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Best Testing Services include:

Applause, 99tests, and test IO.

Testing Services Overview

Some companies offer testing services, a kind of outsourcing that supplies access to testing communities, for the purpose of gathering information about applications under testing that will become more accurate and useful only with increased sample size. Similar to bug bounty programs, testing services of this kind leverage participating users of a service (their responses or sometimes merely reports of their activity) as part of the beta testing process.

Testing Services Products

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Applause headquartered in Framingham in Massachusetts offers application testing services.
test IO
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test IO’s crowdtesting platform enables agile software development teams to call on the skill and insights of more than 40,000 distributed QA professionals - on-demand - to scale up unbiased QA testing on real devices throughout the development cycle.Test setup takes minutes, and results arrive is a…
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99tests in Bangalore, India offers testing services.
UK headquartered company BugFinders offers application testing services.
Canadian company Mob4Hire offers crowd-based mobile application testing services.
SentryOne LegiTest Server
LegiTest is a comprehensive data testing solution that aims to ensure 100% data accuracy between databases, applications, and web services. According to the vendor, key capabilities include: Unit Test Data Ability to unit test SQL Databases, SSIS Packages, SSRS Reports, SSAS Cubes, Web Services and…
Hughes Systique Consulting Services
Hughes Systique Corporation (HSC) headquartered in Rockland offers a range of technology consulting and advisory services, including product ideation and technology selection, system design, a range of product engineering services, as well as testing services.
ClicQA is an Independent Software Testing company, providing comprehensive Software Testing services. The vendor has developed a cloud-based software testing tool ‘ClicTest’ and test execution platform “TestPace” to empower their software testing offerings. With a presence in India, United Kingdom …
Oxagile headquartered in New York offers customer software development and testing services, as well as a variety of consultatory services.
Fiserv Testing Services
Fiserv Testing Services help clients with efforts like mitigating risk in application development, regression-testing products prior to upgrades and implementing thorough integration testing. To help clients deliver business-ready applications free of defects, our independent validation and verifica…
Magic FinServ
Magic FinServ is a digital technology services company for the FinTech industry. Magic FinServ brings a combination of financial services domain knowledge & technology skills in Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. The company offers end to end services so that customers can focus on their …
Mitosis Technologies
Mitosis Technologies is an agile Blockchain Development Company. The vendor's expertise in diverse domains and technical expertise assist customers to progress in their businesses. Their services empower customers to achieve competitive advantage through flexible rapid methodologies and expert frame…
Testlio provides managed app testing. The vendor states that with their robust client services, a global network of expert testers, and a comprehensive software platform, they provide a suite of burstable, flexible, and on-demand testing solutions: end-to-end, usability, localization, functional, an…
Epitomist is a small company in Singapore specializing in digital product services, especially UI/UX design and testing services.
Spirent SecurityLabs
The vendor states Spirent SecurityLabs’ services are structured to produce high-impact results with minimal impact on the client organization. Their team of security professionals offer comprehensive scanning, penetration testing and monitoring services for networks, applications and devices, as wel…
iXie Gaming
iXie Gaming, a division of Indium Software is a video game testing studio. iXie has been in the industry for over 9 years and has extensive experience in testing 250+ titles across various genres. The company offers end-to-end services such as Functional Testing, Playtest Services, Compliance Testin…
Synopsys Managed Application Security Testing
Synopsys offers a suite of managed application security testing options, including managed DAST, SAST, penetration testing, mobile application security testing (MAST), and network security testing.
Impiger Technologies Services
Impiger Technologies' digital services strive to empower customers to enhance their business and provide quality user experiences. They work with companies no matter what their stage is in digital transformation. From Design to Prototype to Production, Impiger collaborates with clients through the j…
TestDevLab is a quality assurance and testing services provider.
Vuram Services
Vuram headquartered in Chennai offers BPA and BPM services based including consulting and direct product implementations (e.g. Appian), as well as testing services (Appian and Blue Prism) and quality assurance.
Topcoder, a Wipro company
Topcoder is an online crowdsourcing community boasting 1 million+ developers, designers, and data scientists. Topcoder provides talent on-demand, including data scientists, testers, crowdsourced testing, etc.
Wirtek is a Danish IT outsourcing company that helps partners create software solutions and electronic equipment products. Wirtuk states that for them, people come first and their clients get top-notch technical solutions and a committed team that works with them as if it were their own. They boast …
Ten10 is an independent Quality Engineering and Software Testing consultancy headquartered in London. The vendor states they provide clients with the guidance, capability and support to deliver technology change, through a blend of experienced consultants, engineers and high calibre graduates.
Digivante is a dedicated real-world website and app testing resource to complement increasingly agile deployment strategies. They offer solutions and consultancy services that aim to bring professional testing insight to everyday business thinking. Through functional and non-functional testing acros…
EasyQA is a Test Management Tool that was created by the custom mobile app and web development shop, ThinkMobile, to help users improve software quality and simplify various quality assurance processes. EasyQA is crafted for QAs, Developers, and PMs.The goal of EasyQA is to provide users with multip…