Software Asset Management Tools

Best Software Asset Management Tools include:

Symantec Asset Management Suite.

Software Asset Management Tools Overview

What are Software Asset Management Tools?

Software Asset Management Tools (SAM) help manage and organize IT assets by automating tasks related to managing software such as patch and license management, inventory tracking (and locating inefficient use of licensed software), establishing policy, and lifecycle management.

Software Asset Management Products

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Symantec Asset Management Suite
19 ratings
7 reviews
The Symantec Asset Management Suite aims to help organizations get an accurate picture of their assets, ensure compliance during software audits, avoid vendor penalties and fines and uncover savings by eliminating the purchase of unnecessary licenses. This IT Asset Management solution is designed to…
ManageEngine AssetExplorer
8 ratings
4 reviews
ManageEngine's AssetExplorer is an IT asset management solution.
Micro Focus Asset Manager (formerly HP Asset Manager)
7 ratings
3 reviews
Asset Manager (formerly HP Asset Manager) is enterprise-class IT asset management (ITAM) solution acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, supporting change and configuration management and license management.
Axios Assyst
6 ratings
2 reviews
Axios is a UK-based vendor and offers the assyst ITSM product in both SaaS and on-premise configurations - the SaaS version is called assystSaaS. This product competes with BMC Remedy, IBM SmartCloud, Cherwell Service Management, and FrontRange ITSM (now Heat Service Management).
HCL BigFix (formerly from IBM)
4 ratings
2 reviews
BigFix, now supported by HCL Technologies since the acquisition of BigFix from IBM in 2018, is an endpoint management solution providing endpoint visibility and IT asset discovery, automated endpoint patching (BigFix Lifecycle and BigFix Patch) policy enforcement (BigFix Compliance), and software as…
KACE Asset Management Appliance
11 ratings
2 reviews
KACE Asset Management Appliance (formerly Dell's Asset Manager) from Quest Software is an IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) solution.
Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite
19 ratings
2 reviews
Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite (based on the former LANDesk IT Asset Management Suite) features the IT Asset offering Ivanti Asset Manager, and the Ivanti License Optimizer and Optimizer for SAP applications, which extend the Ivanti ITAM suite to provide software asset management (SAM).
InvGate Assets
1 ratings
1 reviews
InvGate Assets is the IT asset management platform from Argentinian company InvGate.
Cherwell Asset Management
2 ratings
1 reviews
Cherwell Asset Management is a software asset management offering from Cherwell Software in Colorado Springs, based on technology acquired with the company Express Metrix in August, 2014.
Snow License Manager
6 ratings
1 reviews
Snow License Manager is a software asset management solution, with options for cloud or on-premise delivery. Snow License Manager is designed to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing. It provides a consolidated view on all assets across the network, enabl…
CA IT Asset Manager
4 ratings
1 reviews
CA IT Asset Manager is an enterprise-grade long-established IT asset management (ITAM) solution from CA Technologies.
Flexera FlexNet Manager
The FlexNet Manager Suite from Illinois company Flexera Software is a software asset management solution (SAM), automating license management and optimization for cost reduction or audit protection.
IQSonar is a software asset management (SAM) solution from iQuate in South Dublin, Ireland, emphasizing discovery of software assets across a database infrastructure.
Eracent IT Management Center (ITMC)
Eracent in Ottsville, Pennsylvania offers their IT Management Center (ITMC) suite to provide both ITAM and SAM with license optimization capabilities.
Asset Vision
Asset Vision from Scalable Software is an IT asset management offering.
SoftwareONE SAMSimple
SoftwareONE headquartered in Switzerland offers SAMSimple, the company's software asset management service, for managing a suite of applications, across a wide variety of industries, combining expertise and technology to optimize licensing spend.
SoftwareONE PyraCloud
SoftwareONE headquartered in Switzerland offers PyraCloud, their application for managing software licenses and renewals and cost associated to software, as well as perform cloud analytics to determine usage as well as optimal allocation and purchase of cloud resources.
Matrix42 Software Asset Management
Matrix42 Software Asset Management provides total license, and contract management for software assets and vendors.
Blissfully is a complete SaaS management platform. It aims to give companies the visibility and tools needed to manage vendors, simplify IT operations, maintain compliance, and optimize spending.
Certero for Enterprise SAM
Certero for Enterprise SAM is a software asset management and license optimization solution.
Belarc BelManage
Belarc headquartered in Maynard offers BelManage, an IT system management tool emphasizing the discovery phase of software asset management (SAM) and with Belarc Data Analytics is used for license management, configuration management and hardware IT asset management (ITAM) as well.
1E AppClarity
1E headquartered in London offers AppClarity, a software asset management (SAM) application featuring license optimization, automated removal of unused software, usage calculation, and analytics.
Xensam headquartered in Stockholm offers Xupervisor, a software asset management application.
DeskCenter Management Suite
DeskCenter Solutions, a German company, offers the DeskCenter Management Suite, a combined ITAM / SAM solution which also provides software patching, and mobile device management (MDM) as well.
ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM)
ITSM / ITOM specialist ServiceNow launched its software asset management solution in 2017. ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) is designed to allow businesses t take control of licenses by procuring, managing, and optimizing the software needed to align with the business.