mHelpDesk - still needs some help.
October 10, 2016

mHelpDesk - still needs some help.

Joseph Bettencourt | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mhelpdesk

We used mHelpDesk for nearly 3 years. It was a great starting point for us and we couldn't have done without it. The CRM feature set is great overall. We used it to keep track of our customers for in-shop and on-site computer repair/consulting related work. We used it for billing, scheduling, ticketing and job tracking.
  • Design interface is great. There was a major design overhaul about a year ago. It became much "prettier", but also much slower as a result. The overhaul made it easier to use on mobile devices and laptops with smaller screens.
  • Customer service was always very responsive. The team at mHelpDesk seems to really enjoy what they do and were always friendly and helpful.
  • Workflow. Overall, very easy from a start to finish process of creating a customer, adding a ticket and invoicing work.
  • mHelpDesk grew VERY fast during the time we used them. I think as a result of trying to cater to many industries and customers, they weren't able to add new features and fix bugs as quickly as they could have if they would have spent a little less on advertising and more on perfecting the product first.
  • Nesting layout. Looks very much like QuickBooks Online. If you open a customer, then a ticket, then an invoice, etc., - you have all these windows open and have to close out one at a time. When you're in a hurry and time is critical, this becomes annoying quickly.
  • Speed. mHelpDesk 1 was really fast. mHelpDesk 2 was SLOW! It's improved over time, but as pretty as it was, we ended up sticking with mHelpDesk 1 because it was so much faster.
  • Want to send your client a statement of all their invoices? Too bad! If you integrate with Quickbooks, you can do this - but mHelpDesk didn't have an option to simply send a statement of all invoices. This is such a simple thing that was needed and no great solution to do it. You could export to CSV, but how many customers want to get that?
  • Invoice/Commission tracking. Say you create an invoice and you want to track the sales person that created it - maybe for a quick purchase without creating a ticket. You can't do that in mHelpDesk 2. You HAVE to create a TICKET first, assign a staff member, THEN create an invoice. That's a lot of work to make a quick sale and track the commission. With mHelpDesk 1, we were at least able to make the invoice - it would automatically create a ticket, and then we could assign the ticket to the tech afterward. With Version 2 - creating an invoice stopped generating a ticket automatically. This was very frustrating and another reason we stuck with version 1.
  • During the time we used it, I don't know how we ever went without it. We started tracking customers in QuickBooks, but mHelpDesk gave us great ticket tracking, item and inventory tracking that worked great for our business at the time.
  • Invoicing. They have a great integration with Stripe, and now their own billing platform (I have no experience using it - although they advertise it to be the cheapest in the industry which is incorrect if you have a $100 average transaction and you figure in their transaction fee - Square is still less). Automated invoices to customers and recurring invoices were great features that helped our business a lot.
  • Workflow. Being able to track tickets at a glance and see what's in the queue for work to be done made it very easy to keep customers updated and stay on top of our work.
  • RepairShopr
When we first started using Mhelpdesk, RepairShopr was just a blip on our radar and didn't have the feature-set that Mhelpdesk did. RepairShopr looked great, but the Mhelpdesk had a lot more features. Every 6 months or so, I'd check on RepairShopr and it was growing fast and adding new features all the time. After a few years - the difference was night and day so we switched to RepairShopr and it's been a much better fit for our business.
I think for certain industries, mHelpDesk would be a great fit. But for computer repair/consulting, I simply don't recommend it. We switched to a competing product called RepairShopr and honestly, it does pretty much everything better. There are a few things that I liked the way mHelpDesk did, but in the last 6-8 months we've been using RepairShopr, they've added sooo many new features vs. the very slow rollout of features and updates that mHelpDesk performed.
If you have employees in the field more, it might be a better fit - there are some great options that mHelpDesk has added and they have a very functional mobile application as well.