Sales Training Software

Best Sales Training Software include:

Showpad Coach (LearnCore).

Sales Training Software Overview

What is Sales Training Software?

Sales training software helps onboard new sales reps and provides ongoing training for current sales reps to ensure competency and performance goals are met. The software takes sales training materials and creates customized training programs that align with an organization’s sales techniques and methods. It prepares sales reps for customer interactions, be they in person, on video conferences, or by phone.

The main goal of using sales training software is to automate part or all of the training process. E-learning sales training software should be flexible, scalable to the size of sales training content, and convenient to use. Online sales training software focuses on sales rep development and enhancing existing skills. Sales gamification software can help make sales training more interactive and fun for sales reps as well. Some industry-specific sales training software is available for specific verticals including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, real estate, automotive, and retail.

Sales training software is closely related to sales coaching software. However, sales training software emphasizes new sales training and onboarding, while sales coaching software focuses on using the selling experience as a training mechanism for new and existing reps. Sales training software can also be thought of as a subset of corporate learning management systems. Having a solid sales training solution is also a critical part of many organizations’ overall sales enablement strategy.

Sales Training Software Features

Sales training software will include many of these features:

  • Training Management

  • Training Catalog Management

  • On-demand training

  • Course Authoring

    • Course Builder

    • Custom Curriculum Creation

    • Content Management

    • Self-Paced

    • Quizzes and Testing

  • Custom Learning Paths

  • Course Assignment Automation

    • Learner Assignment

  • Progress Tracking and Measurement

  • Practice Scenarios

    • First Calls to Product Demos

  • Sales Playbooks

  • Onboarding

  • Gamification

  • Certification Management

    • Creation, Design, Awarding, Tracking

  • Training Analytics and Dashboards

  • CRM Integration

  • Cloud, desktop, mobile, and on-premises deployment options

Sales Training Software Comparison

Consider the following key factors when purchasing sales training software:

  • Use Case: Does your organization need an industry-specific sales training platform? Healthcare, pharma, real estate, auto, and retail businesses can benefit from sales training software tailored for their industries. Sales training software is used for a variety of purposes, onboarding, sales rep development, and coaching. Select software that has the features and flexibility to address all your sales training needs.

Pricing Information

Sales training software pricing usually has a monthly subscription model. The total cost typically depends on the range of features offered and the number of sales reps that will need training.

Large-scale sales training programs will require obtaining a vendor quote. Entry-level pricing begins at around $20 a month per rep and can range up to $100 a month per rep.

Sales Training Products

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Lessonly is a learning management system (LMS). The vendor emphasizes eLearning for client-facing skills, as well as a drag-and-drop interface. Lessonly supports customizable learning paths and corporate onboarding processes.

Key Features

  • Assignments (108)
  • Course authoring (109)
  • Course catalog or library (107)

Brainshark is a video presentation platform for sales enablement.


TalentLMS is designed to deliver engaging online training. This platform offers functionality for course authoring, user testing, extended enterprise, teaching and training administration, and e-commerce for small and midsize businesses and schools. The platform’s course builder…

Key Features

  • Progress tracking & certifications (13)
  • Mobile friendly (11)
  • Learning administration (13)

SalesHood headquartered in San Francisco offers their sales enablement tool which contains sales learning and coaching modules, content management with best practice features and guidance as well as to improve collaboration between marketing and sales, and also sales content analytics.…

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS aims to empower organizations to train employees with the skills needed to stay modern and relevant in today's fast-paced world. The LMS software focuses on aligning learning needs with business demands.

Showpad Coach (LearnCore)

Showpad Coach (formerly LearnCore) is a corporate-focused learning management software solution developed by VLinks Media and acquired by Showpad June 2018.


MangoApps offers digital workplace solutions that combine intranet, collaboration, messaging, learning & 50+ built-in integrations for your business. MangoApps serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing,…

Allego Sales Learning Platform

Allego, headquartered in Needham, offers their Sales Learning Platform, which contains training modules available via mobile and video platforms; with peer collaboration and coaching tools, the application is of particular use to ensure performance across distributed sales teams…

Second Nature

Second Nature is sales coaching software from the company in Tel Aviv. It provides a “virtual pitch partner” that uses conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, score them, and help them improve on their own, so they conduct better sales calls.

LevelJump is an Outcome-Based Enablement solution that proves revenue impact, from the company of the same name headquartered in Toronto. Built 100% on Salesforce, LevelJump’s solution aims to give users the power to tie sales performance to coaching, training, and go-to-market readiness…


ExecVision headquartered in Arlington offers their call intelligence and conversation coaching software for sales teams, customer success teams, and customer support teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does sales training software do?

Sales training software helps onboard and train newly hired sales reps. It allows businesses to create custom training programs and materials tailored to their sales process and methodologies. These courses prepare sales reps to effectively engage with customers and win more deals.

What are the benefits of using sales training software?

Sales training software can help produce the following benefits:

  • Train sales reps to be more productive
  • Increased closed-won rate
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Improved customer experience
  • Promotes consistent sales messaging and branding
  • Expedites sales rep onboarding
  • Increased sale rep confidence through preparation and skill development
  • Consolidates and catalogs training knowledge

How much does sales training software cost?

Sales training software pricing is based on the features offered, and the number of users. Large-scale sales training programs will require obtaining a vendor quote. Entry-level pricing begins at around $20 a month per rep and can range up to $100 a month per rep.