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Bug Bounty Platforms Overview

What are Bug Bounty Platforms?

Bug Bounty Platforms are software used to deploy bug bounty programs. A bug bounty program is a deal or reward offered for private individuals who manage to find bugs and vulnerabilities in web applications, effectively crowdsourcing flaw and vulnerability management.

Bug Bounty Products

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San Francisco-based HackerOne offers a bug bounty platform, for vulnerability management.
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San Francisco-based Bugcrowd offers a bug bounty platform, for vulnerability management.
Synack in Redwood City, California offers a bug bounty, or crowd security intelligence, platform, for vulnerability management.
Cobalt Bug Bounty
Cobalt, formerly Crowdcurity, is a bug bounty program from Cobalt.io in San Francisco, California.
SafeHats (a product of InstaSafe) promises to help security conscious Enterprises, Financial Institutions and Governments to leverage the power of Security Researcher community to discover and fix critical vulnerabilities in their digital assets faster and more effectively. The vendor says that ente…