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January 26, 2018

Priority AccountEdge Review: "AccountEdge -22 years of experience"

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Overall Satisfaction with AccountEdge

I use AccountEdge for three small business. I have been using the software since 1996 when it was marketed as MYOB and was the only professional bookkeeping software available for Apple computers. Since then, I have remained faithful through re-writes and acquisitions. Overall, I really like the software and have found it to be very adaptable to my needs in the different companies (more on that later). I have a small amount of experience with Quickbooks for Mac, so I can offer some generalized comparisons.

I use AccountEdge mostly for ledger entry of transactions, client/contractor/employee information, and to run reports for tax and accounting purposes. I do not use it for its (formidable) inventory, billing, merchant services and invoicing capabilities.
  • AccountEdge is great for running reports. It allows you to look up information in numerous ways. I like the fact that the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports are interactive so in the screen view mode (as opposed to the printed report) you can easily drill down into accounts and transactions.
  • AccountEdge is also good at creating invoices and statements. Check printing and modifying check layout.
  • The software is quite easy to install and get up and running. The company provides a lot of information on their site, and there is a generous community on their user forum.
  • Reconciliations are fairly easy IF you are not expecting to be able to link your bank accounts to the software. AccountEdge does not do that yet (at least in the US). This is a major flaw in the software--one that I hope is addressed in the very near future.
  • I like that they offer merchant services and point of purchase sales support, but I have no experience in using those capabilities.
  • Linking directly to bank accounts. It seems to be the wave of the future, and it is a big glaring omission from the AccountEdge arsenal of tools.
  • AccountEdge allows printing of government tax forms from within the program, but it is at an additional cost and runs on a separate (but somewhat integrated) ap called Formviewer. This is somewhat clunky to use. I have never been able to get it to print US 1099/96 forms correctly. What's up with that?!
  • Similarly, AccountEdge offers direct filing of US government tax documents through a third party. This is also somewhat opaque and clunky. I bought the service this year and thought it was an "all in" purchase, only to find when I went to file W-2's that there was a per employee charge. Maybe I missed the memo as I was trying to sign up for this service, but I felt taken advantage of when I had to pull trig and pay twice.
  • Finally, it is needlessly opaque and complicated to figure out how to purchase and use the printable forms and government eFiling. It almost feels like a scam. I'm hoping that the new owners fix this, pronto. There is no room in today's world of consumer and business software for hidden costs and incomplete or missing information at the point of purchase and installation.
  • I've used the software for 22 years now, and am very happy with the way it works.
  • I've been able to train people on it fairly well.
  • I look forward to the day when I do not have to download information from banks manually to reconcile. Time burner.
I have considered Quickbooks, but a cursory use did not lead me to believe that it was a good replacement for us. I might take a look again in the future if we can't link bank accounts to AccountEdge soon.
If you are handling a large client list, and are selling services, it is dead easy. If you are managing/selling a physical inventory, it seems like it has great options to do that quite well (disclaimer, I do not use those functions, but I have paid attention as that functionality was built into the software). If you want to link your bank account to a bookkeeping platform, this is not the software for you (at least so far).

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