WebMerge Saved Us Two Full-Time Employees
January 17, 2019

WebMerge Saved Us Two Full-Time Employees

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We have a lot of paperwork. Nearly everything we have needs to have a paper copy, if not be done originally on paper and have copies made. We may not go through twenty reams a day, but we do go through quite a few. Now, imagine if you had to use all of this paper one by one by one... It was so painful. We had no automations in place, and were spending hours on the tediousness of the repetitive paperwork. I made the decision to bring on WebMerge because of our relationship with Formstack. We'd brought Formstack in to automate our form processes. Now, Formstack does offer a way to print what comes through, but it doesn't give you that chance to look professional. Enter: WebMerge. We use it to take all of our - now automated - processes, use an integration with Formstack to autofill fields, and it sends out a very professional looking document. Authorization paperwork, medical documents, allergy reports, applications, everything. If you can use MS Word, you can design the document you need to come out. And you can use the fields to automate it. At first, we thought it would take two or three individuals to keep WebMerge up, but now it is only one - myself.


  • Customization. It gives you the chance to design the document and take the worry out about having to search constantly. If you design it the way your eyes want to read it, then you never have to do it again.
  • Reliability. It has a great routing feature for emails. If you don't get the email, you can go in to the builder section and either resend or download the whole packet individually. There's always a backup.
  • Integrations. We use Formstack consistently with WebMerge. The integration process is extremely easy.


  • If you don't know anything about these types of programs, it can be hard to learn it at first. There is a bit of a learning curve, especially when you get into the designer. It looks like MS Word, but not as expansive.
  • Lingo. There have been times I've delved into the more complicated pieces and the lingo used wasn't easy to understand. This hasn't occurred much.
  • I would like it to keep up with current upgrades for MS Office, but I also realize they can't be trying to match other companies while trying to maintain the innovation of their own.
  • I used to spend roughly half my day with this kind of paperwork. Now, maybe 10 minutes a week. It has reduced the need for at least two full time employees.
  • It made things easier for our customers. They can fill out paperwork from their phone, tablet, or laptop without having to go through the same process as before.
  • One negative would be accountability. It's easy to automate, but you still need human involvement. Small errors can invalidate forms. So, if someone fills something out wrong on the form side, that still transfers over to the paper document and if you don't catch it...
  • We have saved so much money in wasted paper! Everything that comes out - save for the negative mentioned above - is actually needed.
Each of the programs above answered a specific call to action. While each addressed a small portion of our need, they never quite fit the bill for what we needed. It was actually a representative from three of the ones above which selected WebMerge. They wanted to sell their product, but knew that we would be unfulfilled if we went with them.
[It is well suited for] automation. If you work in child care, where regulations abound, this program is what will take the tediousness out of the small tasks. Design the document the way the organization needs, and just plug in the form fields. Your involvement with the tasks will be whittled down to just putting it in the folder. It also has a reliable email platform which you can use to route the documents to the relevant places. You can send documents to your printer automatically, as well as all the people who need to be included. When you get down to it, the automation can give you back hours from your day. On the flip side, it is not appropriate if you need signatures electronically. The process of getting the signatures will bog you down because you'll have to get what you need first, and then transfer an image from wherever you are integrating. We use Formstack and use an image field to transfer electronic signatures. Sometimes it's cut off by the size of the field; other times it is too small, or doesn't show up, or the image itself shrinks the text on the page. Leave the form to automation needs, and eliminate the amount of people getting involved.


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