SQL Sentry Performance Advisor
Updated May 01, 2020

SQL Sentry Performance Advisor

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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds SQL Sentry

Monitor production and development instances for benchmarking, baselining and troubleshooting. we shared access with devs, dbas and ops team to give full insight to the sql server performance. gave everyone a single view of issues and way to share issues or concerns across all teams. with enough rbac controls to keep things simple and secure
  • In-depth monitoring
  • Vast array of customisation
  • support
  • Documentation of customization
  • Configuration
  • explain what is being monitored and default alert values
sql sentry is more expensive that some of its other competitors (red gate sql monitor for example) but you do get more for money. if you have experianced database adminstrators and database developers you will certainly get value for what SQL sentry gives you. but if you are diverse team (ie not just a dba) or just learning it may give to much information that can flood you
Great for indepth monitoring where you can plug in 3rd party tool and know you are gathering everything needed to troubleshoot issues. If you dont have a datbase administrator, the amount of details gathered may be to large and set you off down the wrong path / give you red herrings for some issues

SolarWinds SQL Sentry Feature Ratings

Performance dashboard
Intelligent alerting
Historical trend data
Virtualization support

Performance Optimization

  • shared knowledge
  • indepth monitoring
  • cusotmization
Great support from the team both pre and post purchase

SolarWinds SQL Sentry Business Processes

  • alerting of sql server performance issues
  • review history of sql server performance
  • large collection of logs collected against sql server to give an overview of current or passed events
  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
  • Vendor Reputation

Using SolarWinds SQL Sentry

5 - dba/dev/ops
  • check install is following best practices
  • allows all teams to share and review the same performance issues
  • covering more environments
depending on the amount of time you have to review and update code based on the tool. if you are looking for low hanging fruit to fix this may be overkill, if you looking to run a business critical app that you need to fine tune to as much as your dev/dba can this is a good option

Evaluating SolarWinds SQL Sentry and Competitors

if you could run multiple tools against a similar workload with known issues that would help you highlight the differences in each tool and show if one tool is easier to you than other.

SolarWinds SQL Sentry Implementation

got offered free support for one of the sql sentry experts to come and review our workloads was a nice extra touch to see how to performance tune using there tooling
Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled
  • customized configuration
  • changing default settings
  • alerting

SolarWinds SQL Sentry Training

  • in-person training
sql sentry expert came onsight to review the performance of installation and gave us a good insight to using the tool
i would definitly suggest asking for a support person to come and review your performance, look at any training they have to help you with getting the tool up and running to its full functionality

Configuring SolarWinds SQL Sentry

customization of monitoring, alert config toke time and effort but are worth it in the end
get support with from sql sentry after you have installed it and get a review if possible
Some - we have added small pieces of custom code - not as easy as redgate sql monitor
wealth of options are available both out the box and via your own customization.

SolarWinds SQL Sentry Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Excellent initial support, offering several web conferences and remote support to help configure and analyse the data captured

Using SolarWinds SQL Sentry

Great tool, captures lots of metrics to help diagnose and monitor performance
Like to use
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
  • Drill down and up from event manager to top sql,
  • Customized events,

Integrating SolarWinds SQL Sentry

  • email
easy to configure to get alerting
  • File import/export
contact support if you cant do what you want it do, they are friendly and willing to help

Relationship with SentryOne

Upgrading SolarWinds SQL Sentry