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Updated February 26, 2014

MyStaffingPro -My Staffing Solution

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MyStaffingPro is used only within the HR department. It addresses the ability of posting positions and tracking applicants. Positing positions however, is time consuming and very basic. Often the same information is asked for twice and sections for adding the job description and requirements is not very compatible with outside source formatting (ie. it does not retain or consistently seem to remember source formatting from a copy and paste from MS Word documents.). This often results in having to spend more time retyping/editing to make the posting look presentable.
  • MyStaffingPro gives us a specific account manager for questions as opposed to a general help desk / customer service number where you may never speak with the same person twice.
  • MyStaffingPro is customizable with modules that allows you to purchase what things you need and what things you don't.
  • MyStaffingPro is easy to log into and provides external links to each job description that you can easily send to your candidates to apply to.
  • MyStaffingPro is not compliant with SSN encryption. When an applicant is asked to enter their SSN, the numbers show up as numbers and not asterisks or dots. I have asked them about this many times without any follow up or changes. We have had to disable collecting this information.
  • Completing job description postings is tedious and the top and bottom sections ask for duplicate information. The description/requirement section does not easily accept copied and pasted text from common sources like MS Word documents so formatting often has to be redone.
  • Navigating the system is not always intuitive.
  • Creating reports is not very intuitive.
  • It's fairly cost effective for meeting the minimum requirements of our company. I can't say it has made any real positive or negative impacts in our hiring process. It does what it needs to do, with pretty much no more, no less.
I have also used PeopleSoft/Link which is a product that I much prefer to MyStaffingPro, however I was not here when we selected MyStaffingPro so therefor was not part of the decision making. I know though, we selected MyStaffingPro due to the price. From the version/module configuration of MyStaffingPro that we use currently vs the Version and modifications my previous employer made to their PeopleLink software, MyStaffingPro falls very short on functionality. In user intuitiveness, they are fairly even. We were also using PeopleLink in a much larger capacity from job posting, candidate managing, scheduling, employee management, performance appraisals, and payroll. It was very expensive. All and all, I would say that MyStaffingPro is a product worth investing in, if you have minimal needs and are looking for something with lower costs.
We will renew with MyStaffingPro because it is getting the job done with minimal issue. Also, it is very time consuming and stressful to look for alternate vendors. The price is right for our business size.
Key questions I would ask a colleague in the selection process of a system like MyStaffingPro or in consideration of purchasing MyStaffingPro would be 1. what is their budget and 2. what are the key requirements they are looking for? MyStaffingPro is pretty basic at the lower module versions but also affordable for smaller companies. If you are looking for a site that can host your job postings and track your applicants, than yes, I would recommend this. However, if you were looking for more, I would probably recommend something else.


We recently had an issue where it was brought to our attention by a candidate that specializes in Information Assurance and Network Engineering that their site was missing a secure socket layer for entering in your ssn, which means that when entering it, your ssn is in plain text in plain site. It should hide it with dots or asterisks as you type it to make it secure like when you enter passwords online. I turned off the field that collects SSN's immediately and have been waiting for a response as to when this would be updated so I could turn it back on. I submitted this to our rep back in October 2013 and they said they would forward it to their IT team. I never received any further follow up as to whether or not they would be updating this. I sent a follow up email and left voice messages asking for a status update in Jan. 2014 with no response. I finally called again at the end of Feb. 2014 and emailed. The rep seemed put out that I was telling her I was frustrated with the lack of follow through and that I told her I needed a response on whether or not this would be resolved. She then forwarded me an email from the IT team that said they didn't think this was an actual requirement, they would look into it. Today she emailed to let me know the IT team will not be making any changes.

Whether or not the issue above is a DoD issue or not, the length of time to receive the final response was way too long and involved too much follow up on my part. The fact that they are unwilling to update the SSN field is also troublesome. Even if this is not an actual DoD violation or a mandate, it's a pretty common practice on most websites for collecting private information. Would you enter your PIN number into an ATM if it showed your PIN number until you hit enter? Identity theft is very high these days and people should feel like the company cares enough to help provide that extra layer of protection of their personal information.

This recent development has really changed my opinion of MyStaffingPro drastically since I last wrote my review.
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No - Not a bug, but see my last comment on the previous question about how they respond.