Simply Measured will make your life easier if you've got the budget!
August 06, 2014

Simply Measured will make your life easier if you've got the budget!

Valerie Gunn | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Simply Measured

We used it to deliver analytics to our social media clients. It was immensely helpful because it did a lot of the work for us by not only compiling all of the data but also putting it in an easy-to-read and pretty-to-look-at format. Many of our clients don't want truly raw numbers when we deliver reports, so it's nice to have the graphs generated for you. What I loved most was that you can adjust the charts with the raw data, and you can export to ppt.
  • Their customer service is stellar. They're very quick to address any issues you have. Made my job much less stressful.
  • Simply Measured pulls the data and makes it very easy to read. They also create charts with the end-user in mind. Rather than creating a graph just because they can and calling it good, they think through what our clients will want and deliver that.
  • SM also does an exceptional job of updating reports to reflect social channels' changes. As we in the industry know, Facebook is often changing things with little to no warning. SM never makes you wait long until the changes are reflected in their reports. Even better, sometimes they will leave the old report available to you so you don't have to adapt if you don't want to!
  • I wish I could download the entire reports as a jpg.
  • More often than I'd have liked, I had to re-authorize my accounts.
  • It would be nice to be able to move the graphs around to reflect my client's individual needs.
  • Increased employee efficiency without a doubt.
  • Increase client satisfaction. They're always blown away with the reports we give them!
  • Decreased time on reporting calls due to the visual representation of the data.
  • Increased employee happiness because it makes their lives much easier.
  • Adobe Social,Sendible
I wasn't involved in the selection process of Simply Measured or the other analytics tools that I have used. It was by far the easiest tool that I have used. Adobe Social's reporting was lackluster in my opinion, particularly for the cost associated with it. Sendible is another tool that I am familiar with. It provides great data for a lesser cost, but nothing beats having the reports that SM generates.
I would definitely renew if my clients had the budget. It was a great tool that served exactly the purpose that I need it to. As I said, it saved employees time gathering data and presenting the analytics.
The only restriction I would foresee would be budget. Simply Measured was an absolutely great social media reporting tool. In my current role, the budget doesn't allow for Simply Measured so I am left to use a multitude of platforms rather than one concise tool. One consideration you may want to ask during the selection process is, "do I need this robust of a reporting tool?" Some clients don't need that deep of a dive into their analytics, so it's important to align where you're spending your dollars with what your client values.