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OpenText Hightail

OpenText Hightail


What is OpenText Hightail?

OpenText Hightail is a cloud-based collaboration software for creative content reviews and approvals. With one place for teams to share large, multimedia files, collect precise feedback and approve content, Hightail streamlines the creative process and helps teams keep projects on…

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Users have found Hightail to be a reliable solution for transferring large files, praising its speed, efficiency, and user-friendly …
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Product Details

What is OpenText Hightail?

OpenText Hightail is a cloud-based collaboration software for creative content reviews and approvals. With one place for teams to share large, multimedia files, collect precise feedback and approve content, Hightail streamlines the creative process and helps teams keep projects on schedule.

OpenText Hightail Features

Additional Features

  • Supported: Time-stamped commenting on audio and video files
  • Supported: Side-by-side image comparison

OpenText Hightail Screenshots

Screenshot of Improve review process with inline commenting for visual files.Screenshot of Compare each update instantly with visual versions.Screenshot of Bring everyone and everything together in a Space.Screenshot of Improve the audio and video review process with time-stamped commenting.

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OpenText Hightail Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found Hightail to be a reliable solution for transferring large files, praising its speed, efficiency, and user-friendly interface. It is commonly used for emailing large files both within and outside of organizations, making it ideal for sharing graphics files, training videos, and other types of information. Various departments such as Marketing, Technical Support, Engineering, and Customer Service benefit from the software's capabilities. Hightail streamlines the storage, delivery, organization, and management of video performances for nonprofit youth showcases. Construction companies also rely on Hightail to easily transfer large construction drawings among general contractors and vendors. Its versatility is further highlighted in sending and revising files, collecting feedback, and managing multiple projects and campaigns. Users particularly appreciate the ability to send single, large documents like proposals and statements of work with ease while keeping track of email receipts and document downloads. Overall, Hightail provides a valuable solution for efficient file sharing across industries and departments.

Simple File Sending Process: Users have found the desktop application offered by Hightail to be incredibly user-friendly, allowing them to send files quickly and efficiently. Many reviewers have praised the convenience of having the app right in the dock on a Mac, eliminating the need to log into an account via a browser. This feature has been especially appreciated by those who frequently send files to clients, as it saves them time and effort.

Efficient Downloading with Zip Folders: The option to compress large files into zip folders has received positive feedback from multiple users. They appreciate that this feature not only makes the downloading process faster for their clients but also prevents any issues related to large file sizes or multiple files taking a long time to download. Overall, reviewers find this functionality helpful in ensuring smooth file transfers.

Robust Security Features: Numerous security options provided by Hightail have garnered praise from customers. Reviewers have mentioned being able to password protect downloads, which ensures that only authorized individuals can access the files. Additionally, setting expiration dates on downloads has been viewed as a helpful feature for maintaining control over sensitive information. The identity verification feature offered by Hightail has also been commended for its ability to prevent unauthorized access and discourage forwarding and downloading by unintended recipients.

Confusing User Interface: Some users have found the user interface of the Hightail website to be confusing, particularly when trying to download the latest version of the software. They mentioned that finding the link to update the desktop app was not intuitive and required searching for a small logo on a pop-up.

Complicated File Sharing Process: Several reviewers have expressed frustration with the cloud file storage and sharing feature of Hightail, stating that it is not user-friendly and requires too many steps to use effectively. They feel that Hightail could improve customer engagement by making their collaborative features more visible and easily accessible.

Short Expiration Time for Shared Links: Many users have reported that shared links from Hightail expire too quickly, causing confusion for recipients on how to download files. This limitation has led some customers to suggest that these links should last longer in order to avoid any inconvenience or loss of important information.

Based on user reviews, Hightail receives several recommendations for its file sharing capabilities and collaboration features. Users suggest using Signiant or Aspera for files larger than 500GB. Hightail is highly regarded for its ability to handle large format file sharing, provide nice document management features, and enable efficient collaboration through live calls. It is effective in allowing multiple users to make notes about media changes and makes file sharing much easier through its user-friendly portal.

Hightail is considered one of the best tools for large file handling due to its affordability and reliability. However, for those without a large team or not working on external projects with a large team, users suggest considering free file sharing services instead.

Hightail is highly recommended for streamlining creative processes in medium and large companies, as well as sending heavy files and sharing large files without the risk of bounce-backs. It allows all members of a team to see the product of their work in one place and offers add-ons for business applications.

Users find Hightail visually appealing, easy to use, and a great resource for sending very large files. It enhances productivity and creative project management while also serving as a solution for sharing large files that cannot be sent via standard email methods. While it is not necessarily a replacement for file organization, Hightail offers fast transfers and a minimal interface.

Users advise considering web-based sharing alternatives like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive if they meet specific needs at lower prices. Additionally, Hightail is recommended for staying organized, easily sharing files, and securely sending files that do not attach to emails. It is suggested to try the trial version before investing heavily, especially for businesses with documents in the cloud that require safe sending.

Hightail is also suitable for moving artwork and video files easily, making it a valuable tool for media professionals and studios. Users recommend thoroughly reading instructions to avoid confusion and using Hightail as a secure way to send files, but caution that some customers may experience difficulties with the document retrieval process.

Comparatively speaking, Hightail is considered a better option than OneDrive for frequent large file transfers and team collaboration, especially for remote teams. It is seen as a great way to securely share large files and is recommended as a decent alternative to Google products, particularly for clean FTP functionality. Users suggest considering Hightail for its ability to cater to multiple requirements and needs of teams. It is also advised to try the trial version before paying for the upgrade, especially for sending heavy-sized files.

In conclusion, Hightail receives commendations from users for its secure file sharing capabilities, ease of use, and effectiveness in collaborating on projects. It is highly recommended for transferring large files, streamlining creative processes, and enhancing productivity in medium and large companies. Users also appreciate its affordability, reliability, and user-friendly interface. However, it's important to consider individual business needs and test the trial version before making a purchasing decision.


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The sending and revision of files, as well as their feedback, are one of the exceptional characteristics that OpenText Hightail has and the one that has been most useful for managing multiple projects and campaigns. Since the immediate sending and management, there is a task that not only facilitates the monitoring and development of projects but also their effectiveness. Added to this, it gives multiple managements in multiple areas, in content, documentation, and above all in communication.
  • Management of content, communication, spaces, and projects in general.
  • Control of processes, tasks and activities between the different members of teams.
  • Collaborative work through different media and channels.
  • There is no great possibility to adapt the software.
  • A fairly slow learning curve.
-It is useful for carrying out projects and campaigns that use an interdisciplinary team and in which multiple documents have to be worked on, since sending them ends up being pleasant and comfortable for all the people involved.
-When it is necessary to have real control and monitoring of the activities of an entire team, it facilitates visualization and coordination.
-Intuitive and easy to use for the simplest functionalities such as sending files and material.
-Due to its price, it is possible that if you do not use all the tools contained in the software, it might seem a bit expensive.
Saryia Green | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a part of marcom we use HighTail to transfer large files that we cannot send via our current email client.
  • It’s great for sending large-sized art files for print
  • It’s secure and files can be easily tracked
  • I like that it tells you how long it will take for the desired file to upload
  • Shared links expire too quickly
  • There is limited space for messaging
  • Recipients are sometimes confused about how to download files
Hightail is ideal when sending large art files for print. It eliminates the need for compressing and or zipping files. Files can be easily uploaded from multiple locations, and file type and size are never an issue when sending.
Lisa Moughan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Hightail to email large files both within our organization and to people outside the company. We work with many outside vendors and need to share graphics files, which are large. We also use Hightail to send training videos and similar information to our customers. We used to send a lot of information via CDs or USBs but that was inefficient and time-consuming. In addition, many of our customers no longer accept USBs because of the possibility of malware or viruses. Many different departments use the system including Marketing, Technical Support, Engineering, and Customer Service.
  • Easy to use for those uploading files.
  • Easy to upload multiple files.
  • Cost effective and works flawlessly.
  • Some of our recipients are not very tech-savvy and can get confused with how to download a file. There is some room for improvement by making it clearer where the user should click to download the file.
With the one small caveat regarding making downloading easier, I think the system is very effective and would recommend it to any colleagues. If working in an industry where many of the recipients are not tech savvy, you may want to look at a different option. But if someone is receiving email, I think it is a fair assumption that they'll figure out what to do. There are basically just two places to click and common sense should tell the user that if they click the first place and it doesn't work, then they should try clicking the other place.
Sarah Bandy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We generally use OpenText Hightail in order to streamline storage, delivery, organization, and data management of our video performances for our nonprofit's youth showcases. It has been primarily used by our Executive Director and Office Manager in order to have a safe place for the videos but is also used by video editors for uploading.
  • Storage: OpenText Hightail has a large amount of storage and can handle videos.
  • Organization: It's easy to shuffle and organize data to make sense for you.
  • It was difficult to share videos, sometimes insisting that the user make a password and become a member before viewing.
  • The links can expire quickly and instead of resetting, you just have to make a new one.
  • The last iteration of OpenText Hightail before they merged with OpenText was kind of clumsy looking.
OpenText Hightail is well suited to store large files and have them easily accessed by different members of your organization that have their own login information. It's less appropriate for hosting direct links to share videos or data to constituents that are not direct staff or don't have their own login information.
Daniel Shatzkes CEO Entrepreneur, Manufacturer, Musician | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Hightail mainly for its large file transfer capabilities. I started using it way back when it was called YouSendIt. Today there are numerous options for this type of service, however my familiarity with Hightail and its feature set allows me to be very quick and efficient with its use. Large files transfers are important in my businesses and I love the capabilities that Hightail offers. I never really liked using ftp servers and the like. It just always seemed like a cumbersome option and I found that often something would go wrong. Hightail (or YouSendIt, back when I first started using it) was the first option that I found that made sending large files and attachments simple and intuitive.
  • The desktop application that Hightail offers makes sending files super simple. There's no need to log into an account via browser. The app sits right in your dock (on a Mac) and you can be sending out files to your clients in a matter of seconds.
  • The option to compress large files into zip folders further makes downloading the files on the receiving end much quicker as well. I don't have to worry that an incredibly large file or multiple files will take a long time to download for my client.
  • Numerous security options are offered for the files that you send. You can password protect the download so that only those who have the password can download it. You can also set an expiration date on the download. Also, Hightail offers identity verification so you can make sure that only your intended recipient can download your files and that the link cannot be forwarded and downloaded by others.
  • One area I always found a little confusing was using the Hightail website to download the latest version of their software. It's a pet peeve thing, but I like when everything is perfectly clear. For some reason, finding the link to update the desktop app is always annoying. There's no intuitive "update the desktop app HERE" link. It's a small logo somewhere on a pop-up that you have to find. Not something that hurts the software side, but still annoying to me.
  • There are many other features that Hightail offers that I don't even use. Cloud file storage & sharing is one of them. I currently use Dropbox. When Hightail rolled out their cloud file storage feature, I was excited, as it came along with my current plan that I was already paying for. But I found it to not be such a smooth interface. Again, I like when things just work and this didn't seem to "just work" for me. It was too many steps. Admittedly, that was a while ago and I should probably go back and look at it again. Maybe it's safe to assume that the bugs have been worked out and it's a lot smoother. In fact, I'm going to add that to my to-do list!
  • I wish Hightail would do more customer engagement. I know there are other collaborative features that Hightail offers and I'm not even sure what they are. I don't always have time to go and fish around to see what other things I can do. If Hightail put themselves in front of me a little more I might make more and better use of their systems.
Hightail is my go-to source when I need to send large files that would never fit as regular attachments. That being said, sometimes there are files that would perfectly fit as attachments but I want the security that Hightail provides when sending sensitive or private material. It's very comforting knowing that the content I'm sending is only being received and viewed by the intended parties. It's also comforting for my clients when it's THEIR content that I'm sending for review.
Rachel McIntyre | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Hightail as a whole operation to transfer large files internally and to our clients.
  • Files are uploaded quite quickly
  • Gives you the opportunity to password protect and receive a download receipt
  • Files download quickly
  • Storing email addresses better for automatic population
  • Brighter interface
  • Branded email messages
It's well suited to sending large files to clients or parties outside of the organization.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our agency often sends large files to prospects and clients that are too large to attach to emails. While we leverage Dropbox for collecting and sharing many files, Hightail is useful when we need to send over a single, large document and we need to be able to track when the email is received and when the document is downloaded. This is especially useful for proposals, statements of work, etc.
  • Easily send a large PDF to a contact
  • Track when the email is received and when the document is download, even if more than one person downloads it
  • Website is fast and it doesn't take long to upload and send files
  • It would be nice to track who is downloading, not just unknown.
  • Files often expire within a few days, it would be nice if they lasted longer. We sometimes have to resend if the client didn't click right away.
HighTail is an easy solution for sending large files and not requiring the contact to have an account in order to download the file. It offers one-click downloading of the files which makes it really easy on the contact. If you are just looking to send files and track their whereabouts, this is a great solution.
Bryan Welborn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company handles lots of construction drawings, and are usually huge files. Hightail helps us transfer these large files back and forth among general contractors and vendors.
  • Easy to use
  • Fairly quick sending large files
  • Logs that help us keep track of what went where, and when
  • Sometimes, Hightail emails get lost in recipient's spam
Hightail is great for sending large files electronically. That's all there is to it!
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