Drastically Improved Our SEO Efforts & Content Creation
January 26, 2019

Drastically Improved Our SEO Efforts & Content Creation

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Overall Satisfaction with Conductor Searchlight

Conductor is used by the marketing team at my organization to help with SEO efforts and content creation. Before using Conductor, there were many things we had to track manually when it comes to keywords and different content performance. Now that we have implemented Conductor, we are able to track all of our SEO and content performance in one platform and it has helped make our lives easier. Conductor's platform is incredibly easy to use and creates easily digestible reports that we are able to send to leadership or other employees who may not be as familiar with the software as the marketing team is. Conductor has helped our team automate how we track our company's SEO efforts and has changed the way our team operates for the better!
  • The Explorer feature is a great resource for me to use whenever I am creating new content. Conductor allows me to go in and search keywords to see if the content I would like to create is popular among searches and tells me if this is something we should be focusing on or not.
  • The Content Performance tool is a great resource for me to use whenever I am managing and creating new content. We always want to make sure that we are creating new and exciting content that is performing well on our site among customers, and the Content Performance tool lets me see which pieces are doing well and which pieces are not. This tool also shows me the organic performance of our content over time and allows me to track that as well.
  • The Keyword Performance tool is also a great resource to use whenever I am looking to create new content. The "Striking Distance" and "Dropped Off First Page" features are great resources for me to use to see which content I need to focus on to gain traction for different keywords.
  • I think the content map feature has a lot of room for growth. The content mapping feature is a great feature but I think there should be an easier way to edit the content within the map once it is already created and segmented. It would be nice to be able to drag and drop pieces of content into different stages of the buyers journey within the map.
  • Conductor has helped us track out search rank position and has made our SEO efforts much faster and more responsive. Our entire team has created reports that we are sent weekly and it has streamlined our processes.
Using and receiving accurate data is very important to our SEO strategy. Conductor's data has been very accurate for our company so far, and we have not had any issues with their data. All of Conductor's reporting is very clear and easy to understand and helps break down complex data into easily understandable reports.
As someone who works directly with content, Conductor has created tons of collaboration between our SEO and content team. Our content team is now able to log onto Conductor and track content as well as search for new, relevant topics to cover to help increase our rankings and organic traffic for our site.
Conductor's customer service is exceptional. My team and I have had a seamless transition into using Conductor through various training sessions and phone calls, and we couldn't have asked for a better experience or customer success team. Conductor truly puts their customers first, and that is very prominent throughout their entire onboarding and customer success process.
We previously used Semrush for our SEO and have switched to Conductor. Conductor's platform is much easier to use compared to Semrush and provides our company with accurate data that is easily digestible by anyone who is looking at it outside of the marketing team. Conductor is much more user friendly and integrated than Semrush.
Conductor is great for companies who are looking to automate their SEO efforts. Conductor has been nothing but amazing for my team and I and has opened our eyes to all of the opportunities we have to improve our company's SEO and rankings, along with new content that can be created to help do so.

Conductor Feature Ratings

Keyword analysis
SERP ranking tracking
Competitive analysis
Site audit / diagnostics
Site recommendations
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
Global SEO
Multi-domain support
Integration with web analytics tools

Using Conductor Searchlight

Conductor's platform is very easy to use. As someone who is not as familiar with SEO, it is very easy for me to go into my workspace and break down the data and efficiently read the information. I have never had any trouble navigating or comprehending Conductor's InsightStream or Workspace feature.