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comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued)

DAx has the features, very advanced features (mentioned later) that a power user needs, and is highly customizable, but doesn't require software or hardware ownership. For those capabilities that are not currently there, the customer reporting team often finds a workable solution that we can present to our client.
For the more basic users and executives, the dashboard often meets their needs; else the report tab can help with quick access to metrics that have already been built by analysts.
Lastly, the level of complex analysis in the tool still impresses. You can analyze web events at the event level, visit level and visitor level. You can apply filters at the report level (for all three - event, visit and visitor) or metric level (again for all three levels). On top of that, they have a concept of scope and rules which, combined with the 3 levels, can really allow a power analyst to ask just about any question and get an answer.
Tanja Wisskirchen-Curtis | TrustRadius Reviewer


comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued)

  • DAx has a really flexible user interface and if implemented correctly has the potential for great reporting.
  • StreamSense is an excellent video counting add on for DAx. Gets very granular data.
  • The virtual sites concept really makes segmenting data very efficient and logical.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer


comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued)

  • While I know they are making strides in this area, Digital Analytix is definitely built with power users in mind. The learning curve can be steep.
  • Because the platform is non-restrictive in terms of label/variable naming, power users need to have intimate knowledge of their schema in order to build reports on their custom variables.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Likelihood to Renew

comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued)

comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued) 6.3
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My company does not utilize Digital Analytix for our own service, we simply provide professional services for it. As such, I can't really answer this question in a meaningful way.
Sampsa Suoninen | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued)

I have proficiency with Google, Adobe and IBM (formerly Unica's) enterprise offerings. For companies primarily interested in basic reporting, managing a lot of users with very similar needs, and who don't necessarily have the in-house manpower or expertise to build a lot of reporting from scratch Google and Adobe's offerings can typically be safer choices. comScore and Unica offer a more advanced, analyst friendly tool that can be essential for targeted marketing and for a more flexible implementation and can still do all the things that their competitors can do - if you're satisfied with the learning curve for basic users, the advanced capabilities of comScore make this a very worthwhile tool for a digital business.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued)

  • I have confidence that current and future content will be captured accurately.
Kralik Thomas | TrustRadius Reviewer

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comScore Digital Analytix (discontinued)


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