Freelance Management Software

Best Freelance Management Software include:

WorkMarket and Upwork.

Freelance Management Software Overview

What is Freelance Management Software?

Freelance Management Software allows an employer to locate and hire freelancers for work. Additionally, many FMS allow hirers to track, manage and pay for work performed by their contracted workforce all within its system.

Modern freelance management software provides a number of tools for ensuring contractors are the right fit to the job, including portfolio screening, job bidding and proposal comparison. Most freelance management systems are cloud-based and touted as faster and more flexible than the vendor management system (VMS) they might replace.

Freelance Management Software Features & Capabilities

Freelance management software offers the following capabilities.

  • Freelancer portfolio screening, resume validation

  • Talent vetting and recommendations

  • Internship management

  • In-platform communication tools (e.g. live chat)

  • Job posting, job board

  • Contract management

  • Talent matching algorithm

  • Live hiring assistance

  • Job payment management

  • Anonymous talent search

  • Pre-fund accounting

  • Consolidated invoicing & billing

  • Secure, encrypted payment system

  • Custom payments (e.g. milestone payment)

Pricing Information

Joining or registering with a freelance management software can be free, though some services are available on a subscription basis or as a percentage of hiring cost. More advanced services available at higher priced subscription include custom portal and contract management, compliance services, and dedicated account management.

Freelance Management Products

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30 ratings
15 reviews
Upwork headquartered in Mountain View, California offers their eponymous freelance management system (FMS).
28 ratings
9 reviews
Contently is a SaaS content marketing platform from the company of the same name headquartered in New York, containing features a collaboration space, calendar, and workflow controls, engagement metrics, and rapid access to a high volume of original content from freelance creative talent, researcher…
9 ratings
4 reviews is the freelance management system (FMS) for hiring IT professionals and others, from Freelancer Technology headquartered in Australia.
5 ratings
3 reviews
WorkMarket is freelance management system (FMS) for hiring professional help, acquired and now supported by ADP since January 2018.
2 ratings
2 reviews
Shortlist is designed to help companies find and manage their complete external workforce (freelancers, contractors, and vendors) by providing a single platform to source, onboard, manage, review/rate and pay them.
6 ratings
2 reviews headquartered in Pittsburgh offers their eponymous freelance management system (FMS).
1 ratings
1 reviews is the largest online voice-over marketplace in the world. It allows businesses to find, hire, and pay voice actors, manage voice-over projects, and manage licenses to use the audio content. By digitizing this service, the vendor aims to remove barriers for business clients and voice tale…
2 ratings
1 reviews
OnForce is a freelance management system (FMS) offered by Beeline, which is merging with IQNavigator following an acquisition. OnForece can be used independently or in conjunction with a vendor management system (VMS).
YunoJuno is a freelance management system (FMS) from the London based company of the same name.
Swedish company Coworks offers their eponymous freelance management system (FMS) for hiring creatives.
Working Not Working
Working Not Working is a freelance management system (FMS) for creatives, from the company of the same name in New York.
Kalo is a freelance management system built for companies looking to streamline the way they work with freelancers. Kalo provides entire organizations and individual teams one simple platform to organize their freelancers - onboard, assign work, track invoices and pay. With the Kalo you can easily …
TalonFMS is a Freelancer Management System (or FMS) that promises to help organizations control the costs, reduce the risks and maximise the value of their direct sourcing talent pools, freelancers, consultants & Statement of Work engagements. The vendor says its cloud-based platform enables c…
Optimise and manage your agile workforce with Expert 360Expert360 Enterprise helps teams drive business performance through direct access to the best talent on-demand. Find, engage, manage and pay top freelance talent at scale.Easily and quickly access top on-demand talentExpert360’s search and matc…
Catalant Technologies headquartered in Boston offers the Catalant platform for providing machine learning driven freelance hiring and workforce insights and talent location for project level technology or knowledge intensive tasks.
SkillValue is a Pentalog company, a platform for technical and digital services (Freelancing, Tech Skills Assessment, Recruitment, Software Factory, Growth, and Digital Factory, Financing) which the vendor states are designed to support the quick growth of their customers (start-ups, grow-ups, softw…
Husky is a Platform that helps in building a freelancer marketplace like Upwork/Fiverr. It is designed to empower independent professionals to connect with businesses. Offerings: 1) Dynamic Website & Apps -Custom Search -Bidding Strategy -Easy Payments -Real-Time Chat 2) A…
Field Nation
Field Nation headquartered in Minneapolis offers their eponymous freelance management system (FMS).
Field Engineer
New York - based company Field Engineer offers their eponymous platform to those looking for a marketplace of field engineering talent for projects, as well as the requisite data and tools to interact with freelancers and hire talent matching a project's need.