looking for reporting items that are not native to concur reporting. These are user education issues.,9,Travel: Give the details of your trip (It remembers all of your locations, how you pay, FF numbers) Concur shows you the options and your travel is complete. Pick a flight that is X% higher than the lowest (The company decides X) and you have to email your manager why you chose that particular one! Mobile: If you are out and have expenses, take pic with your phone and viola, you have submitted them to Concur to be matched in your company credit card. Reporting: IF you like congnos and the ability to practically report against anything, then you will enjoy the reporting side.,I personally did not have any issues with cumbersome items. I can see that for some there could be an issue if you have never used SaaS based software and have a bunch of spreadsheets to complete when in the mapping of the Concur to Accounting package with the integration. If a smaller company does not know how to implement SSO (Single Sign on) I suppose it could seem challenging. I would not say this is a Concur issue though. SSO was a breeze for us in the install. I am trying to be fair here.,Yes,10,NoGreat for End-Users, lots of room for improvement elsewhereWe use Concur across the organization, for expense management for all departments. This includes expense submission, review, approval, and reimbursement.,Employee expense submission: Concur does this very well. It's generally easy for users to understand and navigate, with little training. Concur-Pay: This streamlines getting employees reimbursed. On whatever cadence you like, approved employee expenses are paid via direct debit to their account. It works really well, and we've never had issues with it in the US, and are in the process of rolling it out internationally. Similar functionality for paying expenses incurred via corporate cards is also great. iphone App: They did a good job with this. Being able to snap a picture of the receipt is great. In fact, the receipt functionality (for capture of receipts, and attaching to expense reports) is really good. Expense Workflows: While I don't love the Admin side of this, the flexibility is there: lots of ability to customize your expense report workflows.,Documentation: Concur's documentation is the worst of any SaaS app I've worked with. It's not that it's sparse, but that it's poorly organized, difficult to search, and has a lot of extraneous info (e.g. documentation revision info). SaaS: I'd call Concur a mostly SaaS app. It still feels like an on-prem app in lots of ways, including UI logic and layout, and the unavailability of some Admin functionality (i.e. you have to go through support) Integration: They seem to be improving here, with the release of more APIs. But when we started, they sold us in part on "we integrate with NetSuite", which turned out to be a Boomi integration, which they'd never done before. For such a widely used app, I'm generally surprised at the lack of maturity in this area (their salesforce connector is another example). Application ecosystem: there's very little in the way of an application ecosystem, e.g. Salesforce's AppExchange or NetSuite's SuiteApps. I suspect this is in part because Concur doesn't bundle API access with a basic subscription. Even with the Professional Enterprise edition, API access is an add-on, which from the perspective of encouraging an ecosystem of 3rd party developers to create integrated applications that extend your application is daft, to say the least. Support: the support SLAs are long compared to other SaaS apps, and in my experience are frequently missed. Filing a case is more difficult, with a far too complex system of menus and sub-menus, and responses aren't always helpful--again, this is compared to other SaaS apps. Professional Services: Their approach to PS is outdated. As far as we can tell, you can get a PS engagement in only two ways: 1) buy an add-on module that requires implementation, and 2) a PS subscription (?!?!). Want to sign an SOW for a best-practices review, or some config updates? Nope, not without a subscription. This has lead us to look for 3rd party consultants. Again here, their partner ecosystem seems underdeveloped.,5,The "bread & butter" use case is submission, review, approval, and payment of employee expenses. Concur does this very well, with a relatively low cost. I haven't done comps so can't give ROI metrics, but it's certainly cheaper and better than doing the same thing with NetSuite.,7,800,2,Expense control (audit, review, etc.) Expense reimbursement Travel management,No,,I would like at how open or progressive the vendor is, e.g. do they encourage 3rd party development on their platform (are the APIs open and freely available), do they have prior experience integrating with your other systems, and what do other customers think of their support organization.,Vendor implemented,5,Online training Self-taught,8,I'd recommend some initial training to get familiar with the lay of the land. Once you know the oddities, and are familiar with how they organize their documentation (or don't), it's relatively easy to learn. If you bought intelligence (reporting tool), and haven't used Cognos before, training is highly recommended.,4,No,No, I wish I could.,No functions are easy or elegant, almost everything feels more difficult than it needs to be However, it does many processes well, once configured Picking one function that's relatively easy: the UI for configuring audit rules is pretty good, surprisingly so considering other parts of the application,Too many to list. . .administration feels painful across the board. Even adding a custom field is needlessly difficult,Yes,7,7,7,8,NetSuite Salesforce Workday (planned),Workday Project management tool Salesforce,File import/export API (e.g. SOAP or REST) ETL tools,7,Buy API access, don't use one of the batch based "extracts".,3,Choose another vendor;) In all seriousness, we've found Concur generally inflexible compared to our other vendors. Perhaps we're too small relative to their other customers.,No,NoUses Cognos for reporting which is a too complex.Good functionality in key areas. It does a nice job of expense report creation and approval. Corporate card integration and processing is very good. Mobile capability has been well received. We have been successful with it. It has good audit functionality. If you create a travel itinerary, it flows directly to expense reports. From an administration perspective, most changes can be done by us. There’s a workflow engine. We have not made any customizations in the workflow we selected. Integration was fairly easy,Before the upgrade there were plenty of limitations e.g. multicurrency, # of unique expense types limited, no mobile – but now on the premier edition there are not really any functional limitations. Previously the reporting tool was embedded in Concur. In the new version, they are using a Cognos data warehouse which is separately accessed. It takes another level of sophistication to be able to use. I would rather have both as it’s now more difficult to get data out now. I would like to be able to add more expense types ourselves. Right now, I have to go to Concur for that.,It has led to a standardization of how we procure airline, car rentals and hotels. Each user spends 50% less time to do expense report We have reduced the amount of administrative tasks in finance from consuming 2 to 1 person. Mobile has made a big difference,10,9,500,0.5,Expense Management. Travel Management - we have only used for domestic travel. We also have a 3rd party travel agency that gets called if a user cannot book in Concur.,,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,10,Self-taught,For the most part it is pretty self-service. No formal training is required. There is a suite of online web based help documents (30-40 of them) We have a FAQ ourselves.,We haven’t changed the software as much as the workflow triggers that push data and we have created own fields.,Yes,9,9,10,iVantage HR file/employee roster General Ledger (SAP),We pay according to the # expense reports submitted/month; Pricing is band based. After we exceed our limit, we pay 2x for everything over. 50% of the time we are over a little. There were no price changes in 5 years leading to upgrade.
Concur Travel and Expense
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Concur Travel and Expense
391 Ratings
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Score 8.2 out of 101

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There are different implementation teams for each module of the product you purchase, so implementation is not a 'one size fits all' environment. Also, the different implementation teams have different ways of doing things, so Concur could stand some standardization and streamlining in this area.
A Project Manager can make or break an implementation so don't be scared to ask for a new one if things are rocky.
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Our main problem was integration with NetSuite, which when we implemented was new to Concur. From what I understand (this was before I joined the company), it didn't go very well, classic case of sales promising something the software or organization couldn't deliver. Otherwise, the implementation seems to have been fine.
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Concur Travel and Expense captures business spending wherever and whenever it happens. With Concur, users can connect the different pieces and partners of their expense ecosystem - integrating travel spend, ERP, accounting and card data in to a single, cloud-based and mobile system that manages the entire expense process from spend requests to reconciliation. The solution provides complete visibility into the user’s total spend and the transparency to see every detail of each transaction.

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