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Micro Focus LoadRunner

HP LoadRunner is well suited where we need to create a number of VUsers for testing application's performance. It's one of the best tools for application performance testing. It can integrate with most of CRM / ERP systems and thus provides wide applicability. The monitoring and analysis interface is user-friendly, thus providing the users with the application health and status quickly.However, it's not required for use if the application is not very complex or if the business enterprise is small / medium. Also, though the tool is efficient, additional cost apart from the license is required to purchase other modules and it is expensive if 24x7 support is required.
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Load Testing

Micro Focus LoadRunner
End to end performance management
Micro Focus LoadRunner
Integrated performance data
Micro Focus LoadRunner
Deployment model flexibility
Micro Focus LoadRunner
Real time monitoring
Micro Focus LoadRunner
Automated anomaly detection
Micro Focus LoadRunner


  • The ease with which the Test scripts can be recorded. Tests run and results analyzed when simultaneous users are accessing the application
  • Easy integration with the other HP suite tools
  • Ease of creating Virtual Users to run the test cases and even no limitation on the number of VUsers
  • Extensive vendor documentation and help system included
  • LoadRunner can work with most Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
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  • HP LoadRunner with new patches and releases sometimes makes no longer support older version of various protocols like Citrix, which makes the task time-consuming when using older versions of LoadRunner for some of the cases. So it should support older version as well while upgrading.
  • Configuring HP LoadRunner over the firewall involves lots of configuration and may be troublesome. So, there should be a script (power shell script for Windows or shell script for Linux users) to make it easy to use and with less pain.
  • I would like to see the RunTime Viewer of Vugen in HPLoadRunner based on the browser I selected in the run-time configuration to make it feel more realistic as a real user.
  • Licensing cost is very high when we need to perform a test on application for a specific group of users.
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Alternatives Considered

The biggest point of using HP LoadRunner is the response time numbers captured after executing the tests were more accurate when we generated the same by using tools like JMeter or NeoLoad though it involves a certain licensing cost but what [we] needed was trust and accuracy where it makes a high mark.Secondly, the support we get from HP is awesome and the online forums help us to resolve lots of issues in tight project situations while JMeter or NeoLoad has fewer forums or they don't have good documentation compared to HP LoadRunner.Thirdly, the analysis feature provided by HP LoadRunner is easier to manage and can see more detailed correlated metric. This will help the developers to identify the actual bottlenecks in the application (like tuning some configuration or SQL queries etc.).
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Return on Investment

  • As the response time numbers captured from HP LoadRunner seems to be more accurate, more clients trusted this tool for their application performance managements and they also used it for their benchmark/ baseline test.
  • Support from HP was tremendous whenever we got hung up in certain situations in some of our short term projects which had a tight deadline, which keeps those projects ongoing and we as a performance engineer team can deliver the result with minimal delay. This leaves a good mark on our clients.
  • As HP LoadRunner is upgrading and expanding every year, sometimes the new updated version for LoadRunner does not provide support for some critical older version protocols. In those cases, it had a negative impact on our business.
  • Enhanced Analysis feature and its correlation metrics between different runs in the analysis report (HTML) makes a high positive impact on our clients.
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Micro Focus LoadRunner

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