1Password: Simple and Effective Cloud Security
February 12, 2019

1Password: Simple and Effective Cloud Security

Adam Moreschi | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with 1Password

1Password was used to store customer login credentials and shared system login credentials in the organization. It was a very helpful tool that was used across Engineering, Sales, and Operations. It addressed both the need for a more secure and encrypted method to store sensitive cloud-based system passwords, as well as simplify the accessibility of those for people who are logging in and out of several accounts per day, often on the same computer.


  • 1Password's "Autofill" feature makes it easy on most website login portals to quickly search and select your username and password while not compromising security, whether you need to screen-share in-person or online.
  • 1Password's Vaults feature provides a simple way to separate various personal and professional segments of password organization, such that if you need to delete passwords related to a project or professional experience, you can do so quickly and easily.
  • 1Password's Watchtower feature is a great way to quickly and objectively analyze the strength of the security provided by each login you store in a Vault, and provides quick buckets from which to update these passwords.


  • 1Password's Autofill feature could use some improvement, as it does not come up on desktop or mobile in some situations, and thus is not as sleek of a tool as it could be.
  • 1Password's Chrome Extension is another area where things could improve. In some recent weeks, it has minimized the window from which you can easily search, find logins, and switch between Vaults, which is much easier on its desktop client.
  • 1Password's Watchtower feature only currently works one Vault at a time. This does limit some of the improvements that people will tend to make to password security strength. It would be nice to see an enhancement where you can run the feature across all Vaults, and then see which passwords' strengths are excellent, good, fair, poor, etc. per-Vault.
  • 1Password is truly an investment in the future of one's business, so while it is difficult to run the numbers on this topic, I have not had a single compromised login on any site which I store in 1Password, which provides peace of mind.
  • 1Password's randomized password generator has provided me with a much better format to create and securely store my online passwords. As opposed to storing them in a document or spreadsheet with or without a simple passcode on them, I now experience higher-level security to my banking and other cloud applications.
  • 1Password allows multiple users to quickly access passwords without needing to wait for others' permissions to do so. It also makes for easy controls when people enter and leave an Organization, which is a time saver.
  • Keeper
While I have not personally experienced Keeper Security, I will say from its marketing materials on its website and within its various channels (YouTube, for instance) that 1Password has a somewhat sleeker User Interface, and the same could be said for many other password applications, aside from some popular choices like LastPass.
1Password can be used both in a personal (single or family) and business environment, and it is very easy to set up. What is nice about 1Password is that it can organically update as you continue to log into various sites, as it will prompt you to either Update Existing passwords or Create New passwords, right then and there as a pop-up (...one of the few pop-up's that is truly valuable!).

I would say that there may be solutions out there which are more affordable and may provide a very similar service, and ones where the Password Scorecard features and the Autofill and Chrome Extension features are better designed.


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