Not the Biggest Fan of CoreMedia... At Times
April 11, 2014

Not the Biggest Fan of CoreMedia... At Times

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CoreMedia is being used at our Association to manage content for our website. We have a central team within Communications that manages the publishing and day-to-day use or CoreMedia, but staff across all departments at our organization contribute content and work within CoreMedia. It allows individual content owners and contributors to submit their content as they would like it/or need it to appear on their program/initiative page.
  • Allows many staff members to contribute content to various portions of our website, and allows our Electronic-Communications staff to delegate tasks to these various staff (diffusing the work-load).
  • CoreMedia allows for easy creation of different types of content (like teasers, articles, download objects, links, etc). Permission levels can be set, so only certain staff can upload content such as photos, videos, or audio files.
  • The CoreMedia workflow process is easy to understand and follow. Once a staff member has submitted content for publishing to the web, they can then see who it's been assigned to for review, and at what time. You're able to leave detailed notes and stay abreast of where the workflow is at any given time.
  • Where content lives within CoreMedia can often be confusing (i.e. you have created an article, but are linking to content in another folder that might be completely unrelated). Navigating to and from different content folders can be frustrating and often confusing on where the content "lives" versus where it is posted on the website.
  • Formatting is CoreMedia is less than desirable. You have minimal options for headings and other formatting options, resulting in a dull, or boring website. Several of the formatting functions don't work across different browsers, for example, bullet points.
  • Because some users are granted different permissions levels, staff often have to wait in order for an admin user to assist with certain aspects of their workflow. There should be a button, or option to submit an urgent request on an item from within CoreMedia, rather than having to email colleagues via Outlook. Additionally, there could be an added level of permissions for basic users, more advanced users, and then the admins of the system who ultimately publish content.
  • Increased employee efficiency
  • Sometimes unsatisfactory reviews from users because our site is hard to navigate or it looks "old"
  • Increased organization of content. Although this is still an issue we're working to fix, there is the potential to be more organized in CoreMedia.
  • ASG Content Management
CoreMedia is slightly better. I was not a part of the original team to select CoreMedia for our web content management tool. It was already in place when I came to my organization, but it's certainly presented challenges along the way as well as solutions to certain problems. I think at this point, we're going to continue using CoreMedia, although we're investigated ways to enhance our use of it.
I am ultimately not a part of the team that would make this decision, but as a content contributor who works in CoreMedia daily, I would suggest looking for a content system that allows for more customization of our site. I think there is a lot of work to be done on the back end to make this the product we want to stick with.
For websites with many individual pages, CoreMedia can certainly get out of hand very quickly. Our Association's website has over 30,000 pages, which is too many, but managing those in CoreMedia is quick difficult. The search function isn't always very helpful, and the system itself is not automatic or intuitive to help you in keeping content current. Questions to ask might be: how many people will I have using this product? Who will ultimately be in charge of publishing content? Do you have set web standards to share with staff to allow for the delegation of tasks/content contributions?