Datameer Review
January 31, 2014

Datameer Review

Ryan Baltes | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Datameer is being used by our my organization as a Big Data BI tool on top of our Hadoop Cluster along with Hive, Impala, Pig, and HBase. It helps non-technical analysts to gain the power of running high power analytics on large data sets. It simplifies the SQL or scripting languages used in the Apache/Cloudera tools into a user GUI which supports almost 200 built-in functions and holds endless possibilities with the support of custom functions. Datameer also has the ability to import PMML models from SAS and other tools and create custom functions from these imports. Datameer is used across the whole organization and is growing on many analyst as the next up and coming analytical tool.


  • Importing data is quick and painless. Datameer has the ability to import anything through a JDBC connection and many other protocols.
  • Datameers Excel-like interfaces makes it easy for non-technical users to execute queries.
  • Datameers ability to also graphically represent their queries sets it apart from many tools.


  • Datameer does not have drill down capabilities on their infographics. This capability is will be supported by the end of Q1.
  • Datameer can be buggy if the version is not supported by the distribution of Hadoop being used.
  • Datameer does not make it simple to create samples of data sets.
  • Datameer has significantly increased the speed in which we run queries.
  • Datameer has significantly increased the ease of use and is very user friendly.
  • Datameer has brought a new look into batch processing and presented new possibilities.
  • alpine data labs,Tibco Spotfire,Tableau Server,hive,pig,impala,database studio
I have compared Datameer with the tools listed above and it blows them out of the water. Datameer is much more user friendly than these tools and is also a lot more powerful. Once the Q1 release comes out with drill down capabilities on the infographics, Datameer will surpass Tableau and Spotfire in visualization.
We have already renewed our Datameer license for year number 2. They have come a long way since their initial release and I am expecting them to be a top BI tool in the coming year. The tool was built by one of the original creators of Hadoop. Therefore fits on top of a Hadoop cluster like a glove.
Datameer is a great tool if someone is capable of keeping the most recent version of the tool up to date along with the most recent version of the distribution of Hadoop. The tool is easy to support but it must have someone who can run the back end processes.


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