Snow License Manager, does exactly what it says on the box.
January 24, 2023

Snow License Manager, does exactly what it says on the box.

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Overall Satisfaction with Snow License Manager

All the core services that we have running are the same as every enterprise and Snow License Manager simply and securely plugs in to the relevant services to get the data you want it to get.
I use Snow License Manager for many tasks, but it's main use is what is was designed for Software Asset Management, we keep all of our Contracts, license agreements, subscriptions, license keys, etc. in Snow License Manager and then allow the tool to do it's work and report to us on our compliance position. But the data from Snow License Manager is so rich that we also complete many other tasks on a daily basis with this data, such as identifying unauthorised software installations and getting them removed, or reporting on failed services after an application update, or reporting on firmware versions installed across the network, or...
  • Auto calculates compliance, we have a process in place to package new software and as such we check that Snow License Manager understand how to license the software, doing this small piece of work at the start of an application deployment means that Snow License Manager can report on our compliance accurately, and to be completely honest the changes we have to make are few, as the Snow License Manager team does a great job adding these in to Snow License Manager automatically.
  • Recognise Software Applications to the right licensing level, again this work is completed by Snow License Manager in the background, but know when an application support and maintenance allows you to have free upgrades or not, or when specific applications go end of life, is vital data on top of recognizing the application itself.
  • Being able to read all of the data collated from the front end rather then having to access the back end services, would help save me time and effort, but I understand that this would not be something that all users would want.
  • A better way of sharing and managing reports. The current system means that a single change to a spelling could create a new folder, and that folder do not have permissions to share reports but individual reports all have to have permissions added, so a new user starting means I have to open and add that individual to 50+ reports. If there were sharing Groups this would make a difference in time saving.
  • Compliance management, let us know where we are under and where we are over and then we can make the right decisions. Correct data leads to correct choices and Snow's scanning tools mean that we get the data and so the choices are down to the business.
  • Snow License Manager has paid for itself over and over again, and not just the cost of Snow License Manager, but also the cost of the infrastructure and the upgrade of that infrastructure. Most users target the server environment first, and there are some big cost saving to be made there, but also the big expenditures. The desktop side can normally be deployed faster and give quicker returns, application license re-use is a policy that saves us tens of thousands every month.
The out of the box solution just works, even in a complex environment.
All the top tools out there do the same sort of job, one quarter product A has a new service and within the next 3 quarters the other all have that service, some vendors innovate, other just buy in and integrate (to varying levels of success), and Snow License Manager does a bit of both. One area we did look at was the manpower that comparable business took to run those services and Snow License Manager came out with the smallest overhead, this meant that we could direct more money to the use of the tool, rather than making to tool work.

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I have said at a number of events that I have attended, where other suppliers have shown their latest and greatest new thing, it is the fundamentals that need to work, and need to work well, and this is what Snow License Manager does. It does not take a team of 100 staff to get the tool working or to keep the tool functioning, it works and is stable out of the box. We have learnt that putting the right processes in at the start means that Snow License Manager can do what it has been designed to do and what we have paid for it to do. Audits from vendors now days are relatively simple actions, with the Snow License Manager doing it's job we can quickly run a report and know exactly what our position is and then act accordingly, quick, simple and accurate data at your finger tips, as long as you put the work in to enter the license details etc. If Snow License Manager could invent a robot to go around the business and find all these bits of paper for us then that would be perfect.

Using Snow License Manager

30 - All working for the Asset Management Team or Security Teams
5 - Windows Server Support team, these are all trained using Snow online training, but they also support other systems not just Snow exclusively.