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SAP Fieldglass
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SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based product designed to help companies manage their contingent workforces and project-based labor.


Upwork headquartered in Mountain View, California offers their eponymous freelance management system (FMS).


Contently is a SaaS content marketing platform from the company of the same name headquartered in New York, containing features a collaboration space, calendar, and workflow controls, engagement metrics, and rapid access to a high volume of original content from freelance creative… is the freelance management system (FMS) for hiring IT professionals and others, from Freelancer Technology headquartered in Australia.

WorkMarket, an ADP Company

WorkMarket was founded in 2010 and in 2018, was acquired by ADP, a global provider of HR technology and services. With ADP resources, WorkMarket continues to be focused on providing enterprise technology to help companies unlock the power of their extended workforce. WorkMarket is…, the company with offices in Pittsburgh and Noida, offers their eponymous freelance management system (FMS), that is free for employers to join (2.9% charge on each invoice paid).


Fiverr is an online marketplace. The Fiverr platform connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent offering digital services in more than 400 categories, across 8 verticals including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video and animation. Fiverr’s global footprint…

Blended Sense

Blended Sense is a media technology company headquartered in Austin, that matches creative professional to the right projects to produce and distribute digital assets quickly. They aim to empower small business owners with content kits filled with media essential for everyday business.…


Worksuite (formerly Shortlist) is designed to help companies find and manage their complete external workforce (freelancers, contractors, and vendors) by providing a single platform to source, onboard, manage, review/rate and pay them.

US companies can, with Turing, hire remote developers, while talented engineers can gain long-term, full-time roles with firms.

AgileOne AccelerationVMS

AccelerationVMS is a vendor and workforce management system for a contingent workforce, from HR services company AgileOne (formerly Agile-1) headquartered in Torrance, California.


YouTeam presents a way to outsource, through offering an outsourcing marketplace and a single point of access to over 500 vetted development agencies, representing a talent pool of 50,000+ contractors across 35 countries. It's also a matching engine that tunes to the user's needs…

Voices is a voice marketplace that allows businesses to find, hire, and pay voice actors. The company matches voice actors with people interested in buying their services, without having to go through a traditional talent agent. It is founded by David Ciccarelli and Stephanie…

Galaxy Digital Get Connected

Galaxy Digital, in Asheville, states their flagship product, Get Connected, was created for organizations who want an easy way to manage, engage, and increase the impact of volunteerism. is a talent platform that sources, screens, vets, and assesses senior developers for companies, and features:100+ clients backed by Kleiner, Goldman Sachs, YC, Startx .7 days assignment 8,000 expertly vetted developers in the network 500+ software engineers matched in 202190+…


yoummday's proprietary work@home operating system is a technology platform that combines workforce recruitment, training, scheduling, and management with a CX marketplace. As a result, companies get access to a comprehensive outsourcing software solution and a global workforce of…, headquartered in Kyiv, connects early-stage startups with vetted offshore engineers through its online marketplace. The service boasts a 48 hour match, custom assisted matching, and zero risk replacement.


Wethos is software for freelancers, by freelancers, used to: Build professional, branded proposals that include contract terms, scopes of work, and project goals to be sent to clients for signature. Create branded invoices and send them off to clients. Get paid into a Wethos Payments…

Ellow is a global talent marketplace platform that connects companies with pre-vetted global freelance developers. Ellow aims to solve the shortage of skilled workers. Developers on the ellow platform go through a four-stage vetting process that looks at over 80 data points to test…

Grid Dynamics Global Team

Grid Dynamics acquired Daxx, and now supports the company's global IT team augmentation services, solving talent shortage issues, or supporting cost optimization.


Toptal is a platform for a network of freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers, from the company of the same name in San Francisco.

Tribepad Flex

Tribepad Flex is a cloud-based contractor management system used to hire, manage, review, mobilise and manage IR35 compliance for contingent workers. It aims to maximise value from contingent workforces by dramatically reducing reliance on agencies & upskilling in-house teams…


A matching solution that preselects marketing talents in the Jelloow community. The service guides the user to the agencies that fit their needs. The user can compare the results and hire the best match.

Stoke Talent

Stoke Talent is a freelance management system (FMS) designed to make it easy for companies to work with freelancers and contractors, by reducing the hassle of hiring, onboarding, tracking and managing invoices while ensuring full compliance and quick payment to your freelancers and…


VolunteerLocal is presented as an easy way to manage, schedule and communicate with volunteers. For managing a dozen or several thousand volunteers, the system is designed to make the user's job easier. Schedule volunteers, track their hours, and run in-depth reports in just a…

Learn More About Freelance Management Software

What is Freelance Management Software?

Freelance management software, or FMS, is used by businesses to help organize and keep track of freelance workers, independent contractors, and consultants. These tools also help businesses’ relationships with freelancers by assisting with certain aspects such as onboarding, contracts, project management, and payments. Data collection and enhanced communication is another benefit to using FMS.

Today’s workforce offers more remote jobs than ever before. Companies are turning to hire freelancers instead of full-time employees because of the reduced costs and the less commitment it is to hire someone to complete a specialized job for a short duration of time. With companies hiring more remote freelancers, freelance management tools have become more popular and necessary than ever.

FMS tools are cloud-based and can help with freelance search by offering screening, job bidding, and proposal comparison. Most of the vendors will allow you to keep track of the progress of assigned work. These software tools often coincide with the roles of contractor management software, which are also designed to organize and communicate with independent contractors. The industry you are in may determine which route you take. For instance, freelance management software is more commonly used for freelance writers, whereas contractor management software is more commonly used in the construction industry.

Freelance Management Software Features

Freelance management software offers the following capabilities:

  • Freelancer portfolio screening, resume validation

  • Talent vetting and recommendations

  • Internship management

  • In-platform communication tools (e.g. live chat)

  • Job posting, job board

  • Contract management

  • Talent matching algorithm

  • Live hiring assistance

  • Job payment management

  • Anonymous talent search

  • Pre-fund accounting

  • Consolidated invoicing & billing

  • Secure, encrypted payment system

  • Custom payments (e.g. milestone payment)

Freelance Management Software Comparison

Consider these factors when comparing freelancer management software:

  • Company Size: The size of the company should factor in deciding which FMS tool to use. For example, Worksome is best for large/enterprise companies and isn’t necessarily designed for smaller businesses with a small number of freelancers. Make sure the product is suited to handle the size of the business and the number of freelancers you intend to manage.

  • Ease of Use: FMS software products are designed to make the experience between business and freelancer much easier and more effective. If one party is having a difficult time learning the system, this could greatly decrease efficiency. Make sure the product is easy to learn and simple to use for all involved.

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Pricing Information

Joining or registering with freelance management software can be free, though some services are available on a subscription basis or as a percentage of hiring costs. Costs for basic packages are usually based on the number of users and range from $50 to $400 per month. More advanced services available at higher-priced subscriptions include custom portal and contract management, compliance services, and dedicated account management. These service costs are customized by the vendor. Most vendors offer a free trial prior to purchasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is freelance management software different from vendor management systems?

Vendor management systems connect larger businesses with recruitment agencies, but they are not ideal for hiring freelancers. Freelance management software is typically faster and more flexible than vendor management systems.

What are the benefits of using freelance management software?

Freelance management software allows employers to easily locate and hire freelancers. It streamlines this process to improve productivity and reduce overall costs.

How much does freelance management software cost?

Joining or registering with a freelance management software can be free, though some services are available on a subscription basis or as a percentage of hiring cost. More advanced services available at higher priced subscriptions include custom portal and contract management, compliance services, and dedicated account management.

What is the best freelance management software?

The freelance management software with the most reviews on TrustRadius is Upwork. Contently received positive reviews from businesses of all sizes.

What does freelance management software do?

Freelance Management Software allows an employer to locate and hire freelancers for work. Additionally, many FMS allow employers to track, manage and pay for work performed by their contracted workforce all within its system. Modern freelance management software provides a number of tools for ensuring contractors are the right fit for the job, including portfolio screening, job bidding, and proposal comparison. Most freelance management systems are cloud-based.