Wide range of capabilities!
December 07, 2018

Wide range of capabilities!

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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight

We use it for client development and some expansion work. We have an administration team that channels configuration. While this is happening we monitor the lifecycle of a customer as they progress throughout the various buyer stages. Using what we find out about the lifecycle internally, we try to effectively transform that to actionable items. This can be in the form of CTAs, dashboards, whatever.
  • Bionic Rule Capabilities -- Rules engine is extremely powerful. The way I look at it is as if it's a bonafide ETL tool living inside a workflow management tool. Through rules you can put together powerful queries that really makes your workflow management great.
  • C360 -- Gainsight excels at being able to bring in all sorts of data into one place.
  • Call to actions - Through the rules engine call to actions can be incredibly specific so we can target any point of the customer lifecycle with strategic ctas based off our data.
  • I think that reporting functionality is getting there. Inline calculations would be a huge improvement. Filtering on Aggregated fields also would be nice.
  • I think being unable to edit programs once they are on is very concerning. Why can't participants be brought in under some sort of logic, then we can edit and tweak as we iterate upon our first program?
I make a lot of support cases since I have alot of questions and GS support has been available every single time willing to help. this experience in itself is awesome. I love that the support will follow up for reported bugs weeks/months later, thats true service. They can answer a plethora of questions ranging in difficulty.
It depends - I wouldn't say we really have broken the surface on executive level dashboarding. This year we did alot of high level management dashboards but that is just the beginning. As of now, I would say the visiblity is extremely important especially in a SaaS environment. Gainsight, as a true sales support tool, can do this very easily for our sales leaders. They are able to slice and dice depending on their business unit/region/territory, whatever it might be. They can track opportunity performance through reports and the integration within salesforce as well as track rep performance.
  • Efficiency is one of the main marks that we know is a big ROI point for us.
  • Retention is still unknown. - Too Early.
  • Upsell still unknown. - Too Early.
1. We have the main salesforce connection. This is ultimately where all the data gets stemmed through, no matter the source.
2. Financial and billing systems have been connected through salesforce and ultimately into gainsight for consumption
3. Product Usage data comes from our Big Data Lake into our data warehouse and through salesforce as well. - Provides us true usage of tailored metrics that we saw best for the business.

How does it impact workflow? Greatly impacts it positively. We can now use it as a basis for our rules, allowing our rules to be hyper specific.
Workflow Management - Perfect. If you want to use your data strategically then this is a big plus for you.
Health Scores - Great health scores and health score update capabilities. We personally worked with the Gainsight data science team and they did a great job at getting our predictive scores helped out.
Support - Excellent support, they are so responsive and will make sure the problem you have is solved/answered.

Con: Reports - Reporting is good, don't get that wrong. But, if you're looking for a robust Tableau-esque platform then this doesn't quite live to that mark. But that makes sense, Gainsight is sort of the jack of all trades tool in my opinion.

Reports Management - Really difficult to manage reports. Need more filters on the report management section.

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