Veeam - efficient recovery solution for operational data
Updated April 28, 2022

Veeam - efficient recovery solution for operational data

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Overall Satisfaction with Veeam Backup for AWS

The organization was looking for
an effective backup solution that can do this backup activity add schedule
time and implement the automation. Veeam provided a good solution for the daily
backup of critical business data. the good part is it supports automation. So,
you need not worry about missing out on backup. another great aspect of Veeam
he's super-fast recovery at the VM level or even at the file level. The data remains in
the required geography and it is able to optimize the cost which was a prime
factor to select the product.
  • Back-up of critical business data at scheduled time
  • Faster recovery when required
  • In-geography data storage
  • easy to use UI
  • Cost
  • Automation
  • Data isolation
  • Intelligent back-up
  • Cyber attack protection
  • ITSM Compatibility
  • Positive - Data recovery effectivness
  • Positive - Operatonal speed
  • Negative - Isolation
  • Negative - cyber incident response
The rating is very well justified. Veeam, no
doubt, helps in backing up the operational data. so far not been required to do the
full recovery but recovered VM data, and a few infrastructure configs and it worked
very well and with amazing speed. monitoring the cost of backed up data and so far,
is within the organizational spend budget. So, happy to continue using the
As an organization, we evaluated a couple of products available
in the market, for example, the Dell product. the other products in the market are
also competitive and have their pros and cons. but when compared with Veeam, we
found out during evaluation that Veeam provides or meets the requirements that
we have jotted down. There were a few downsides as well but those are tackled in a different way or using different tools.

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Are you happy with Veeam Backup for AWS's feature set?


Did Veeam Backup for AWS live up to sales and marketing promises?


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Dell Asset Recovery Services, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
The Veeam is more suited for scenarios where
automated scheduled backups are required. An example of the data is business-critical data configs of VMs, routers, switches, etc. it can also be looked at
when the goal for an organization is to optimize the cost. The organization needs to
look at Veeam if it is not very keen on isolating the data from the existing
network or does not have the need two have an intelligent back key backup but have
the capability to identify which data needs to be backed up.

Using Veeam Backup for AWS

10 - There are various business groups that use the backup
services. the backup services are monitored and maintained by a set of people
but are used by different business groups.They mainly represent network team - who uses this to back-up
the network configs, DBA team - for obvious backups of operational and archive
data, support hub - for backing up critical operational or participant
4 - There are people supporting these from different teams. these
people mainly have the skills in the network area, the database area and their
backups. on and off a few people from cloud team also support this activity. there
are some audit groups also involved for auditing what we are storing and
rightly storing. last but most important monitoring of the size of the data we
are saving.
  • Critical operational data back-up
  • Archive Legal data
  • Network configs
  • Network configs for VMs
  • Operational legal data
  • Archived data - legal asks
  • Application data
  • Monitoring logs
  • Security logs
There are intentions to renew Veeam backup. the reasons are
pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Veeam PM provides best backup
solution which can be explored from the answers to other questions. other
obvious reason, moving from one platform to other platform is expensive
exercise plus it's a time consuming exercise. So till the time Veeam costs and
the features are in line with enterprise expectation well good

Evaluating Veeam Backup for AWS and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
Product features is one of the most important sort after
thing while selecting any solution or platform. in this case we evaluated the
product for its features based on enterprise needs, the legal requirements, the
ease of use, recommendation from internal stakeholders, comparison with some
other products and internal expertise to use this product.
If the evaluation needs to be performed again we now know
the benchmark about features, cost, geographic locations of storage, user
interface, support, upgrades etc. in addition to this, we will have to evaluate
based on on Prem versus cloud, network latency, and most important the security
aspect. These details needs to be looked
after once the inversion process starts and more research is performed.

Veeam Backup for AWS Implementation

Was not involved in implementation in great detail. just or
saw the implementation but cannot comment in detail.
Not sure - Change management was needed to inform and educate users. It was planned well in advance and communicated to audience. Traning workshops were conducted and post deployment session and survey was condcted.
  • Support when issue faced

Veeam Backup for AWS Training

not applicable, checked box to finish the section.
The training provided online was good. The training was restrictive to users but was content was good and informative. The information provided was relevent and flow was maintained well. The Question and answers were good and supported well. Need to have more material provided with the training and will support users to adopt train the trainer approach.
The training provided online was good. The training was restrictive to users but was content was good and informative. The information provided was relevent and flow was maintained well. The Question and answers were good and supported well. Need to have more material provided with the training and will support users to adopt train the trainer approach.

Configuring Veeam Backup for AWS

It was fine. Many of the configs were straightforward but few needed investigation and support from Veeam.
Follow Veeam best practices and mix them with org requirements.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
No customisation at least till this point of time.

Veeam Backup for AWS Support

The support is good. but sometimes you get the feeling that
the turn around time that you expect and the turn around time that is followed
by the support team is not In Sync. there are situations where you need to have
quick answer or at least work around but from the support perspective they need
to follow their slas which makes you uncomfortable at times
Good followup
Problems get solved
Escalation required
This is very confidential information and cannot be shared. this
depends on the appetite to take risks for the backup and an enterprises
appetite oh wait to recover. resiliency comes at a cost so need to analyse as
per individual requirement and go for this. in this case we did our thorough analysis
and went for the right option.
at one point in time for one of those important issue the
support person really understood the seriousness and importance of time and
helped us out.

Using Veeam Backup for AWS

The UI and the integration is good with the product. so far
has not encountered any major challenges while using the UI. of course, this is
user perspective. Few users suggested some different view that it should be
change father should have some different options but overall the feedback about
UI is positive and no major issues encountered by using the UI or forsake of
this usability.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
  • Backup Viewer
  • Backup operator
  • Restore Operator
  • Backup Administrator

Veeam Backup for AWS Reliability

This was already used for multiple dept and sites.
The back-up and retrival was quick. Very little latency observed but is acceptable. reports were good and loaded in acceptable timeframe.

Integrating Veeam Backup for AWS

The integration with other platforms were done. No issues observed as such. Security was a concern where we had to use other tools.
  • Can't disclose
It was not very difficult
  • File import/export
  • Single Signon
  • ETL tools
Network configs, firewall settings
1) Plan ahead 2) Engage Veeam early on 3) Get costs 4) Give heads-up to internal staff

Relationship with Veeam Software

1) Approachable 2) Quick turnaround 3) good neatiations 4) Answered all tech Qs.
1) Good support 2) reports provides good visibility 3) new add-ins costs negotiated
1) Cost 2) Long term relationship 3) Support terms 4) storage geography
Not applicable, dealt by other team