The All-in-One Training Module Package
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April 11, 2017

The All-in-One Training Module Package

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Overall Satisfaction with Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is used to create a series of technical training modules for our business. It allows us to provide an asynchronous self-paced training program with minimal use of a live instructor and therefore maximize efficiency and use of resources. Currently it is used across the whole organization with customized module content depending on the department.
  • Articulate Storyline is especially adept at providing interactive training modules with the ability to add in various learning paths with animations and button selection. When done correctly it can be highly engaging for the user.
  • It is very easy to add voice over, screen shot, and screen capture video to your modules with the recording software built right into the program. This instantly eliminated our need for external software to fill these roles and was a huge time saver.
  • As we use multiple methods for module delivery, Articulate's publishing options are first rate. You can burn to a CD, publish as a SCORM package for a LMS, publish to a website, or even as a Word doc if you need to pass around just the content for review. This versatility serves all our needs.
  • One very time consuming process in creating a slide is synching up animation with a voice recording. I find I spend a lot of time dragging markers, sorting through layers, and having to constantly fine tune each second of the slide. The tools are fine, and I am not sure how this could be made faster, but a more efficient way of doing this task would be a big time saver.
  • In the adult training world it is important that end products look professional and are able to reflect the style of the business using them. Although Articulate Storyline offers many options in its characters, animations, etc., it can sometimes be a challenge to avoid a juvenile feel to the training. Sometimes those characters are downright comical, and frustrating to work with when you're trying to provide a polished technical training module.
  • When I first approach a new training project it can be overwhelming thinking about how each slide should look and function, how I want the material to flow, and how the user will transition from one topic to the next. I would love to see a brainstorming/ slide layout/ or rudimentary storyboard function. Maybe something which could be published and shared with team members for everyone to provide feedback and ideas on before development begins on the actual module slides.
  • We have been able to bring our training development in-house with Articulate Storyline. This has reduced the cost substantially of module development from about $120,000 annually to less than $50,000.
  • It is now possible for the subject matter expert to work directly in Articulate Storyline rather than have to work with a third party and try to explain what needs to be developed as far as content.
  • Articulate Storyline has a bit of a learning curve and not everyone takes to it quickly, so although the training development has been brought in-house, there is now a back-log of work for those who use the software!
In addition to Articulate Storyline we also use Articulate Studio. I do not compare them so much as look at them as a total package. We choose to use Articulate Storyline for a quick all-in-one module development program, and we use Articulate Studio when we need other forms of engaging content. Together they fill all of our training development needs!
Articulate Storyline is very well suited for customer service type training or other sort of flashy demonstrations as it offers a lot of human character options and interactivity features. We use Storyline for our more technical training, however we only utilize about 20% of the program's features because the characters or animations are quite out of place in our modules. We need a much more academic look and feel in our material.