Simple, Flexible, Powerful
April 12, 2019

Simple, Flexible, Powerful

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Overall Satisfaction with Couchbase Data Platform

Our organization has started using Couchbase. We have built our custom implementation for accessing Couchbase buckets. Some teams have already moved from Oracle to Couchbase, and we have seen good profits in the annual report. Many teams are making the move. Although many are transitioning to Couchbase, the majority of our teams are using Oracle, due to our clientele.
Couchbase makes business easy and simple. Since Couchbase uses NoSQL, it's very flexible and versatile to create and maintain documents where our clients require change over time. It`s extremely handy to modify the documents on the go. With no specific schema, we can work with different types of data with varying lengths. Seeking and accessing data takes less time compared to traditional RDBMS.
But Couchbase does introduce a few problems. Since schema is absent, there are no validations on the data. Triggering data inserts/updates needs to be handled separately. Short procedures have now become lengthy java classes. Unnesting and accessing elements of the array takes forever, and it usually fails with a timeout.
Considering the pros and cons, moving to Couchbase is a good decision for mobile and web developers, and for new companies.
  • Schema-free. Today's changing demands in mobile and web development is well suited with the free document structure that Couchbase offers.
  • Snappy results. Couchbase is faster than traditional RDBMS.
  • Couchbase supports ACID “transactions” on a per-document level.
  • Could benefit from triggers during transactions, so that the other documents get updated automatically, or to execute a particular logic.
  • Schema type validation on individual fields, whilst providing a schema-free document structure, would be great.
  • Faster execution time compared to using traditional RDBMS.
  • Schema-free flexible document structure.
  • Low production cost.
Couchbase supports multidimensional scaling. Queries, indices, and data can be scaled separately without a performance drop.
Hence, complex queries can be executed, unlimited indices can be created for a suite of queries, and data can be scaled across multiple nodes. This approach supports multiple hardware types.
Performance is good when compared to most RDBMS, but joining and nesting queries and accessing elements of the n-array is time heavy.
Couchbase is especially suited for applications where there are frequent changes to the document structure. We prefer to use the Couchbase server for web and mobile applications.
Couchbase is not preferred to be implemented for legacy applications that are only needing maintenance.

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