Capturing Signatures in Minutes.
Updated October 27, 2020

Capturing Signatures in Minutes.

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Sign

  • Adobe EchoSign enables us to quickly and easily reach our client base of over 5,000 independent contractors across the country. Because our clients are located all across the United States it would be an inefficient use of time and resources to maintain their agreements and service contracts any other way than EchoSign. I am the admin for our EchoSign account with six subgroups that I manage a variety of documents for. I am easily able to locate a document, find its current status and see all who have shared it. This makes managing a large amount of documents very simple.
  • EchoSign is very user friendly in that every tab is easily recognizable as to its functionality and use. Being the one that trains our company on how to use and maximize EchoSign it is very easy for new employees to grasp because of how user friendly it is.
  • Getting a document uploaded into EchoSign and available for immediate use is very simple. I utilize Adobe Acrobat X Pro to create all the custom fields and the overall look of the document and then simply add the document to my EchoSign library with the appropriate signature fields.
  • Adobe EchoSign makes signing and filling out our contracts/agreements a simply process for the client. EchoSign walks clients through each field on a document in which information is required.
  • I do a lot of widgets within EchoSign and as far as I can tell there is no way to go back and edit the document if a change needs to be made without being required to redo the whole widget. Unlike uploading a document and having the capability of editing it once it is saved, widgets are a one time save and hope it is 100% correct. This gets particularly annoying when I am turning a 20 page document with lots of required and non required fields into a widget, one mistake means redoing the whole thing.
  • It seems there would be an easier process for archiving documents. A one or two click process would be nice and much easier for people I train to remember and grasp.
  • It may be due to my skill level but seems having more than one signer where one is optional gets a little tedious and difficult when it spans a large number of documents.
  • Adobe EchoSign increases the speed at which agreements are signed and returned back to us. It used to be that we would email a PDF of the agreement and wait for the client to print it, fill it out and get it back to us which could take days and sometimes weeks. The longer the client took to get the required agreements and forms back to us the more revenue we would lose out on. Adobe EchoSign has given us a one to two day agreement completion time which means we can enroll clients in our services faster and start collecting money sooner.
  • Adobe EchoSign enables me to manage agreements by ensuring the correct versions are uploaded and being sent out. Before EchoSign, employees would always have some version saved to their individual hard drives and if changes were ever made it was difficult to make sure every employee was using the correct one. This has drastically reduced the time spent from a number of departments in fixing errors and reaching back out to clients.
To try out each of the different types of e-signing software out there and to go through the process themselves. It is important to look at the process through the client's point of view. Depending on your client base, if a particular software is difficult or confusing for you (as the one overseeing the process) then chances are it is even more confusing for those you are sending it to.

Adobe Sign Experience

Using Adobe Sign

10 - Accounting, Taxes, Marketing, Sales and Operations
1 - The skills that are involved with supporting EchoSign is simply an individual that knows how to do external research when they come to an issue within EchoSign. It does not take a genius to effectively use EchoSign.
  • We rely on EchoSign to get our service contracts signed in a timely manner.
  • We use EchoSign to assist in the document gathering stages of taxes for our clients.
I have used DocuSign and Assure Sign before discovering EchoSign and once I discovered EchoSign there was no going back. The tech support for EchoSign has always been top notch. I can't go into much detail but I strongly feel that Adobe EchoSign gives us a competitive advantage over our competitor because of how easy it is to use and access from a client's point of view. EchoSign is easy to learn, train others on and gather the necessary information from clients and potential clients. Furthermore, we have so much time and resources wrapped up into EchoSign that the switching costs would be through the roof.

Adobe Sign Implementation

Change management was a minor issue with the implementation - The individual or group in charge of implementing EchoSign should take a few minutes to create a training sheet or video for all who will be using it. Also, take a few minutes with each person that is new to EchoSign and show them how it works and why you are using it. Once everyone in my organization new how and why we were using EchoSign, implementation and training was easy.