PRWeb is good, but not for everyone.
Updated February 19, 2016

PRWeb is good, but not for everyone.

Nicholas Zgorski | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with PRWeb

We use PRWeb to send press releases about company news, new product offerings from our suppliers, and of new equipment and capabilities that we purchase throughout the year. I am the only person in my company who is responsible for marketing duties therefore I am the sole user of PRWeb at Strouse. PRWeb allows us to create press releases and issue them on a mass scale to media outlets all over the country. Often times products or capabilities that are new to our industry are only targeted to certain geographic regions and we have the ability to focus on these regions with PRWeb.
  • PRWeb is fairly easy to use to issue press releases. They have a review process that will look over your release before submission although this review is not going to catch spelling and grammatical errors.
  • I've seen our press releases posted on industry relevant websites thanks to the reach that PRWeb provided us.
  • Although I never used it because we subscribed to a different service, PRWeb allows you to create and send email blasts within their OutMarket marketing platform.
  • I enjoy the ability to add a quote call out in the release.
  • I also like that images or videos can be added to the release.
  • While I was surprised with how well PRWeb could publish our content to many different outlets, I was disappointed that some of these outlets were not including links back to our website even through links were provided in the initial release. I found that on the most important sites where my PR was posted, that no links were sent back to our website.
  • PRWeb could do a better job at providing analytics for the release. They present some good info, not a lot, and the data that they do show you is not presented cleanly. I was most interested in the # of reads, impressions, and clicks my release received, and while they provided this information it was not in depth enough so that I could identify where the majority of this data was coming from.
  • Besides clicks, reads, and impressions, I was also interested in where my press release was being posted online. They provide an extensive list, but this list is so long and full of low quality websites that it is difficult to find the high quality sites that your PR is posted to.
  • More enhanced reporting dashboards.
  • We did not see much of an impact as a direct result of using PRWeb besides small increases of traffic to our website on the day a press release was issued and for the next couple of days following the release. A week later web traffic would go back to normal levels.
  • It was a time saver because we did not have to contact media outlets to distribute the press As PR web enhanced the pickup.
PRWeb stood out against all of their other competitors because their staff was much more willing to answer questions I had about their product.
PRWeb served it's purpose for Strouse by sending news out to new audiences although this never generated an overwhelming amount of traffic to our website. If you are only interested in issuing PR and getting your name out there, then I think PRWeb is a fine solution.
I find PRWeb less appropriate if you really want to drive traffic to your site through a press release in hopes of creating sales.
During the selection process I would be interested in knowing what sources my PR would be submitted to. Is it being submitted to relevant websites? Will links be provided on all of these websites? Ask yourself, will these websites benefit my companies SEO?

Using PRWeb

1 - I am the only person in my company who is responsible for marketing duties. I spend my time managing our website, PPC management, creating content and optimizing this content for search engines, writing press releases, creating email blasts and much more. Of all of these responsibilities I found PRWeb to be the least exciting and I had the lowest expectations for content created through this medium.
1 - PRWeb is easy to use and will be used by mostly marketing and communications employees. PRWeb does not require any advance computing skills as their platform is very easy to use and is very intuitive.
  • Issuance of Press Releases
  • Brand expansion
  • Email Marketing
  • Send press releases based on supplier news and new product releases
  • Email marketing if we had not subscribed to another service.
We are unlikely to renew PRWeb because I feel that the costs outweigh the benefits of the service. For a company like ours (small business with about 60 employees) we don't have enough press that warrants monthly coverage. We may look at using PRWeb on an as needed basis, 3-4 times a year for single submissions, but that would be the extent of it. I could see PRWeb being much more beneficial for large companies that are constantly needing to issue press.

Evaluating PRWeb and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
A product that would successfully distribute our releases to multiple outlets with enhanced pickup.
Evaluate more vendors and find out why PR Web/Cision is really the best out there.

PRWeb Implementation

Implementation of PRWeb required very little of Strouse. It was a quick process and we were almost immediately ready to use the platform.
Change management was minimal
  • None at all, implementation was quick and easy.

PRWeb Support

I have only required support from PRWeb on two separate occasions and they handled my issues without any problems. I was a bit confused at first not sure if they had received my requests but shortly after I received responses and was able to move forward with my press release.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Quick Initial Response
Less knowledgeable
Support doesn't seem to care
Not sure if this is considered exceptional support, but we had just learned news of a new product release from our largest supplier. They were issuing a release the following day and welcomed the opportunity for us to submit a join-press release with them showing how our capabilities can help expand the usage of their product. I was able to submit the press release to PRWeb and expedite the review process and the PR was issued the following day without any problems.

Using PRWeb

It is a very simple program to use. They walk you step by step on what is necessary to complete a PR.
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Creating PR and sending this to specific industries and markets.
  • Analyzing data from press releases