WordPress and the basic understanding from an advertiser, not a developer!
December 19, 2014

WordPress and the basic understanding from an advertiser, not a developer!

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My previous company built all of their websites using WordPress. We decided to utilize WordPress due to its popularity and ease of use, whether or not the client signed on for other advertising or they just wanted a site. As WordPress is so popular, there are many extentions and plugins that can be integrated along with many themes and the ability to customize whatever you want. I would highly recommend this for most purposes for a website unless you're building a huge eCommerce website then I'd advise looking for a different CRM.
  • Themes, many pre-built themes available and the ability to build and use your own.
  • The back-end, simple to use and with a 10 min lesson you could be making your own pages with minimal knowledge.
  • Widgets and add-on's, easy to add your own widgets and test them out, lot's of info online to research i.e. SEO Yoast, you can easily add this to the back-end and it will help you make your site SEO friendly.
  • I am not a web developer or designer, I have used this for advertising purposes, adding pages and removing content. The only issue I have found is how the backend works on Chrome vs. Mozilla. Mozilla was better with the ability to add an image to a page and resize using the dotted box around the image, Chrome you couldn't do that with.
  • SEO, being able to add in widgets has given me the ability to easily optimize a site and get positive results in a search engine.
  • Magento,Shopify,Joomla!
They are all used for different purposes. Shopify I feel you have your hands tied in terms of your theme and customization, I believe that you can pay for different levels which gives you more ability. WordPress is mainly free, there are paid elements to it, depends if you buy a theme or buy an add-on. It will be very easy for you to find help too. Joomla is very similar, I have little experience with that. Magento I have mentioned before, better for an shopping site.
Ease of use is the main reason I would stay with WordPress, it gives me everything that I have needed, from quick site analysis to the ability to change something, add something or remove something. The analytics that WordPress provides is good for a quick snapshot but for more in-depth analysis I would recommend integrating Google Analytics which WordPress gives you the ability to do with ease.
Informative websites or basic websites are the best uses for WordPress. I found that if you have the desire to create a huge online store, it would be best to use something like Magento, something that is built for that specific purpose. 90% of the time, I would recommend looking at using WordPress.