TIBCO BusinessWorks Review
Ashish Shrivastava | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated November 28, 2018

TIBCO BusinessWorks Review

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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO BusinessWorks

In my current organization, we are using TIBCO BusinessWorks to integrate wide variety of applications like CRM,Mainframes, ERP, Databases, etc.It addresses application integration, data exchange,data transformation, master data synchronization problems and also acts as mediation layer between business layer and events transformation layer.

All applications across the organization interact in one or other way with the TIBCO BusinessWorks applications created and deployed currently.
  • Ease of development, drag and drop approach helps even a beginner to get up to speed quickly and develop integration workflows
  • Due to zero coding approach, developers are not required to learn any programming language in particular
  • A wide variety of ready made connectors/adapters are available from TIBCO to integrate and connect with other applications and systems like Sibel, SAP, Salesforce, databases, mainframes, etc.
  • Clear demarcation between application development and deployment activities, concepts and architecture
  • Support for SOAP and REST based web services creation ,invocation and consumption
  • High performance at run time
  • The new TIBCO BusinessWorks series 6.x does not have a simple IDE like TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x series, the new IDE based on eclipse can be made more user friendly
  • The new TIBCO BusinessWorks does not have as clear and simple demarcation between development,deployment,run time components when compared to 5,x series, this part can be improved
  • More samples and variety of examples depicting real world scenarios can be included to get a better understanding of all concepts
  • High positive impact
  • High Return on Investment
  • Long term cost benefits
Time to market is very quick and one of the fastest when compared to other integration technologies. Zero coding approach, drag and drop approach for creating workflows, testing and debugging capabilities in IDE, high availability and fault tolerance deployment capability for applications, horizontal and vertical scaling capability, high runtime performance over very long periods makes it the best Integration framework.
Data Mapping and Data transformation capabilities are very good and cater to all requirements and scenarios which arise in real world problems
No difficulty, can be easily tested within the development IDE using just few clicks
High performance, long proven robustness, wide variety of third party integration connectors


1. Application Integration and Data Transformation

3. Enterprise Service and SOA implementation

5. collect information from different components and analyse the data for reporting or future analysis.

6. Publication of data on demand and subscription and real time updating of data

7. As a facade to events processing layer applications

8. Microservices implementation

9. API integration

10. Cloud and Internet of Things integration

Innovation, Integration and Support

TIBCO support is always prompt and available for help on any support case related to TIBCO BusinessWorks. In some cases, if a bug is identified in product version,they try to provide hotfix ASAP
It's very easy to do application integration with TIBCO BusinessWorks. It's also very easy to learn for novice/beginner user. Zero coding approach reduces time drastically to develop applications and make them live in production
  • For integration with third party vendor's APIs
  • API lifecycle management
  • Integration with cloud native applications
  • Hosting APIs and microservices on cloud
  • Containerization of applications
  • Business to business integration
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Oracle database
  • IBM MQ
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Cassandra

Using TIBCO BusinessWorks

250 - Logistics, Retail, Telecom, Banking,Finance,Manafacturing
150 - Understanding of integration patterns, web services , REST APIs, XML, Schema ,JSON
  • Parcels tracking
  • Suppliers and vendors systems integration
  • RESTful APIs development
Ease of use, features, highly available support, performance