Wasp Inventory On-Prem Ver 7.0 Is Rock Solid!
June 27, 2022

Wasp Inventory On-Prem Ver 7.0 Is Rock Solid!

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Overall Satisfaction with Wasp Inventory

We currently have Wasp Inventory installed on a Windows Server 2019 VM. We utilize this product to store all of our technology and other large-expense purchases. We store all data necessary (Purchase Order Number, Purchase Date, Serial Numbers, internal hardware specs, whom it's assigned to, what building and classroom number it's located, etc). We also have a Wasp 305c barcode printer which allows us to print barcode stickers which can be placed on each item - along with the device name. This makes identifying specific devices MUCH easier for my team when looking for a specific Chromebook or laptop - without having to turn the device on.
  • Duplicating Previous machine/device info - so importing dozens or hundreds of the same item is very simplistic!
  • My on-premise install utilizes a Microsoft SQL database which can be easily backed up or moved to another machine - should the need arise.
  • At the time, it was a one-time cost. Which was extremely affordable for our smaller district to purchase
  • Wasp technical support is always very helpful, and is located within the United States. So speaking to someone on the phone isn't a chore.
  • We were looking at upgrading our version (we're currently running on-Premise Ver 7.0) - but they have now moved to a yearly recurring licensing model. The cost is about $3500/year for cloud-based Wasp Inventory - whereas our Version 7.0 was a one-time purchase. They also offer an on-premises version that costs about $6500 - and then a yearly 10% recurring charge on whatever the current cost of the software is being sold for. Neither options are appealing to our district whatsoever, so we will be staying with the version we have for the foreseeable future
  • Their online form to request product information for purchase doesn't seem to be well-maintained. I reached out three times over the course of three or four weeks before I finally got a response. And that was just that my information had been sent to a local reseller of their products. We used to be able to purchase directly from Wasp, but that appears to not be an option any longer.
  • Easily GUI to navigate
  • Can print inventory labels with a barcode printer
  • Saves time by being able to "duplicate" same models of items, when importing
  • Are able to scan barcodes into the software - should you have a sheet of inventory numbers than need to be imported
  • We have relied on this software for the last 10 years that I have been with the company - and it has been perfect. But their change in purchasing model may have us looking elsewhere for a new inventory software.
  • I have saved countless hours of manually importing items by simply "duplicating" objects so that all hardware information, computer model. etc are retained - while new serial numbers can be input to create unique inventory items.
This system was already in-place when I was initially hired, so I don't have a history of looking into other companies currently, with similar offerings.

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Now that they have changed to a yearly subscription-based model, the cost to purchase Wasp Inventory software is much more expensive. So, I would have to say you'd need to be a mid-sized school or business to find the cost offset by the usability and functionality of the software. If budgetary issues aren't a concern - then this would be a perfect solution to anyone looking for a full suite for Inventory Control.