Review of AlayCare
September 13, 2022

Review of AlayCare

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Overall Satisfaction with AlayaCare

AlayaCare is used by the company to schedule nurses for home infusion visits. The field nurses use AlayaCare to clock in and out of visits and will occasionally use the app to make calls to patients. We use the IOS app on phones and ipad and also use the web version.
  • Allows nurse to see their upcoming visits
  • Set unavailable days/times so that visit aren't scheduled.
  • Shows what services the patient needs
  • The IOS app appears to just be a front end for the web version which makes it ridiculously slow. Logging in, clocking in, or clocking out routinely takes 15+ seconds or longer if you don't have a strong cell connection. Doing a log in and then a clock in will take a full minute as communication with the server is so painfully slow.
  • The app doesn't know if it's logged in or logged out until you try to do something like clock into a call I've found. The app will look like its clocking you in and 15 seconds later you get an error and are taken to the log in screen. This results in missed clocks, inaccurate times, and endless frustration.
  • The app regularly loses the face id setting so you have to manually log in and enable face id again.
  • When you start the app, you have to manually start a log in, because it isn't smart enough to know whether it's logged in or not. Most apps will automatically identify if a login is needed and attempt to log you in via face id.
  • Using the offline data feature, the data often won't sync with main servers, resulting in lost clocks. New visits won't show up unless you manually download the data again.
  • The web app is not a responsive design and you lose fields and parts of your view based on your screen size. In 2022, responsive design should be part of any web site, especially those used by businesses.
  • There are no alert features on the app or web site. There should be options to sent a text or alert if your schedule is changed. Currently, the schedulers have to make a phone call or email the RN to let then know a change has been made. Obviously this is inefficient.
  • You can't look up a patient's future visits in the IOS app.
  • The IOS app is essentially unusable if you are on a LTE or have less than 3 bars on 5g
  • The login screen says "Log in or Log out" Just more evidence that the app doesn't know it's own status.
  • No setting to change the amount of time before you are logged out. This means you are almost always logged out of the app or website before you even finish a visit.
  • Clock in/out times in AlayaCare are not reliable due to the apps frequent inability to contact it's servers and it's inability to detect whether it's logged in or not.
  • Significant nursing hours are wasted waiting on the app to log in or change your clocking status.

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Working in rural NH, AlayaCare is essentially useless in my opinion. It's not a true app and requires communication with the web site in my opinion. Using the option of downloading data is hit or miss as to whether the data will actually sync back to the servers in my opinion. It also won't show you new visits unless you manually refresh the download I've found. I believe there are no option to send or display alerts if your schedule changes. To summarize: Unless you are always in areas with excellent service, AlayaCare is useless and you would be better off manually logging your times using pen and paper I believe. I am often in areas where AlayaCare won't work, yet I can still text, make calls, or visit websites I'v found.

Using AlayaCare

100 - Nursing, scheduling, pharmacy, service reps
  • Setting per-nurse schedules
  • Capturing clock in / clock out times
AlayaCare is the single most frustrating and unreliable app I have ever used.

Using AlayaCare

The website is not a responsive design and does not adapt well to smaller screens or different zoom levels. The IOS app is slow and unreliable
Technical support not required
Do not like to use
Not well integrated
Feel nervous using
  • Clocking in and would would be easy if it wasn't for the lag in the system and frequent need to log back in.
  • Logging in is ridiculously slow.
  • The overall speed and unreliability of the app is a constant source of frustration
Yes - The app seems to rely on communication with the servers making it slow with frequent failures.

AlayaCare Reliability

The IOS app is almost unusable unless you have at least 3 bars of 5g cell reception
Everything the IOS app does is painfully slow as the app doesn't do anything locally and has to communicate with its servers to execute any function