I'd change Changepoint if I could
January 07, 2014

I'd change Changepoint if I could

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Overall Satisfaction

  • There are lots of reporting options. Once you figure out how to work the parameters of a report, the system is able to provide detailed and accurate compilations of data. There are also many custom reports than can be setup, as well. In my experience, we have told Changepoint PSA administrators what kind of report we were needed and they set it up for us, available in a 'custom reports' folder.
  • You can have several things open at once -- 'portals'. These are up at the top of the screen, much like how Google Chrome has tabs at the top. This is useful.
  • In general, I've found the product to be very slow. Our company has done everything possible with connections and server space to accommodate. However, the product takes about 5 seconds to save a screen. It takes about 7 seconds to open up a worksheet. It takes about 5 seconds to initialize a change on a worksheet. All those seconds really add up, especially when you know exactly what you need changed and you're just waiting on the system to process. This slowness has been apparent and cumbersome from the start and will continue to be a major disappointment.
  • Entering expenses (travel expenses, reimbursements) in the system is okay. It's not incredibly user-friendly, but it's doable. However, the part that is not intuitive is when you have a rejected expense, or when an expense is waiting for approval, or when you need to redo an expense -- it's pretty much a free-for-all with how you need to handle those. There's not a good flow or step by step process for expenses that are rejected, approved, in limbo, or entered-expenses ready to be turned into an expense report. This is frustrating.
  • I use PSA for Project Management tracking. I think Changepoint PSA is a huge system that can encompass a lot as far as wearing many hats for a company's business needs. However, it's not a good solution for either task management or Project Management. It does not track tasks intuitively nor does it make my Project Management any faster. Also, is a lot of tracking in my PM world where I need to enter notes on reports or update the status with a notation -- that cannot be done in PSA (at least with how we have it setup right now). I work very quickly, with many small ever-changing tasks, through my projects and being consistently slowed down by entering data or waiting on data to change is a major sore spot.
  • Employee efficiency has decreased significantly within our Project MAnagement team. The main causes are lack of logical steps/not user-friendly and the slowness of the entire program.
  • Changepoint PSA has greatly improved being able to track budgets for all projects. Before this software, budgets were done manually by hand and cross-referenced with Accounting. Now, we can pull a report out of the system, as long as all parties entered their time and data correctly.
I do not manage the decision to renew Changepoint -- I must keep using it and it's already so integrated with our other departments and corporate Accounting, I doubt we will ever get rid of it. However, if it was my decision, I would have a specific software made for internal task management and a specific software designed for Project Management. Changepoint tries to encompass both of those, but you can tell it's not made for either of them.
It is well suited, I believe, for Accounting and tracking overall business processes on a high level. Tracking employee time is a good with Changepoint, as well. As mentioned, it's not suited for task management or Project Management.