AdroitLogic creates Enterprise Integration solutions with high performance and exceptional quality. Our software is deployed the world over, from small organizations to some prestigious members of the Fortune 500.

Our Integration software suite includes:

  • UltraESB, high-performance, lean, robust and extensible integration framework and runtime (ESB) with a graphical workflow model
  • UltraStudio, all-in-one IDE for developing, testing, packaging and deploying UltraESB workflows
  • Integration Platform, containerized orchestrator for small-to-large-scale deployments, on-premise or cloud-based (Kubernetes/Red Hat OpenShift/AWS ECS)
  • IMonitor, enterprise-grade management and monitoring for single/clustered UltraESB

  • Enterprise Middleware, minimal-code framework for integrating systems with complex mappings using guaranteed-delivery publisher-subscriber/request-response models

  • AS2Gateway, cloud-based (SaaS) AS2/EDI exchange providing secure, convenient and fully-managed business data exchange over the internet
  • AS2Station, fully-customizable standalone AS2Gateway for dedicated organizational usage

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