Powerful and/but Technical
Updated April 27, 2016

Powerful and/but Technical

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop almost makes you have better images and graphics. Due to the technical nature and toolset provided (or hidden) Photoshop makes a beginner dig around and look deep into its features for just the right utensil for the job. What ends up happening, at least for me, is that I discover new sets of editors by accident and keep them in my memory for my next project OR... apply them to what I'm working on to add some flare.
  • Photoshop can do just about everything, but for now going beyond the simple tasks proves to be tough.
  • Easy logo/graphic work.
  • Web design is easily accomplished.
  • Filtering and adding additional details to existing projects.
  • Because it does so much a lot of tools are lost in menus and hidden buttons. It is far tougher than I ever thought. I use YouTube videos for solving new problems.
  • Have a "basic" mode - I could go into assuming I won't use 90% of the advanced toolsets.
  • Add icon support...not through an additional patch.
  • 90% personal use / 10% business. For personal I work with both graphics (logos and fonts) and also with photographs from vacations. With work it is to make graphics and infocharts.
  • ROI - Not using for any big ROI, mostly for infographics and personal site creation.
  • We have designers in house that are more fluent, so as a very "green" user it works for the amount I need it. I still get really excited when I figure out a new tool.
  • Aperture,GIMP
No image editor will ever have the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. But with that said, the more simple tools still rate very high for me. GIMP is open-source and free. It very powerful for the price. Aperture is also a nice addition to the OSX lineup. I keep all three on tap and ready to roll.
There are alternatives available, but none will be as thorough as Adobe Photoshop. The main reason NOT to use it is if you need something you don't want to learn or spend a lot of time on. To get a final product it takes a heavy learning curve. BUT - once you are in the know it is AWESOME!

Using Adobe Photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop

PS is a super powerful tool, but there is so much it can do that it has to have 100s of menus. Things can get a little lost. Lucky for us we can google/youtube answers on the fly. PS is something that after you have used it for a year you become familiar with the main uses that are applicable to your work, but to know everything would be impossible.

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